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How To Play The Boogeyman Ritual

The Boogeyman Ritual is something daring participants can do in order to contact the Boogeyman and see if you can escape his grasps. It isn’t something anyone should try, but if you are brave enough to attempt the game… here’s everything you need to know to come out on the other side.

The Boogeyman Ritual

There are plenty of other types of games you can play that are much safer including How To Read A Candle To Tell The Future, How To Conjure A Gnome, and The Black Magic Guessing Game. There are even a few Scary Phone Numbers To Call that I am sure won’t do you any harm. But if you are sure that you want to continue… keep reading.

How To Play The Boogeyman Ritual

There are some risks that you need to understand before we move forward and talk about logistics. In fact, the risks are so great that it’s almost not even worth trying if you ask my humble opinion.

Imagine being dragged from your bed and into an eternity of torment. Is that worth… anything? Some would say YES.

If you do everything right, rumor has it that The Boogeyman will grant you one wish and unlimited luck for the next six months of your life.

Weight those options out – luck and one wish versus…. banished for eternity. Still want in? Let’s go.

How To Contact The Boogeyman

You can only perform this ritual at night – after midnight. This is when he is most active.

Tools Needed

  • Three candles with the letter B carved in them
  • Pajamas
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When you are ready to begin, change into your pajamas and light the candles. Whoever lights the candles is the one that is technically playing the game. Remember that.

Before you head to bed, walk around your house and turn off every single light in your house. This is very important. Head back to your bedroom and open your closet door – just a crack.

Now, get into your bed and face up. Place your blanket by your feet. It is the only protection you are allowed during the ritual. You should be able to reach the blanket should you need to.

If you are absolutely ready to make contact with the Boogeyman, repeat the following words

“Boogeyman, creator of fear, I am not afraid. 

Boogeyman, king of darkness, bring me the dark. 

Boogeyman, Boogeyman, I invite you in.”

Once you finished saying the chant, lift the blanket over your entire body and make sure not one inch of skin is showing. If you want to make sure that you can do this step, try to practice for a few nights in advance.

Here is the hard part – you are not allowed to move. It doesn’t matter how scared you are. It doesn’t matter what you hear. You are NOT allowed to move one muscle while under the blanket. DO NOT MOVE.

Because you called him, the Boogeyman is now inside your closet, looking out at you. Odds are he will begin to make a few noises to scare you out of your blanket. But whatever you do – do not move.

After about 15 minutes or so, he will join you by your bedside. Resist the urge to look. Remember, do not make any attempt to look at it. It is now your turn to say another chant. Say the following:

“Boogeyman, Boogeyman, welcome to my home. 

I am not afraid; I welcome you here.”

At this point, you have the full attention of The Boogeyman and you can ask him for your wish. Quietly tell him what you want. Once you finish, you have to send him back to his home. Remember, to stay very still during this process.

“Boogeyman Boogeyman, Mother is coming.”

boogeyman quotes

If you’ve lasted this long, wait another minute and make sure that there are no more noises in your room. If everything is quiet and if you feel all the negative energy has left the room, then it is safe to remove the blanket and move again. The Boogeyman ritual is over.

Try to get a good night’s rest.

What If I Am Too Afraid To Continue?

If for any reason you no longer want to participate in the ritual, there is a way to end it without finishing. Fear can make you too scared to continue and that’s ok! There is something to say to end it all.

Shout, “Mother, Mother, I am afraid!”

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The Boogeyman will respect your wishes and leave because – believe it or not – he respects the rules of the ritual.

What If My Limbs Are Exposed During The Game?

As mentioned, the only way that The Boogeyman feels like he wins at this game is if you a) move under the covers and b) have one of your limbs exposed.

It’s very important for you to follow those two simple rules. If you don’t feel like you are capable of being still and calm, then avoid this at all costs. You will be dragged into the closet where you’ll live for the rest of eternity in sheer agony.

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