Haunted Cry Baby Bridge Locations To Visit –...

Haunted Cry Baby Bridge Locations To Visit – Is One Near You?

Do you live near a cry baby bridge? Originally, this article was supposed to focus on a haunted place to visit in Alabama. But after some research, we found that there are dozens of these haunted bridges all over the United States.

cry baby bridge

Haunted Cry Baby Bridge Locations To Visit – Is One Near You?

Urban legends are a funny thing because when you hear them, there’s something inside of you that believes the story. But then again… logic, right?

I don’t know though. While researching this post, we found so many comments all over the Internet of people claiming they actually experienced something supernatural at each of these locations. And this is going back generations! Who are we to judge? We go where our guides tell us.

If you like to read about urban legends, then you are going to love hearing about the cry baby bridge.

The Cry Baby Bridge Story – Urban Legend

Cry Baby Story

Originally I started to write up each individual section with their own urban legend stories associated with them. Turns out, they are all eerily the same.

If you put two and two together with supernatural travel, odds are if you find yourself near water… a drowning was involved.

Each individual location has slightly different variations. Maybe a child slipped in, maybe they were drowned, a car crash, or perhaps another form of accident entirely.

Either way, the end results were always the same. The Cry Baby Story is that a baby died near the bridge and the ghost is still at unrest.

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What To Expect At These Haunted Cry Baby Bridge Locations

What can you expect when visiting these haunted bridge locations? We found very distinct personal experiences cited over and over again.

  • Faint cries of a child in the distant
  • Handprint markings on cars that weren’t there when they once arrived
  • Sounds of something splashing below in the water when there is nothing in sight
  • Sounds of a woman crying (presumably the mother of the lost soul)
  • Ghosts walking around the perimeter searching for the lost baby

In order to witness either of these experiences, you have to shut your car off and be very still. The baby’s cry will never be obnoxious. Always subtle and faint. In order to hear, you must be very still.

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haunted bridge locations

Cry Baby Bridge Locations

Ok, so let’s get right down to the haunted bridge locations! Here are some places that I think you should add to your supernatural travel list.

Bridge In Illinois, Warren County

The haunted spot is located on a gravel road off US 67 and traverses Cedar Creek about four miles northwest of Monmouth. There is a special note about this location that we need to mention.

Local teens put their cars in neutral and try to see if the spirits will have enough strength to push their cars over to the other side of the bridge. Perhaps you’d like to try that out as well.

Wisner Road Bridge Ohio, Chardon Township

urban legends

Ok, so I lied. While most of the urban legends were pretty uniform, there were some outliers that deserve special attention. The Winser Road Bridge in Ohio is one of them.

Their urban legend reads that an orphanage burned and the children heard screaming / crying are the ones that perished nearby. You can find this location in Chardon Township in Geauga County.

Sleepy Hollow Road, Kentucky

We have to call out the special details regarding the urban legend research linked to a bridge found on Sleepy Hollow Road (near the border between Jefferson and Oldham counties). This was particularly gruesome and, honestly, the only story that had a little MEAT to it.

Rumors had it that many years ago, mothers would either drop or drown their babies at this location if they didn’t want them anymore. Whether the child was from an affair or was deformed in some way – the reasons varied. But the spot became infamous for the removal of young babies from their families.

Naturally, with a story like that, an urban legend was born and now people flock from all over the state to see if they can hear the faint cries of children in the night.

Carroll County’s Crybaby Bridge

In Carrol County, there is a crybaby bridge, where it is haunted by a crying baby. According to legend, the ghost of this baby haunts the bridge and will follow you if you go there after dark.

Heather Kintz, who had been walking her dog before 11 pm in October 2007 saw something run across Crybaby Bridge and then onto an adjacent railroad trestle. When she turned around, all she could see was a human-like figure that seemed to be chasing them. Then it suddenly disappeared.

She said that Crybaby Bridge’s reputation made her nervous so she took off immediately with her dog despite still feeling like someone or something was chasing after them from behind. On Halloween night, shortly thereafter, another woman reported having seen a ghost while passing over the bridge with her boyfriend.

She was haunted by the terrified cry of an infant as it ran across the bridge and into the woods, its feet slapping against the wooden planks as it went. The woman described their experience as being so terrifying that they still won’t talk about it to this day.

It doesn’t stop there. This location has also had reports from automobiles passing over it at night, losing control, making it one of the creepiest bridges in the state.

Phoenixville, Schuylkill River

The haunted cry baby bridge experience is a location where many people have reported seeing a crying ghost who appears to be looking for help. This bridge is located in the town of Phoenixville and was originally built over the river Schuylkill River. The story behind this haunted cry baby bridge goes back to 1777, when an Amish woman named Anna Browning lost her child that she had been carrying on her back while she walked across this particular spot of land. Many people believe that the angry spirit from that time still resides here with unfinished business.

If you want to visit this haunted bridge, first you need to read up on this crybaby legend. There are two known locations where it can be found – one at Valley Forge National Park and another at Pottstown. If you are planning on visiting, please know that it is illegal to enter the bridge due to safety reasons.

This haunted location has been terribly vandalized over the years and has been the target of many people who damage the historic structure for unknown reasons. This destruction has made the ghost unhappier than ever before.

You can still visit the haunted cry baby bridge without breaking any of its laws though by going out into the water with a canoe or boat and walking along the riverbanks. As you go out into this cold black water remember what Anna Browning must have felt like when she lost her child all those years ago – angry, scared, sad, lonely, and haunted.

Palmer Road Crybaby Bridge

Another famous spot is the Palmer Road Crybaby Bridge, most famous for it haunted cry baby bridge. On this haunted location you can hear ghostly infant cries as well as a woman’s scream that appears to be trapped underneath the road in concrete for all time, and supposedly visiting ghosts often have their cars break down there and tires pop right off when they cross it.

This haunted bridge was called many different things before being named Crybaby Bridge, which is what people commonly call it today.

In its former life, Palmer Road haunted bridge was known as Route 202 haunted bridge or the haunted railroad bridge of Pohopoco Creek haunted creek while both were used by trains carrying tons of coal to nearby power plants until 1968. The haunting on this spot began back during the great depression when an unknown number of hobos (perhaps hundreds) that were traveling the rails looking for a place to settle down after the train line was mothballed in 1968, and who might have been searching for work at one of those plants or in Philadelphia.

This place holds a special part in its haunted heart for this particular group because it was also apparently the scene of a mass murder committed by vigilantes during what was likely a union dispute over unfair labor practices against poor dispossessed travelers back in 1932. Soon after hearing reports of this “unsanctioned killing” being carried out by these vigilantes right there on Palmer’s haunted bridge, members of the communist party were arrested (at least 12) as well as other anti-union men and boys who were passing as hobos and vagrants.

The haunted ghost of a man who was lynched by vigilantes was found hanging off a tree after being beaten to death. The area is still riddled with so much paranormal activity that it is worth a visit. The ghosts are said to be searching for their heads which were severed in order to make identification very difficult (perhaps for vigilante justice).

Urban Legends Cry Baby bridge

Whitesville Road, Columbus in Georgia

The Crybaby Bridge is located on Whitesville Road in Columbus and is a very popular place for young teens to hang out on the weekends. So, if you are really serious about paranormal travel, consider getting there during the week.

You have to head into the woods a bit to find this secluded location. But when you do, expect faint cries, roaming ghosts, and a haunted good time.

The Screaming Bridge of McAlisterville PA

Another favorite among local ghost hunters is the screaming bridge that crosses over the Susquehanna River between McAlisterville and Perryopolis in Pennsylvania. This haunting was started long ago by a young boy who had snuck out at night with his dog to try and snake some fish from this river filled with dark water before it froze over for winter.

This particular boy would have been just about 12 years old when he got into trouble trying to catch one last fish before it froze over which caused his untimely demise, but not before the haunted boy and haunted dog heard the sounds of a woman screaming for help. This young boy and his dog ran towards those cries in order to try and save whoever was making them. He didn’t make it far before he too fell through some ice on this river which then froze over again. Noone was able to find him again.

The next day when people realized he was gone, he slipped into the river. It wasn’t until a little while later that they found out differently. When spring came, it was discovered that both this young boy and his dog were frozen under some ice right by where the girl’s ghost had been heard screaming for help.

The story goes that if you listen closely to the sound of the wind, you can still hear him.

Anderson Indiana

crybaby bridge

You can find this haunted spot on County Road 675 near Anderson. But be warned – if you make too much noise here at night, you won’t get attacked by ghosts. Instead, the locals will call the police.

In a small town, locals can only take so much press and this bridge gets a lot of attention. So, if you do decide to get out the haunted destination, do it quietly. The neighboring houses are not shy about getting the police involved if they fear too much is happening at once.

Boggy Creek Bridge

The Boggy Creek Bridge has a history of haunted activity that dates back to the 1950’s. In fact, this haunted spot is said to be one of the most active & haunted bridges in the country with ghost sightings dating all the way back to 1882.

Along this creek, it is said that you can still hear the cries of a mother and child being murdered by an insane woman who lived nearby years ago. This woman was said to be “out of her mind” and heard voices in her head telling her to commit murder-suicide. Her victim? An innocent child! It was important that she killed the child before they were old enough to testify against her. That was the rule.

She thought that if she got rid of them both, the woman could get away with all of her crimes and able to live her life over again.

Bunny Man Bridge

The Bunny Man Bridge is located at 6497 Colchester Rd, Clifton, Virginia. According to local legend, this is a place where the infamous Bunny Man can be seen. It’s said that he lives deep within the woods right around here and that every year on Halloween night people roam out there looking for him.

In fact, some are known to dress up like him in an attempt to scare others during this time of the year. It certainly makes things more interesting for those that like to get scared. But how can you really tell who you see in between the trees if everyone is in costume? Lots of “maybe” and “did it really happen” moments for the locals.

Beavers Bend State Park Cry Baby Bridge

Another famous Cry Baby Bridge is located in Beavers Bend State Park. This haunted spot is located in Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

There are a few different stories that go along with this one including the fact that it was once used as a runaway slave camp during the Civil War. Decades later there are reports that a man beat his wife to death on the same spot on this bridge because he thought she was cheating on him with another man.

Today her spirit is said to still be roaming around this area of the park and people have reported seeing her walking back and forth near the side of what’s left of her.

Cry Baby Bridge Alabama, Saraland

You can find Cry Baby Bridge Alabama on Kali Oka Road – just pass dead man’s bend – in Saraland. Turn off your car while visiting at night and listen for what comes from up from below.

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The Bridge At Night Heard

On the Bridge at Night Heard, it is said to have been the site where a car of teenagers was driving at night when all of a sudden they ran out of gas and got stuck there on this abandoned bridge. The driver hopped out and started walking down the side of the road looking for help, but no one was around so he had no choice but to go back over to his friend’s temporary home in hopes that something could be done from there.

What he didn’t realize though is that this entire side of the bridge was on an extremely steep drop-off that went straight into a river below rushing water. When he arrived back at his vehicle though he quickly noticed that there was a little boy that had been hiding in his trunk the entire time, but now since they couldn’t get out they were both trapped until someone showed up. It was around this haunted spot where he heard something crazy and shocking come from outside his car. He heard someone whisper “Daddy’s coming to play.”

As if things weren’t bad enough, they noticed a man crawling across the top of the haunted spot and towards them.

When the man reached them, it was over for the group. All the man left of the boy was his head. When the police arrived, they noticed someone waving down the side of the road and thought an accident occurred. Once they stopped, they realized a murder had occurred.

If you’re planning on visiting this haunted spot, look out for ghostly footsteps, unexplained voices, and even some apparitions too! It’s quite a small area so use your best judgment when doing this one alone as well…

Cry Baby Creek South Carolina, Pageland

You can find this haunted bridge located on High Shoals Road over the Rocky River just outside city limits. A mother forever searching for her child after getting in an accident near the bridge.

Rumor has it that this original bridge location is also fairly close to a haunted cemetery. Two for one? If you are hunting for ghostly figures, this option is for you.

Bonifay Florida, Devil’s Promenade

Located in Bonifay Florida, is where you’ll find The Cry Baby Bridge which has had many names over the years as Cry Baby Creek Bridge, Devil’s Promenade, The Bloody Mary Territory, and much more. This bridge actually combines two different bridges into one structure. It was a wooden bridge built in the 1920’s and was covered over by a concrete bridge structure in the 1950’s.

This haunted attraction and current steel bridge is actually located only about an hour away from Pensacola Beach so it’s very easy to get to as well. It’s said that if you go here at night, you should stop on the bridge facing east, turn your engine off, put your car in neutral and honk three times. Then just wait for something to happen.

In fact, if you’re driving down this road toward this spot around 12:00 midnight right when Halloween hits then supposedly there are many who have seen a man dressed as a clown standing either next to his car or on top of one of the creepiest bridge yet. Heading to this bridge after dark is not recommended.

The crybaby bridge story behind this haunting goes that a young teenage girl was walking her dog, or so she thought… In reality, though it seems that the dog had gotten away from her and somehow ended up at a nearby farm in Bonifay. Apparently, some older children got a hold of him, tied him up and took turns throwing rocks at him until he died. It was around this time when the crying started…

It wasn’t long after that when a mother overheard her young child screaming down in their basement. When she went to find her child, she found the dog dead and covered in blood, but something more. Things went from bad to worse in a matter of minutes. The child eventually admitted that she actually harmed the children that killed her dog and the family went into complete shock. They found the children killed as well as the pet.

The screams heard around that bridge are from all the children. The girl who found her dog dead, the kids who begged for their lives, and the parents who realized that their daughter was a murderer. Today, the girl still haunts the area with her parents’ spirits because none of them can move on.

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Spook Bridge Texas, Houston

This one has a different name! Locals call their haunted bridge “Spook Bridge” and it has stuck for generations.

Located in Houston, 4 miles south of De Kalb, the rumor here is that a mother and her three children accidentally lost their lives while rushing home.

Locals have a specific routine while visiting and if you happen to make it to Spook Bridge, then you should, too. Shut your car off and honk three times. That is to call out to the three spirits.

Some town members claimed to have photographed apparitions. Did they mean white orbs or different color orbs? Who know! I would love to see it.

No matter who you ask, SOMEONE has a story about this haunted bridge which means out of the entire list – this would be where we would start.

So, what do you think? Are you willing to give any of these a try?


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    It occurs to me that when you have the sound of running water as by a bridge, that a lot of time it’s easy to think you hear something, either because you do, and the water sound masks it, or the sound of the running water itself tricks your mind into thinking it hears something. At least I have had those experiences. Also, the cry baby bridge legend is a really sad story that’s general enough that it could have happened anywhere. I’m open minded about ghosts but I don’t think they have much to do with urban legends.

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