19 Signs From Pets In The Afterlife

Are you searching for signs from pets in the afterlife? Seeking out communication from your beloved Siamese cat, dachshund, or Great Dane who has passed on? Believe it or not, these deceased pets do come back to be near us and have specific ways of trying to get through.

Signs From Pets In The Afterlife

There are a lot of people who believe with all their hearts that this can happen…and does. Being open to the idea that pets who became part of your family, part of your heart, can send you a sign in real life is the first step.

19 Signs From Pets In The Afterlife

When your pet dies, the grief can wash over you like a giant ocean wave. While people around you may offer comfort and condolences, it may not be enough. Even if you had many long years with your pet, when they die, they will most likely leave a hole in your heart.

Getting a sign from your pet letting you know that they are at peace and are OK could make all the difference in your healing. Acknowledging your great loss is important, as is remembering fondly the adventures you had with your pet. And, when you are ready, look for the signs that your loved one is near.

do our deceased pets visit us

Signs To Look Out For From A Ghost Pet

However, how will you know if your sweet pet is reaching out to you? Check out these  19 signs from pets in the afterlife. Which ones have you experienced?

You might feel something. You may feel touched by:

  1. A quick brush of soft fur against your ankle
  2. A sudden blast of cold wind or other temperature change
  3. A warm spot on the couch or another spot where your pet always used to lay
  4. A joyful memory of your beloved pet pops into your head seemingly out of nowhere
  5. A peaceful dream that includes a visit from your pet
  6. A strong smell wafts out of nowhere and reminds you  of your pet
  7. A presence or a weight on your lap or leaning next to you
signs from deceased pets

You might hear something. Listen for:

  1. The jingle of a collar
  2. The pat-pat-pat of a wagging tail hitting the ground
  3. A soft bark, tweet, or whimper
  4. A song that reminds you of your pet that seems to play a lot or gets stuck in your head
  5. Panting sounds (especially for dogs)

You might see something. Look for:

  1. A pet who looks, feels and sounds just like your pet who died
  2. Clouds that amazingly take the shape of your pet
  3. A brilliant rainbow that was meant for you to see
  4. A quick movement out of the corner of your eye
  5. Their name in a place that is unexpected
  6. Their strands of fur or whiskers long after they have passed
  7. A new animal suddenly needing you

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The Use Of Energy To Create A Sign

Do our deceased pets visit us? Absolutely. But it takes a lot out of them to do so.

Since your pets don’t have a physical body anymore, they need to generate a great deal of energy to contact you. That energy can be supplied from energy-conducting items like batteries, water, or crystals.

Be sure to look hard for the signs that your pet is reaching out from the other side. These signs might be subtle so try to quiet your mind to enable you to experience them.

Also try to limit distractions, like technology, social media, or the daily news so they don’t interfere with the signs your pet is sending. 

Your departed pets need energy or spiritual fuel to send signs. They don’t have a physical body so they have to draw upon an energy source to communicate with you.

Spiritual fuel can be supplied through any item that conducts energy such as quartz crystals, batteries, an indoor fountain.

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will my dead dog visit me

Missed Signs From Deceased Pets

If you feel you have not received any signs from your pet it is likely to have sent you signs you just haven’t noticed them.

Some signs may be very subtle and if you aren’t paying attention or if your mind is always racing with thoughts, text messages, or other distractions, you may miss them. Remember, they don’t intend to scare you with their visitations they just want you to know they love you, they are near you, and still hanging around in their favorite places.

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Will my dead dog visit me?

This is the question, isn’t it? Many people just want to know if their deceased pet will visit them. I often wonder will my dead dog visit me and I think of her often. I wait. I listen. And sometimes, I think I hear her little pitter-patter all along my wood floors.

Am I making it up? No. I don’t think so. She lived a wonderfully blessed life in this house. So, it makes sense to me that she would want to visit here every now and then.

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Moving Through Grief

The signs from the afterlife are varied and multi-faceted. They may happen all at once or you may experience them individually. While you are moving through the grief you are in right now, be encouraged by the wonderful life you had together.

Know that your pet loved you as much as you loved him/her. They will always be with you in your heart. Try to be grateful for the time you had with them and look for signs from pets in the afterlife to help you get through this difficult time. 


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