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Can Dogs See Ghosts? Is Your Animal Sensing Spirits?

Can dogs see spirits? It’s a question that many pet owners have wondered and the thought alone can feel comforting or terrifying – depending on the situation.

Can Dogs See Ghosts? Is Your Animal Sensing Spirits?

Maybe your dogs start barking at seemingly nothing or barking at night when you’re trying to sleep. Or you’ll notice your furry friend staring at something and you can’t figure out why.

Truth is, your pooch most likely can see and has seen ghosts. There is more evidence to support the claim than not and this post will walk through those specific reasons.

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dogs see spirits

A Dog’s Senses

Dogs have quite heightened senses in comparison to ours. How dogs see the world looks much different than our own sight – literally. Our eyes are not structured the same way and our brains process and function on a higher level.

Can dogs see spirits? Do dogs see ghosts? It really is quite possible. Even if we personally do NOT.

No matter how intelligent we might think we are, dogs have a heightened sense and instinct. They can truly QUICKLY react to just about anything.

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dogs and ghosts

From slight movements to the faintest of scents – animals are more attuned with their environment. Things we might dismiss or overlook are instantly picked up by animals – specifically dogs.

Regarding hearing, it is common knowledge that dogs have the capacity to hear a wider range of frequency and are able to cover further distances.

Things caused by spirits that might escape our sight or be missed due to our less capable hearing and senses of smell could be picked up on by dogs. When dogs see ghosts, they react. Plain and simple.

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But Wouldn’t I See Ghosts As Well? 

It’s hard to truly determine the question of the hour – can dogs sense spirits? But when it comes to spirits and ghost activity, one thing is clear.

Reactions are different compared between dogs and humans. Humans tend to justify away spiritual activity. We rationalize the unknown to the point of non-existence. Dogs do not do this. When dogs see ghosts… again… they react. Plain and simple.

When humans catch signs of spirits using their senses, we tend to overanalyze the moment and don’t lean in. Dogs just take an experience for what it is – thus truly experience it for what it is – a spirit!

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dogs just react

A dog sees, hears, or smells something different and they often react instantly with barking, staring, or other actions we recognize.

When dogs see ghosts, they react immediately – they engage! When humans see ghosts, we shake it off. We rub our eyes. We tell ourselves that we must be tired.

If you think about it, there’s actually a real power in being so present like an animal. It sounds so freeing!

Something you notice that is a sign of a spirit could be written off in your mind as imagining things or as something considered more logical to your mind. Especially if you don’t believe in spirits.

 Dogs don’t have society standards to worry about. They just deal with what is in front of them.

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Signs To Consider When Watching Your Dog

Do you think your dog is seeing ghosts? Your pet may be barking at nothing in the middle of the night without and just reason… or is he?

The truth is… your dog could possibly be seeing, hearing, and smelling something you are NOT. Spiritual activity – right in front of your very eyes, but something you cannot see.

Your dog’s senses have made them aware and you just can’t tell. Unusual and inexplicable actions such as cowering, chasing nothing, and much more could also be something your dog does when it sees a ghost. 

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dogs can sense spirits

Your pet has much better senses than you realize, spirits may be able to slip under your radar or be rationalized away in your mind but they can’t often get past your pooch.

If you want to know more about the spirit activity in your house, I’d pay attention to your dog.