8 Haunted Cry Baby Bridge Locations To Visit ̵...

8 Haunted Cry Baby Bridge Locations To Visit – Is One Near You?

Do you live near a cry baby bridge? Originally, this article was supposed to focus on a haunted place to visit in Alabama. But after some researching, we found that there are dozens of these haunted bridges all over the United States.

cry baby bridge

8 Haunted Cry Baby Bridge Locations To Visit – Is One Near You?

Urban legends are a funny thing because when you hear them, there’s something inside of you that believes the story. But then again… logic, right?

I don’t know though. While researching this post, we found so many comments all over the Internet of people claiming they actually experienced something supernatural at each of these locations. And this is going back generations! Who are we to judge? We go where our guides tell us.

If you like to read about urban legends, then you are going to love hearing about the cry baby bridge.

The Cry Baby Story – Urban Legend

Cry Baby Story

Originally I started to write up each individual section with their own urban legend stories associated with them. Turns out, they are all eerily the same.

If you put two and two together with supernatural travel, odds are if you find yourself near water… a drowning was involved.

Each individual location has slightly different variations. Maybe a child slipped in, maybe they were drowned, a car crash, or perhaps another form of accident entirely.

Either way, the end results were always the same. The Cry Baby Story is that a baby died near the bridge and the ghost is still at unrest.

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haunted bridge

What To Expect At These Haunted Bridge Locations

What can you expect when visiting these haunted bridge locations? We found very distinct personal experiences cited over and over again.

  • Faint cries of a child in the distant
  • Handprint markings on cars that weren’t there when they once arrived
  • Sounds of something splashing below in the water when there is nothing in sight
  • Sounds of a woman crying (presumably the mother of the lost soul)
  • Ghosts walking around the perimeter searching for the lost baby

In order to witness either of these experiences, you have to shut your car off and be very still. The baby’s cry will never be obnoxious. Always subtle and faint. In order to hear, you must be very still.

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haunted bridge locations

Ok, so let’s get right down to the haunted bridge locations! Here are some places that I think you should add to your supernatural travel list.

Cry Baby Bridge Locations

(1) Cry Baby Bridge Alabama, Saraland

You can find Cry Baby Bridge Alabama on Kali Oka Road – just pass dead man’s bend – in Saraland. Turn off your car while visiting at night and listen for what comes from up from below.

(2) Will Your Car Move On The Bridge In Illinois, Warren County?

The haunted spot is located on a gravel road off US 67 and traverses Cedar Creek about four miles northwest of Monmouth. There is a special note about this location that we need to mention.

Local teens put their cars in neutral and try to see if the spirits will have enough strength to push their cars over to the other side of the bridge. Perhaps you’d like to try that out as well.

(3) Wisner Road Bridge Ohio, Chardon Township

urban legends

Ok, so I lied. While most of the urban legends were pretty uniform, there were some outliers that deserve special attention. The Winser Road Bridge in Ohio is one of them.

Their urban legend reads that an orphanage burned and the children heard screaming / crying are the ones that perished nearby. You can find this location in Chardon Township in Geauga County.

(4) Spook Bridge Texas, Houston

This one has a different name! Locals call their haunted bridge “Spook Bridge” and it has stuck for generations.

Located in Houston, 4 miles south of De Kalb, the rumor here is that a mother and her three children accidentally lost their lives while rushing home.

Locals have a specific routine while visiting and if you happen to make it to Spook Bridge, then you should, too. Shut your car off and honk three times. That is to call out to the three spirits.

Some town members claimed to have photographed apparitions. Did they mean white orbs or different color orbs? Who know! I would love to see.

No matter who you ask, SOMEONE has a story about this haunted bridge which means out of the entire list – this would be where we would start.

(5) Live Near Anderson Indiana? Here’s One By You

crybaby bridge

You can find this haunted spot on County Road 675 near Anderson. But be warned – if you make too much noise here at night, you won’t get attacked by ghosts. Instead, the locals will call the police.

In a small town, locals can only take so much press and this bridge gets a lot of attention. So, if you do decide to get out the haunted destination, do it quietly. The neighboring houses are not shy about getting the police involved if they fear too much is happening at once.

(6) Special Note About Kentucky Location

We have to call out the special details regarding the urban legend research linked to a bridge found on Sleepy Hollow Road (near the border between Jefferson and Oldham counties). This was particularly gruesome and, honestly, the only story that had a little MEAT to it.

Rumors had it that many years ago, mothers would either drop or drown their babies at this location if they didn’t want them anymore. Whether the child was from an affair or was deformed in some way – the reasons varied. But the spot became infamous for the removal of young babies from their families.

Naturally, with a story like that, an urban legend was born and now people flock from all over the state to see if they can hear the faint cries of children in the night.

(7) Cry Baby Creek South Carolina, Pageland

You can find this haunted bridge located on High Shoals Road over the Rocky River. A mother forever searching for her child after getting in an accident near the bridge.

Rumor has it that this location is also fairly close to a haunted cemetery. Two for one?

Urban Legends Cry Baby bridge

(8) Visit This Location During The Week – Georgia, Columbus

The Crybaby Bridge is located on Whitesville Road in Columbus and is a very popular place for young teens to hang out on the weekends. So, if you are really serious about paranormal travel, consider getting there during the week.

You have to head into the woods a bit to find this secluded location. But when you do, expect faint cries, roaming ghosts, and a haunted good time.

So, what do you think? Are you willing to give any of these a try?


  1. Devon Agaba

    27 February

    It occurs to me that when you have the sound of running water as by a bridge, that a lot of time it’s easy to think you hear something, either because you do, and the water sound masks it, or the sound of the running water itself tricks your mind into thinking it hears something. At least I have had those experiences. Also, the cry baby bridge legend is a really sad story that’s general enough that it could have happened anywhere. I’m open minded about ghosts but I don’t think they have much to do with urban legends.

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