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The Secret Behind Seeing Angel Number 1144

Seeing the number 1144 throughout your day is a sign that you should focus on a more positive attitude in life and find comfort in knowing that great opportunities are on the horizon. Your angel guides have sent you a message to let you know that they are by your side, cheering you on all while gifting you with guidance and strength.

Seeing Angel Number 1144

Do you find yourself seeing 1144 every time you look at your clock? Or does this number seem to show up on several bills each month?

Then it’s time to decipher a message from your angel guides. It’s no coincidence that angel number 1144 is presenting itself to you over and over again during this point in your life. Let’s discuss why it’s happening and what you should do moving forward now that you’ve received this message.

Many people have seen Angel Number 1717Angel Number 101Angel Number 1212, Angel Number 1133, and even 444 Angel Number. All have very different meanings.

Angel numbers act as a message, but you have to be open to seeing these symbols as they appear throughout your day. It’s one thing to have messages sent to you, but it’s another to be open to the guidance that appears right in front of your eyes.

Breaking Down 1 And 4 In Numerology

Number 1 is a symbol of new things, new beginnings, new opportunities. It also represents an independent, strong, self-sufficient character.

Number 4 stands for loyal, hard-working, secure, honest, and with integrity. It is an energy that leads with the head and not with the heart and is highly focused. But there is another side to this particular number according to numerology.

4 represents the fact that you are never alone. Seeing this number is a way to let you know that you should be in great spirits because your guides are noticing everything that you do.

seeing 1144

Number 1144 –What Does It Mean?

If number 1144 is following you throughout your day, then that is excellent news. This means that whatever you are dealing with emotionally, spiritually, or physically, will soon come to an end.

The solution is near. The resolution is within your grasp. Either you will correct your current path or you will start something new entirely. That is up to you.

In the meantime, don’t give up or let any negative thoughts bring you down. Remove any jealousy and self-doubt from your state of mind.

This is specifically what seeing 1144 is telling you to do. Your spirit guides want you to know that they are cheering along the sidelines for you and telling you that all your efforts have not been wasted.

Which – if you think about it – is really great news! To think that your spirit guides are always so close and watching you! Your own personal cheer squad ready to help you in any way that they can. If that isn’t the best sign to see, then I don’t know what is.

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Help them help you

Stay positive, stay content, no matter how many hardships come your way, chin up! It’s more important now than ever to keep a positive mindset.

When you receive the 1144 message, remember to keep all the thoughts of happiness and joy in your life in your head. Allow them to surround you. The more you manifest this emotion and this feeling, the more your angel guides will direct you towards the right path to your own true purpose.

Remember your Potential

There is also an important reminder embedded in this angel message. You can’t just sit and wait for things to happen to you. A message is sent because action has to occur.

Perhaps, you’ve been a bit negative lately. Now, is the time to cheer up. Perhaps you’ve felt a bit alone as of late. Cheer up because you’re not. Perhaps these negative feelings have put you in a rut. Cheer up and get out of it!

Your angels want to remind you that you have the potential and abilities to reach your goals. You will succeed even if it doesn’t seem likely at this moment. 

A Struggle With Self Confidence

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Do you feel like you are struggling with self confidence right now? When your angel guides show you this particular sign, it is usually to tell you that you aren’t alone and to let you know that you have the power within you to handle whatever is on your plate.

Take this message as a LOUD, “YOU CAN DO IT!” message from your spirit guides. Whatever you can’t believe you can do, everyone around you DOES. Begin the process to trust yourself more and follow your instincts.

The true secret message behind 1144 is that there are more people around you in the real world who feel this way. Stop believing everyone and everything is against you. That’s not the case.

Open yourself up a bit more to the world and LOVE YOURSELF enough to believe that you can do whatever you believe in.

The Biblical Meaning Of 1144

biblical meaning

The biblical meaning of the number 1144 is simple – believe in yourself and don’t let daily worries, other people’s words, or insignificant failures cloud your mind.

You see, the meanings of 1 and 4 point out that positivity is the key to a happy life. Number 1 means unity, wholeness, and number 4 means creation. 

Whatever you create with your mind, you’ll receive it. Make the reality you want into the reality you have. Be in control.

1144 Meaning When It Comes To Work and Finances

If you feel like you are walking through a rough period at work, the number 1144 means means that you’ll be able to relax soon. If there is a project that causing some headaches, this sign means that it will come to an end.

Are you suffering from a tight deadline and don’t think you’ll be able to make it? You will.

 1144 is also considered a lucky sign for you if you are currently unemployed. Your angels are letting you know that a new job is on the horizon.

Remain proactive and follow up with everyone you’ve applied for and watch to see the responses you begin to receive. If you haven’t updated your resume in a while, take a new stab at it with your new, healthy outlook on life. There is so much more about yourself you probably haven’t included.

Seeing the angel number 1144 means that help is on the way, but you also have to take matters into your hands and do everything you can to find a job. Send out resumes, make calls, attend interviews – and one of these actions will pan out.  

In terms of money, this message is a sign that monetary stability is yours. This doesn’t mean you should start splurging and changing your habits. It just means that you will be able to relax soon. Your angel guides recognize it’s been hard as of late.

1144 Meaning When It Comes To Love

spirit guide signs

This numeric message from angels tells you that you and your partner will soon enter a new phase of your relationship.  If you’ve been dating for quite some time, then the new phase represents a deeper commitment.

Is this marriage for the two of you? Does it mean that the two of you are meant to move in together?

Perhaps it’s time for a baby? Whatever next step you’ve wanted to take, 1144 promises that you are ready to take it.

In a love funk? Can’t seem to connect with your significant other? Does the fighting never seem to end? This symbol means that a second honeymoon is on your horizon.

The main point? Things are about to change and for the better. You will soon be surrounded by peace, tranquillity, and contentment. 

What if I’m Single?

If you are without any love, the 1144 message tells you that you will meet someone shortly. The best thing you can do right now is to imagine your perfect partner in detail and keep an upbeat attitude. With the help of your angels, that special someone will cross paths with you soon enough.

Look for New Opportunities and Keep a Positive Attitude

Overall, seeing 1144 tells you four main things :

  • You’ve had a rough go, but you’ve done a great job at handling it all. AND
  • It’s also important to maintain a positive attitude throughout life’s troubling road.
  • You are not alone. Your spirit guides are always by your side. This should bring you some true comfort.
  • There are new opportunities ahead. Be sure to stay open to receiving them.