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How To Play The Black Magic Guessing Game

Do you have psychic powers? Want to see if you can telepathically communicate with friends by using the forces of the beyond? The Black Magic game is a fun way to see just how gifted you truly are.

black magic guessing game

The entire point of the game is to see if you and someone else can communicate a thought to one another without speaking a word. Everyone is born with some form of psychic abilities. It’s whether or not you can harness those skills and make use of them that truly matters.

Black Magic Game Rules

  • One player is the “guesser”
  • One player is the “decider” – they determine what the “guesser” will have to guess
  • The rest of the players becomes the audience and watches
black magic rules

Let’s walk through a scenario of Black Magic The Guessing Game so you can see it in full action.

The guesser has to turn around and close their eyes. They could also leave the room entirely if that makes everyone feel better.

The decider then looks around the room and chooses an object that is in plain sight. He/She lets the audience knows that this is what they want the guesser to choose during this round.

The guesser returns and tries to use their psychic powers to figure out which object they are meant to guess based on the energy surrounding that energy and the messages the decider is sending them. They get three turns.

Or… you can do it the totally bonkers way.

The Party Version

Black Magic Party Version is about choosing the answer after an item that is chosen is BLACK. So, no matter how many items are picked around the room, you keep saying NO UNTIL someone guesses something black.

  • Is it that pink flamingo? NO
  • Is it that television? NO
  • Is it that black t shirt? NO
  • Is it that vase? YES!

No matter what is said after the black object – that’s the answer. You just have to make sure there is something in the room that is actually black. There are many games similar to this that mess with the mind and they are always fun to play as long as there are several people in the room that DON’T GET IT!