How To Use 7 Day Candles To Get What You Want

How To Use 7 Day Candles To Get What You Want

7 Day Candles are stand-alone tools that you can use for a single ritual that don’t require additional elements or supplies to assist in your spell’s needs. There are a variety of different focuses you can choose, but every candle is self-contained making it an easy option for beginner spell casting.

7 Day Candles

When you have energy that you need to focus and when you have dreams that you need to materialize, this method is a great way to help you manifest your intentions.

The type of wax that is included varies – you can fin paraffin, beeswax, or soy – depending on what you purchase. The benefit of this type of candle is that you can burn the entire lot of it in the glass for 7 days straight and there will be no mess. Everything is entirely self-contained with this particular candle magick.

Are you looking for help with love? In need of more protection? What is it that you desire? A 7 day jar candle can assist you in your needs.

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7 day luck candle

7 Day Luck Candle

How To Use A 7 Day Candle During A Ritual

Clear your mind and find a quiet place and space to light your candle. Consider this glass jar as a symbol for what it is that you are hoping to achieve.

When you light the candle, you will begin your journey towards your destination. Is it a more secure future? A stable home environment? More confidence? Whatever your thought – the moment you light your candle, you have taken your first step towards that goal. Meditate and see yourself achieving that win.

money candle

Money Candle

Remember, the laws of attractions are real. Your belief system is real. You have the ability to turn your reality into whatever you want it to be. This 7 Day Candle is a symbol of all of this.

Stare into the flame and see yourself already achieveing your wins. You are already there. If you need to physically touch and hold the candle in the palms of your hands, do that. Otherwise, just have it lit and near you.

seven day candles

Open Up To Expectations Candle

As you walk by the light, know that you are charging it and it is charging you. Your energy is free-flowing back and forth between one another. It is your source and you are its source. You are growing stronger.

Let it glow. Don’t blow it out. It actually has to remain lit for 7 days. So, make sure you have it someplace safe. I usually like to keep it in my kitchen on my counterspace. That way, if it falls by accident, it falls on granite. But in all my years, it has never fallen. HOWEVER, you can never be too safe.

love drawing candle

Love Drawing Candle

Once 7 days have passed, you can blow it out. Or you can just let it burn all the way through.

This is such an easy way for anyone to break into the craft and to work on mastering fostering pushing energy towards intentions. Combining intention with action is a very powerful thing.

7 day purple candle

7 Day Purple Candle

Reading Soot From Your Candle

Once you are done with your seven days, you can actually look at your burnt candle and try to decipher the soot. Let’s break down some common interpretations:

If you find black soot at the top of your jar or stopping around the middle of your job then you will find that all negative obstacles have been removed from your life.

success 7 day burn

Crown of Success

If the black soot makes it way all the way to the bottom of the jar, then you still have some work to do. There are some blockages still in place.

If the soot is white and not black, then you actually have no negative blockage in place. But if there is white soot on only one side of the candle, then it might indicate that something went wrong with the ritual itself and you should repeat it.


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