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Haunted And Abandoned Horton Mine Is Creepy And Filled With Ghosts

Abandoned mines are one of the most dangerous places on earth and should not be entered into without proper equipment or training. The haunted Horton Mine is said to be filled with the spirits of miners who lost their lives in accidents over the years. There are even rumors that those killed by other mineworkers over disputes also haunt the location.

Abandoned Horton Mine

The abandoned mines in Pershing County can be very dangerous. So, if you’re going to explore them, make sure you wear sturdy shoes, carry a powerful flashlight, and check out your surroundings before proceeding any further.

The haunted tunnels reveal history in such a surprising way. This once-thriving mining town is now known for ghost stories and filled with amateur ghost hunters documenting their journies through the 150-year-old tunnels hoping for a personal ghost encounter. 

Abandoned Horton Mine History

The abandoned Horton Mine was founded in 1864 by William Horton who discovered the first ore in lower-middle Nevada. It is located approximately 8 miles north of Yerington, just off state Route 341, and operated for about seventy-five years producing a large amount of gold and silver. The main activity at the time revolved solely around these two mineral resources according to explorer documents and mining claims. Eventually, the mine closed in 1931 and is currently known as one of the most haunted locations in the state.

Abandoned Horton Mine Today

Today, many visitors to the Horton mines enter to experience what many paranormal enthusiasts consider a truly haunted place. Reports have been documented of unexplainable eerie sound levels, ghost sightings, and other paranormal footage.

As you approach the haunted mines on a gravel road just north of Yerington, NV, you can see that the entrance is blocked by a locked gate, but that does not deter anyone from attempting to document their own creepy footage as a brave explorer. There are many eerie video clips online that you can watch on YouTube showing individuals trekking deep into the now-defunct production mining location, hoping to capture their own supernatural entity.  

Located 900 feet beneath the bottom of a mountain, it is suggested to not visit this location unless you are ready to navigate such environments.

Abandoned Horton Mine Interesting Facts

Horton Mine was named after William Alexander Horton who discovered massive amounts of ore in the mine. This particular mine has a rich history and is known to produce large minerals such as gold, silver, lead, mercury, antimony, and copper. It actually produced so much gold that it became one of the world’s richest mines at that time but was also known for its very low-quality ore, making it one of the toughest mines to work in.

Eventually, Horton’s closed because most of the easy-to-find minerals had been extracted and all the materials type desired were no longer available. Most dark tunnels are now emptied of their original natural resources these days and are just creepy tunnels filled with ghosts instead. 

Abandoned Horton mine Tour Information

If you’d like to take a tour, you are in luck! The abandoned Horton mine offers a tour that is approximately three hours long and costs $50 for adults and $45 for students. They take a limited number of people on tours each day so make sure you reserve your spot as soon as possible! The haunted Nevada mines have been featured on many programs such as “MythBusters” and are truly a sight to see.  

Why are abandoned mines dangerous?

Abandoned mines are dangerous due to their structural conditions, lack of light and oxygen, and the possibility of becoming trapped. They are extremely hazardous due to unstable ground, high water levels in certain areas, cave-ins, equipment left by another group that could cause injury or death (such as an old ladder that is not attached securely), small openings that can be difficult to navigate, and the presence of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide or methane.

These mines are also often the site of crime due to their remote nature and chance for easy escape by criminals.

Abandoned mines also present a significant danger to those who enter them because they are not monitored by safety personnel (i.e., they are not patrolled) and have been used by criminals as a place to dispose of human and animal corpses; in addition, there have been cases where victims have been buried alive.

There are also significant health hazards to consider. Those who enter should concern themselves with a lack of sanitary facilities (i.e., restrooms) water sources, and discarded or spilled chemicals (such as mining equipment, batteries, and paint). Abandoned mines may also provide a haven for rodents and insects.

Are there any abandoned mines in Nevada?

There are other abandoned mines in Nevada you can explore:

  • Abandoned Silver City Mine and Abandoned Pioche Mines in Esmeralda County
  • Abandoned Mill Site in Elko County
  • Abandoned Bordertown Schoolhouse Washoe County
  • Abandoned Bunker Hill Mine in Nye County
  • Abandoned Eureka Mines in Lander County
  • Abandoned Gold Standard Mine In Eureka

Tools to bring to explore abandoned mines:

If you do decide to explore such mines, you should consider bringing a first aid kit, a flashlight or lantern with extra batteries, sturdy shoes, and clothing, food and water (minimum of two days worth), maps of the surrounding area, or GPS device to help you navigate the terrain. They can be very dangerous so make sure you are prepared for what could happen during your exploration!

As a ghost hunter looking for a creepy tunnel to wind down, this is definitely the perfect location to consider.  No other ghost town will be able to offer you such a rich history while being available to the public in this manner.