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Am I Claircognizance? 7 Signs That You Have The Spiritual Gift

Claircognizance is the intuitive ability to have a deeper understanding – an all-knowing seeing eye – regarding all things that surround you. Have you ever felt that strong intuitive feeling of clear knowing, a psychic feeling or a sense in your gut before making a decision and felt absolutely compelled to follow your intuition. There’s a chance that that decision was more than a fluke.


Claircognizance gives you the ability to know. Claircognizance is also a form of Clairvoyance in which you can see information as clear as day, but it does not mean that Claircognizance is always seeing or hearing information about upcoming events. Claircognizance can be described as an understanding from Spirit about what is happening or why we can experience certain events in life. It is the intuitive ability to understand how you can transform situations into a more positive outcome and will guide you throughout your life, giving you the ability to make better choices.

The most common way Claircognizance comes through for people is through Clairaudience. The most common form comes through hearing messages. Clairaudient messages can come through a variety of ways such as hearing a voice, or words that are being repeated over and over again.

Claircognizance is also an emotional feeling that you get when something important needs your attention – it will just pop into your mind. But that is not the only way to receive your message. Expect the knowledge to appear through physical feelings, emotions, pictures, or symbols – a knowing just comes over you and you know what to do.

This sense of knowledge is known by many names such as intuition, gut instinct, psychic ability, inner voice, a knowing, or awareness and isn’t just about the future.

If you possess this ability, you can help people figure out their true purpose in life or help others figure out why things have happened to them in the past.

Am I Claircognizance? 7 Signs That You Have The Spiritual Gift

If we had to break down the term, claircognizance, we would simply say it is to know things without having hard proof to back it up. People who have this inner gut check just know if people are good or bad or if a decision is a sound one.

It’s not because they saw something on the news or overheard people talking in passing. Claircognizance people get their knowledge from within. This is a very hard concept for some people to understand.

psychic intuition

However, if you think you have claircognizance then this should make perfect sense to you. People live complete lives just knowing what to do without having any explanation for it.

But out of all the gifts the universe has ever bestowed on us, this is the one that is doubted the MOST. So, even as you read this, if you are still unclear, know that you are not alone.

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How Can I Tell If I Am Clairvoyant?

There are 7 telltale signs that can show whether or not you have

  • Your mind is always racing. You can’t stop thinking and you always have a very hard time falling asleep.
  • Ideas pop in your head at various times of the day. Always something new and fresh. Your friends consider you a great ideas person – whether it is regarding business or personal. You continuously have something new to bring to the table.
  • People often come to you for help with their problems. You are the one that fixes issues within your circles.
  • You can always spot a liar. Without fail, you can always tell when someone is being untruthful.
  • You often find yourself playing out full scenarios in your mind – unfolding them with full detail.
  • You are able to read someone’s intention without them having to say it. People who are unclear about their intentions make you feel really uncomfortable. You tend to be drawn to straight-shooters.
  • Out of the blue, random thoughts appear in your mind. Great ideas. By the way, these messages should not be avoided. You probably get them all hours of the day and night, too. Get a journal and start writing them down. More on this later.

Claircognizance And The Business World

Believe it or not, many successful people have psychic intuition – they just don’t know how to put a name to it. This divine knowing is why they are able to quickly make smart business moves and grow their brands without too much downtime or risk.

divine knowing

Unfortunately, not many people are open to this type of spirituality and so a vast majority of the world will never dive into this level of education, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. Whether they like it or not, most top professionals got to where they are thanks to their claircognizant abilities… better known as their gut.

How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

If you are ready to start working on your psychic abilities, listening to your claircognizant messages is a great way to start. It all starts from within.

how to develop your spiritual abilities

What is your mind, heart, and soul telling you to do? Claircognizance is about trust in oneself. Open up yourself to all the possibilities and see where they take you.

An easy way to begin this process is to start journaling all those random messages we brought up earlier in this post. You know the ones we are talking about – the ones you get while you are showering, or while driving, or while you are sleeping.

Those messages that are so out of place but still need to be documented – they will all start to make sense if you just LISTEN.

Most of the time, people ignore these messages and then it’s too late. When you aren’t open to the gift, how can you benefit from it? Claircognizant messages are all around you. Absorb them.


What About Clairvoyant? Is That The Same Thing?

In the end, if you are still asking what’s a clairvoyant, here are a few more ideas to consider. A clairvoyant is someone who has a third eye. Someone who has the ability to experience psychic phenomena in a visual way. They get their messages visually.

There are actually a few more ways for people to receive messages:

  • auditory – clairaudience
  • feeling/sensing – clairsentience
  • gut feelings/knowing – claircognizance

How To Tell If You Have The Gift Of Claircognizance

Claircognizance is a strong sense of knowledge that comes from within. Claircognizance is about feeling and knowing what is truly right for you. There are some personality traits that can tell us if we have the gift of Claircognizance:

  • You notice subtle changes around you
  • You sense when someone is upset, but usually don’t know why.
  • You get a gut feeling about certain situations
  • You know the right thing to do in uncomfortable social situations, and you can sense when someone is being dishonest.
  • You have a strong faith in your inner voice 

Claircognizance can be used to help people feel more comfortable in their own skin and to help them love themselves. Claircognizance is also about giving you the ability to feel more confident about your choices, knowing that you will be supported by your intuition and have a better understanding of who you really are.

Are Zener Cards and ESP Cards the Same Thing?

If you are looking for a concrete test to tell you whether or not you were born with the gift, some have turned to Zener cards in the past. Zener cards are also referred to as ESP or Extrasensory Perception cards. The Zener card tests were created by parapsychologists Karl Zener and J. B. Rhine in order to test if a person has Clairvoyance or Claircognizance. These cards contain five different symbols that are known as the cards’ target images, which include circle, square, cross, star, and plus sign.

The person being tested is asked to guess which symbol was placed on top of the deck. If they guessed correctly, then they are considered to have intuitive gifts and should be encouraged to work on their psychic development.

Claircognizant people can also be tested by having someone hold an object, and then asking that person to guess what is being held in someone’s hands. The person with the sixth sense should be able to tell you what they have seen in their mind.

It is also recommended to keep a dream journal where you can record your dreams and then try to interpret the symbols that appear in them. Write down any images or thoughts sent to you, especially if they are repeated. Write down a question that is important to you, and then look for the answer during your day using your psychic training, psychic senses, intuitive guides, unconscious mind, and energy fields.

Where Can I Find ESP Cards?

You can purchase ESP cards online or at some department stores. They may also be available for free at your local library

How to Perform ESP Tests:  

Lay out the cards in front of you in a row – Take a card and hold it so that your opponent cannot see it. Close your eyes and think about the card you have in hand. – Once you think you can visualize the card clearly, open your eyes and show it to your opponent, who should tell you if they saw the same picture or not.

Evaluation of Test Results: Correctly guessed cards are labeled as hits. Log your results in a spreadsheet – After you have finished testing yourself with cards, you can test other people. – When testing other people, the person performing the test should try to focus on one card at a time. After each attempt, it is wise to shuffle the deck and repeat until you have tested all of the cards. – The person being tested should also individually pick a card and then try to visualize it as clearly as possible before you show them which it is.

After the test, add up all of your hits to see how well you did. You can also use your hit total to compare yourself to who you tested.

To make it more interesting, keep a running total of your performance to see how it changes over time.

Are We All Psychic In Some Way?

Some people believe that everyone is born with divine guidance and intuitive gifts and we have to agree with that notion. People are born with a gut check already instilled in their being.

It’s what we do with those emotions. Do we listen to the universe? Or do we do what we are told by others instead?

It is common practice to believe that babies are more spiritually connected and have intuitive senses – more so than adults – because their conscious mind hasn’t been taught yet to NOT believe. They just ARE. They exist knowing because that is how they were born – with all eyes wide open. Or is it because they haven’t let go of their psychic gifts yet? They still value their intuitive messages as truths. The correct answer is still not known.

If you ask the logical minds, they will tell you that they are just babies. However, those who believe in intuitive development, psychic energy, the true energy field, and Claircognizant People will tell you something entirely different with a sense of certainty.

How to Become Clairvoyant

In the end, it is society that closes us up to the real truths of the universe. Society wants us to keep in line and buy things and need things and stay scared.

If we didn’t need anything from them because we already had all the answers, their system would crumble.

What Is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is when someone gifted writes words or sentences without consciously thinking about it. It is commonly used by religious followers involved in seances and mediums.

Automatic writing is also used in the practice of creative writing, especially poetry. To engage in automatic writing, you can use a pen and paper or a computer. To get into the right mindset for automatic writing, you should have a pen and paper in front of you. You should then try to clear your mind of any conscious thoughts.

When you are ready, begin to write whatever words come into your mind. Don’t worry about grammar or sentence structure, just keep writing without stopping. When you are done, go back over what you have written for any messages that seem to be there. If you are trying to get a message from someone that has passed away, it is best to have at least one other person present with you.

If you are trying to get a message from someone that is still alive, it’s best if they are in the same space as you are. Some people find that words flow out of their minds easier if they write with a ballpoint pen, while others prefer pencils.

How to Become Clairvoyant Or Claircognizant

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The good news is you don’t really have to do anything to become Clairvoyant or Claircognizant. You already are! You just have to start listening to what the world is showing you.

The best way to do this, as mentioned above, is to start writing down the symbols and the messages you receive. That way, you can try to start to make sense of them all. We included several journals in our online store. Be sure to check them out.

Why not try walking around a haunted graveyard and listen for messages? Pay more attention to your dreams – pick up symbols as you sleep. For instance, are you dreaming of dogs? That’s the universe trying to tell you something! No matter what – just keep an open mind.