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Dream Of Knocking On Door Meaning – Hidden Messages

A dream of knocking on a door is both a warning and an acknowledgment that there are aspects of your life that need to be addressed and are currently being ignored. While dissecting this dream interpretation, it’s important to pinpoint the underlying message.

Dream Of Knocking On Door

A Warning

What are you not addressing in your current state? What is looking for attention but isn’t receiving any? What is so desperate for you to resolve that it is literally bothering you in your sleep to find you?

  • Are you looking to quit your job?
  • Are you having issues in your marriage?
  • Do you feel like you want to move?
  • Is there something you’ve always wanted to say to your mother?

Where are your stress points during this time? A dream of knocking on door or doors could mean just that – your body and mind knows that it is time to face your fears / demons / issues.

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Take Note Of Your Surroundings

In your dream, how did you feel when you heard the door knocking? Were you happy about the noise? Then it could mean that opportunity is right around the corner. Were you able to see the door or find the noise? Or was it coming from somewhere that you couldn’t locate?

If you couldn’t locate the noise, then it could mean that you are getting in your own way of success. You HAVE opportunity, but you just can’t quite reach it because you are stopping yourself from achieving your goals.

If you located the noise, did you open the door and go through? What did you find? Every step in a dream means something. If you successfully found the door, then things just might be turning around for you.

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The Three Knock On A Door Dream Superstition

I want to include this in this dream interpretation write up, but I also want to note that I don’t believe it. Growing up, my grandmother used to have three elephant statues in her living room because it was “good luck” – as all Italians did. There is just something about the number 3 that people hold onto. People always try to do something with it.

On the INTERNET, you will find that if you dream of THREE knocks on a door, it can mean that death is nearby. Not necessarily your death – in fact, most people say a “nearby” death which could just be referencing someone you love.

I think this is rubbish. Don’t hold onto this fact, but I felt like I needed to include it to be thorough with the write-up.

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Unexpected News

Another theory around hearing knocking in a dream revolves around unexpected news. Just like a visitor coming to your house, you might be receiving some great information out of the blue – any day now!

Given the current state of the world, I like this version the most. If I don’t feel like something heavy is weighing on my chest, then I would choose to believe that good news will find me sooner rather than later.

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Dream Of Knocking On Door Meaning – Hidden Messages

The beautiful things about dreams are that they are personal. Everyone has different things going on in their lives. So, you will have to take your current state, use these guidelines, and figure out what the knock on the door in your dreams meant to you.