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Demon Protection – What You Need To Safeguard Yourself

Looking for demon protection? Feeling unsafe and surrounded by negative energy that you just can’t shake? Is your house no longer safe and do you feel it’s time to take back your life? This won’t be an easy road. But all hope isn’t lost when fending yourself against powerful demons.

demon protection

Demon Protection – What You Need To Safeguard Yourself

First and foremost, acknowledge whatever you did to invite this evil entity into your life. Did you play with a ouija board, open up a ghost portal, engage in the dark arts? Whatever it is that you meddled with – STOP. That is exactly what got you into this mess with evil demons– don’t give that nonsense any more of your energy.

Seek Outside Help And Schedule An Excorism

Secondly, you need help. You will not be able to do this on your own. Odds are you will need some sort of exorcism, even if you are involved with a lesser demon. What TYPE of exorcism depends on whether or not the individual demons have attached themselves to you to our house!

Here is a sample of some entities who could be inflicting you:

  • Sirens: Sirens drive people into madness by singing their songs during the night while sleeping. They prey on weak willed victims such as young children or adults living alone without any spiritual guidance. You can tell you are are being attacked by a siren if if you constantly hear singing noises in your room while trying to fall asleep or anytime throughout the day while trying to concentrate.
  • Banshees: These are very similar to sirens because they attack people in their sleep and cause the victim to wake up screaming bloody murder. Banshees bring about extreme nightmares that feel so real that you may end up hurting yourself or someone else during your dream. If you have been attacked by a banshee then you should know not to tell anyone around you about it because most of them will accuse you of being crazy and severely hurt your reputation.
  • Marauders: Marauders are probably one of the most misunderstood demons when it comes to attacks against God’s children on Earth. They don’t actually do anything themselves, but they inspire other evil spirits to do their dirty work.
  • Incubus: Incubi are demons that rape people while they sleep and are usually done by those who have restless night terrors. This does not happen all the time though since incubi only come out when they know the victim is asleep. An incubus will use this as an opportunity to take advantage of its victim, but it doesn’t always end up in a sexual way. It can be something very minor such as taking your breath away for a quick second or giving you heavy nightmares/terrors during the night. All of this can easily result in severe mental problems along with severe depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • Seductresses: These female demons attack men by giving them erections which cause major distractions during the day. Seductresses are also very beautiful and once they find a victim, they won’t leave them alone until their mission is complete which can be death or sexual immorality.
  • Binding demons: These types of demons usually attach themselves to children or teenagers and it makes them feel like they have no freedom at all throughout the day. If you have a feeling that someone has been watching over your shoulder for quite some time then this may be what’s going on with your life right now because binding demons love to take advantage of new victims as well as those who don’t know how to protect themselves spiritually from these kinds of attacks. Binding demons are usually very strong and can be dangerous if they decide to attack you.
  • Intrusion demons: These demons walk around in human bodies as they please because no one can see them unless they’re spiritually gifted or have had an exorcism before. It’s very dangerous for anyone to go about their daily lives without knowing this fact so you should always protect yourself as best as possible at all times. If someone is possessed by an intrusion demon then it’s possible that they will try to hurt you if they sense weakness within your character.
  • Demonic possession: Demonic possession is when a demon takes control of a person which results in the person talking, moving and feeling like something else entirely. If you find yourself in a situation like this then the best thing to do is tell someone around you that’s close to you as soon as possible because demonic possessions are very dangerous and can cause people to act very irrationally.
schedule a demon exorcism

In this day and age, the Catholic Church does not freely provide exorcisms. There are a number of criteria that have to be met before they step in and intervene. Your best bet would be to search locally for a spirit guide/medium that can work with you to cleanse your space.

Criteria for an exorcism according to the catholic church

The Catholic Church has strict guidelines that must be met before an exorcism can take place. Exorcisms are very dangerous and it’s important to make sure that the demon is really gone before continuing your normal life again.

  • The person in question must have a mental illness of some kind or at least appear mentally ill otherwise the Catholic Church will not step in to help.
  • The person should also be under medical supervision for their physical health because any number of things could be going on with them physically as well which may need urgent attention from medical professionals, not a priest.
  • The victim should already have tried counseling and other forms of therapy for quite some time before deciding to go through with an exorcism just in case they’re wrong about this.
  • If it’s an extreme case of demonic activity, the victim should have a strong family or friend base that will help them through the process and keep them safe from harm.

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Stop Being Scared And Afraid – Control Your Mood

Demons LIVE off of fear and anger. Their demonic powers thrive off of chaos. So, while this is a really hard step to read through, you must take control of your mind.

If you are scared or angry, then you’re ripe for any demon to come and take your mind over. You have no idea just how much power you have within yourself. It would be wise for anyone reading this article right now to get involved with some sort of self-defense class or learn different ways on how to defend themselves against an attack.

Every day, learn something new to protect yourself. Learn to fight back against your attacker. Not just physically, but mentally as well. Yes, this is a really hard challenge to face and do on a daily basis because of the human ego (believing we are invincible), but for those who think they can’t defend themselves… AGAIN YOU ARE DEAD WRONG.

Don’t give these evil spirits any negativity to feed off of. Don’t give these spiritual forces any power and they won’t have any ability to have any evil influences over your life.

Learn how to cleanse your own space and when you feel any sort of negative energy at home, immediately clear it out before it builds up. It’s not hard to pray to God every night and thank Him for everything He has given you. Before you go to bed, thank Him. Even if things are going wrong or haven’t gone our way, thank God for the day and give him thanks at night.

Remember to keep clean pure energy around your room every time before you go to sleep – every night. Clear your mind and focus on positive energy instead of negativity because that’s what you want to attract into your life, right? Then maintain the same state of mind when waking up every morning… remain positive and spiritual no matter what! That is a very important rule to follow for those who are reading this article.

Don’t talk bad about anyone or anything, even if you have to fake your words. Keep a good spiritual balance in your life and most importantly… don’t EVER stop praying to God and giving Him thanks for everything He has done for you.

When people fall into darkness, they begin to lose control over themselves because that’s when demons start attacking. Remember, demons are REAL and they don’t like God or anything positive going on in other people’s lives. So, be very careful when you think something bad happens to another person.

protect yourself with positive energy

Surround Yourself With Positive Energy

Close your eyes and visualize yourself surrounded completely by white light. That white light is your energy force – your power. The white light is cleansing your entire space and offering up demon protection right when you need it. Believe this. Do this all the time – whenever you remember.

At night before you go to sleep, clean and clear a room. When you enter a new space, clean and clear a room with your inner force. Your inner being. You have the light within you. Your energy is atomic. Use it. Protective light is underrated. Remember, evil is darkness and light is good.

You can also practice this by forcing yourself to stay in an area for at least five minutes that has been recently cleansed of negative energy. If you don’t feel any sense of ease after five minutes, then it’s best to cleanse the space again until you do feel at ease.

Believe In Yourself

You don’t need special crystals. You don’t need a feather that was blessed by a holy man. You don’t need the sun to rise in order to be protected. The night is worse because the dark scares you and your fear feeds evil. Control your fear and believe in yourself that you have control over your space.

Believe in yourself that you are in control and that you have the power to banish all evil. An exorcism works because the person doing the exorcism believes in those words with their whole heart and mind. They BELIEVE they can and so they do.

You can do this as well. You just have to believe that you can provide your own demon protection by yourself – but this isn’t a lie you can tell yourself. You have to actually believe it. You are power. You are LIGHT. You are created in HIS likeness. You had it in you all along. You are GOOD. You are CAPABLE.

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believe in yourself

When the energy starts to turn sour in your space, take back control of the room, clean it, and move on. WITH FORCE.

And if you can’t do that – seek help and find someone who CAN. That is the only difference. The difference between you and a hunter is that they BELIEVE. They weren’t born differently than you. They just BELIEVE. Can you believe?

Live a Moral Life

The first thing you need to do in order to protect yourself from evil entities is to make sure you live a moral life. You won’t be able to resist evil if you are immoral. Living immorally is also a bad idea because it opens the door to all sorts of evil and makes you vulnerable.

Evil feeds on immorality, so if you avoid all immoral behavior you won’t be easy prey for demons. Also, it’s almost impossible for them to hang around people who are moral and have nothing to do with evil.

If everyone were moral, evil would no longer exist on Earth. The reason it still exists is that people do immoral things every day. This gives demons multiple opportunities to attack us and make us suffer.

There are different ways we can live an immoral life, but the two main ones are killing and stealing. By doing these sins, it usually results in depression and anxiety and riddles the person with guilt. You permanently bear the consequences of your actions.

But it doesn’t stop there – lying, cheating, and disobeying parents are also immoral actions that give openings to evil. The same goes for abusive language, gossiping, and being envious.

So if you want to protect yourself from evil entities, first make sure that you live a moral life. You don’t have to be perfect – nobody is, but it’s important not to purposely open the door to evil by doing something immoral.

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Avoid Negative Thoughts

Another way to fend off demonic possession is to keep negative thoughts at bay. If you’re thinking negatively all day long, chances are that you’ll end up with some sort of mental illness or emotional disorder.

You need to understand that when you think positively and expect good things to happen, they will. When you always see the worst in situations, bad things are bound to happen. Negative thinking invokes negative emotions which attract lower vibrational entities known as demons. These lower vibrational beings feed on our negative emotions and can even possess us if we let them.

Create a daily prayer rule: Each morning before you go to work or school, and just before you go to bed at night, say a short prayer in which you ask God for protection from evil spirits.

When you start your day, ask God to guide you and protect you from anything bad. When it’s time to go to sleep, say a prayer which asks God for guidance throughout the day. Ask Him for forgiveness if you have done something wrong or evil during the day and thank Him for everything He did while protecting you.

The most important thing is to make sure that you mean what you say when you are fighting against evil forces, otherwise, it won’t work. God is a fair judge, so if your thoughts and words aren’t positive, He won’t protect you from evil.

The more time we spend on Earth, the more we’ll feel its negative influence. After all, Earth is a place where darkness and dark spirits reign supreme, and this wicked spirits darkness can easily seep into our souls if we let it get to us.

This is why staying in tune with your spirit, spiritual life, and praying to God on a daily basis is the best way to protect yourself from ever being possessed by evil entities. It’s also the best way to live a more pleasant life without suffering from mental illness or emotional instability. Stay tuned into your Catholic life. 

Attend Church

If you attend church regularly, then it’s likely that you’ve already been exposed to some form of religious education. However, if you haven’t attended any formal classes or services for at least two years, then it is important to get back to attending Mass every Sunday morning and consistent prayer life. Dangerous entities do not like those that live a faith life. 

If you can’t make it to Sunday mass, there are other times available. Most churches also offer Saturday evening options and online viewing hours as well. There are also Catholic radio stations. Sunday Mass on television or the radio would be a good way to stay up-to-date with Church doctrines and teachings.

Pray the rosary daily: Another helpful way of staying moral and protected from evil is by praying the rosary daily. The rosary is a Catholic prayer that consists of reciting various prayers and meditating upon specific images while fingering your rosary beads.

Prayer is the most powerful way to keep your mind protected from evil entities and thoughts.

What are holy objects I can use to protect myself?

Holy objects such as blessed candles, holy water, rosaries, crucifixes, statues, etc., help ward off attacks from Satan and his minions. They’re not necessary for everyday use, but their protective powers can be used when under attack by demonic attack. Each has its own way to help drive away negative forces.

Just like with any other form of protection, self-defense will only work if you believe that it will work…

It is important to point out that everything begins with prayer, especially when it comes to spiritual warfare. Pray to God asking for His help and protection. God has given you the best defense against Satan, so why not take advantage of it?

One thing that is useful against demonic spirits is holy water. You can buy little bottles of it at most Catholic gift shops, but if you don’t have a store like that near you, then I have a few other suggestions.

If you live in America or Canada, then try to find blessed salt and water at your local Catholic church. Sometimes priests will let people like me take the holy water after mass. You don’t have to tell them that you are using it against harmful spirits. 

Another thing you can use is blessed oil. You can buy this at most Catholic gift shops as well. Anoint your front and back door, windowsills, and any other entryways to your house/apartment and evil will have a hard time getting in.

And of course, don’t forget your rosary when it comes to spiritual protection and psychic attacks! Praying the rosary can be useful any time during the day, and is helpful if you say a few decades while walking around your apartment or house. Forces of evil do not like it when you are dedicated.