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Dreaming About Fire – Hidden Meaning And Interpretations

Dreaming about fire and trying to figure out what the universe and your angel guides are trying to tell you takes a bit of work. It’s more about the situation and your surroundings than the actual element. There’s more to the fire in your dream than meets the eye.

dreaming about fire

Is It Good To See Fire In Your Dream? 

Dreaming of fire can be interpreted in a variety of ways. There are several questions you should ask yourself before beginning to assess your dream sequence:

  • Was the fire out of control?
  • Was the fire in your dream harming you?
  • Was the fire engulfing your surroundings or trapping you in any way?
  • Was the fire warming you and keeping you safe?
  • What color was the fire in your dream?
  • When dreaming of fire, how did it make you feel?
  • Was the element destroying or giving life?
  • Was it providing or taking away?

These factors will determine whether or not the interpretation will be good or bad and you must be honest with yourself about the situation. Fire is a dual symbol. Because of this, it is up to you to understand the message.

 Generally, when someone sees fires in a dream, it is a good thing. It is considered a strong metaphor that resembles creativity/creation, power/strength, and even bravery.

Think about how you feel when you see fire. LIFE! ENERGY! LIGHT! It is all things. Truly. Fire even purifies. It cleanses water. It cooks food. It is the giver of life. What are you trying to build? What are you growing? What are you giving LIFE to? What do you need to push your energy towards? This is the message.

But on the flip side, fire also takes away life. It is a destroyer. Are you bottling up anger? Are you filling up with rage? Is something taking control of you that you cannot release? What is destroying you from the inside? Dreaming of fire is a way to plug into these thoughts.

dreams with fire

Understanding Passion

When dreaming of fire flames, you also might be referencing the fire within our hearts. Passion. It doesn’t necessarily have to directly relate to love.

It could be a passion towards work and ambition. A drive towards something that you are striving to become. Your fire within to be something better. What is it that you are dreaming of? What is it that you long for?

As a reminder, it could be a person. It just doesn’t have to be sexual. A drive could take many forms. Your passion could simply be inner enlightenment if that is what makes you feel whole.

The point of this message then from your dreams is to go after it and with all of your heart. Use this dream message to hone in your focus and attention on what matters most. Only you know what that is!

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house on fire in dreams

Does Fire Always Relate To Anger?

Fire is a metaphor for our emotions – the strongest ones. But as we mentioned above, it does not only relate to anger. Dreaming of fire does not only represent rage.

When we use fire to explain our emotions, one can say he or she has ‘burning desires’ and ‘fiery spirits’. Does that sound like rage to you? Does that sound anger? Passion is not rage. Love is not rage. Energy can be used in different ways. It’s our choice to turn it good or evil.

However, dreaming of fire could indicate that you’re angry about something or it could also feel like there is a situation that you’ve lost complete control over. Recognize this emotion and get a handle of it.

What If You Dream That You Are On Fire

What If You Dream That You Are On Fire 

If you ever find yourself dreaming that you are on fire, take it as a warning. There might be impending danger in your near future. Your spirit guides are giving you fair warning to stay alert.

It could also mean that you might be in for a huge transformation. We all know what it looks like when a fire sweeps through a forest. The forest is turned to dust, but life always wins and new trees and plants begin to grow.

So, while the purification might feel painful, the rebirth will happen and you will come out on the other side. Life anew is possible. Remember that.

This type of dream helps you face the fact that it is time to start over. Do you feel this in your life? Are you ready for a fresh start?

What If You Dream Of A House On Fire. 

Dreams about burning objects are also considered positive dreams. When we see things burning in our thoughts, it means we are ready to let them go. What are you ready to release back into the universe? What are you ready to leave in your past?

In the case of a house, you might be ready to move on from major aspects of your life. A house represents your life. Are you ready to cut ties with major players in your inner circle? Or perhaps memories of your past that are blocking you from finding peace?

Either way, however, the fire is burning recognize that you have complete control over the situation. The fire lives within you and like all things – you are in complete control.