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Awakening Your Psychic Power – 5 Ways To Release Your Ability

For those working on awakening your psychic power, there are so many ways to open yourself up to the process. Honing in on all that your inner mind is capable of doing as well as controlling your psychic intuition takes a bit of practice, but these tips will help you tap into your full potential.

awakening your psychic power

Consider working your psychic control like a muscle to help make it stronger and more useful. Figuring out how to awaken psychic abilities always begins with a willingness to learn, an open mind, and patience. This isn’t a school exam you just read a book for in order to pass.

And remember, never be afraid of your burgeoning ability. At first, you might feel uncomfortable experiencing a psychic awakening, especially if the transition is fearful. These moments do not have to scare you. Remember, every step forward is a lesson learned.

Your third eye is a gift – an intuitive sixth sense that can help you see things that others can’t or are unwilling to see.

psychic power tips

This psychic control has been given to you for a reason and it is your duty to figure out how best to use it. You never know how many people you might help along the way once you fully awaken your psychic power. It’s not just about you.

This process will take practice and patience to fully understand your ability. So, give yourself some grace.

Triggering your abilities could have happened in an instant! Or did they slowly make themselves known over time? Either way, the most important thing you can do is to be open to this gift.

5 Tips for Awakening Your Psychic Power

Do you suddenly feel extra curious about the world around you? Almost as if you are blooming? This is because of your extrasensory abilities.

This awakening may lead you away from certain people, places, things, or ideas that don’t support your gift. Get ready for a big change in your life. Most people are closed off to this part of the world. They won’t understand your connection to it.

5 Tips for Awakening Your Psychic Power

Your new psychic powers list might push you towards people, places, things, or ideas that will help you embrace your gift. If you find yourself yearning for more meaning in your life, this is all part of your growth and development.

spiritual ability

Learn about your ability

Like any natural gift or ability, you have to study to be good at using it. Figure out which “clairs” is the one you are drawn towards to most.

You’ll begin to pick up information through your psychic energy, but HOW will depend on you as an individual. It’s very important to take note of how you receive your spiritual messages.

  • Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing
  • Clairsentience – Clear Feeling
  • Claircognizance – Clear Knowing
  • Clairaudience – Clear Hearing

There might be a chance that you will become proficient in more than one of the clairs. So, keep listening out for signs.

Seek knowledge from other psychics

If you are a novice baseball player, you seek out a good coach, right? If you are interested in improving your natural musical talent, you watch, learn, and listen to musical greats. It is the same way with awakening your psychic ability.

Find a psychic that you can study alongside and one that will help you connect to your own gift. Learning their personal story about how they built up their abilities may help you understand and realize your own gifts.

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how to control your psychic abilities

Let go of your ego

You are a receiver of information. We all are. It is not because you are better than others or smarter or more powerful. It just is.

Your spirit guides will tell you information you need to know or that is necessary for you to tell others. Learning about your spirit guides means you understand your work is to be of service to others.

A great way to become more open to your spirit guides is through the use of meditation. This process will connect you to their message and help you understand what they need from you.

And always remember, this gift is to be shared.

how to control psychic abilities

Be faithful

Having faith doesn’t mean you must belong to a specific religion. Being a good psychic doesn’t mean you have to believe in anything in particular. However, it is important to have a belief in something bigger than yourself.

You can call it the Spirit, God, the Universe, or anything that works for you. Just have faith that there is more than what we see in front of our faces.

Remember, you don’t have to have any particular faith or belong to any religion for any of this to work. Just a belief that we are not alone and that we have the ability to connect to spirit and beyond. That there is more to life than just us. That we are all one.

It is also OK if you do belong to a major world religion or sect. Either way, having a personal connection to spirituality will help you feel more in touch with everything beyond the veil. 

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Practice doing readings

Practice makes perfect and when it comes to psychic control, you have to understand that sometimes you will misinterpret messages. That is ok. The learning process is part of the journey.

If you want to flex your ability, get out there, and practice it! Do readings on anyone who will let you. You can also do readings on old family photographs or on people you haven’t met.

Write down what you sense about these people. This is a great way to practice your gifts. 

Start a journal of interpretations or predictions. Write down everything you think. That way, you can go back and revisit these thoughts and try to make sense of your visions. It will happen.

The dots and lines will eventually connect. Remember – give yourself some grace and some time.

Psychic gifts can seem daunting but remember not to let your ability overpower you. The more you work on it, learn about it, and develop it, it will become the gift it already is.