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Dreaming About Money and What That Means For Your Future

Money, in any form, is a sign of wealth and prosperity. Dreaming about money is common because most people struggle with financials at home and typically are always worried about their bills and mortgages. However, a dream that focuses on money is typically a good sign – pending the circumstances.

Let’s break down the variety of outcomes you can expect if this is the thought sequence you woke up from.  

dreaming about money

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Money?

Dreaming about money can depict that you generally feel satisfied with your overall health. Are you in a good place financially, physically, spiritually? Are things looking up for you lately? Can you sense that?

This spirit message is offering success and happiness.

Having money in real life means that we have achieved some level of respect and success. Sometimes, it even means we’ve acquired a state of power. When we dream about money, it represents the same thing.

Think confidence, power, a heightened sense of self-esteem. Wealth in dreams basically represents all of this and more. Having money in your dreams means you have a positive sense of self and how lucky are you!?

Money in dreams could also represent a form of wisdom. If you feel safe and secure because you have money, then it might mean that you’ve done all you can to build a sound and stable life.

dreaming of money

Is It Good To Dream About Money?

It is a very good thing to dream about money – as long as you have IT in your dreams and aren’t wanting for it. Believe it or not, this is a very common dream.

Money relates to desires and goals. Do you have any goals in your life that you’ve recently accomplished? If you are dreaming of money, perhaps you feel like you’ve finally reached them. You’ve made it to the finish line.

Think about your personal and emotional state right now. What is your level of self-confidence? Self -esteem? Are they high? When people dream about money, they usually feel really good about themselves.  

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seeing a lot of money in a dream

What Does It Mean To See A Lot Of Money In A Dream?

Dreaming about a lot of money and feeling like you are rich in your dream state means total satisfaction. You are content.

Content in your current state of life. This is what everyone hopes for – so congratulations! How do you feel about your job? Are you satisfied at work? Did you recently get a promotion? Do you feel valued? This is very important.

Something has changed for you recently and you need to think about what arena in your life is fulfilled. You are RICH somewhere. Hone in on that and embrace it. You are thriving! Bottle that emotion up and spread it around to other aspects of your life.

money in your hand dream

Where Was The Money In Your Dream?

Let’s walk through several different scenarios about the money in your dream. If the money wasn’t in your possession, then perhaps you weren’t feeling as fulfilled as we discussed.

Money In Your Hand – If you had a dream where you were holding money in your hand and you didn’t know what to do with it, it means that you are at a crossroad. What are you confused about in your life? What decision do you have to make that you cannot figure out?

Counting Money – This is an interesting visual because when I think of someone counting money, I immediately think of Mr. Scrooge. All locked up in his little office counting his worth and trying to find value in himself through his coin. Well, if you are having a dream where you are counting money, it also might be that you are trying to find your own sef worth.

Are you jealous of someone? Are you trying to VALUE UP to a friend or a colleague? Are you trying to prove to yourself that you are worth it? Why are you defending your worth to YOURSELF?

Money Burning – I love to talk about this particular symbolism because I find it very powerful. If we spend all this time claiming that money is success, wealth, and power in the spiritual realm, then why are you burning and wasting it?

What are you wasting in real life? What are you blocking? What are you preventing from growing into fruition?

When you burn money in a dream you are basically saying that you are capable of doing many things but you are sabotaging yourself! Ask yourself the tough questions. WHY?!

finding cash

Dreaming of picking up money from the ground – Another great message from our spirit guides. Money is value. We’ve discussed this already in great lengths. If you were asleep and imagined yourself finding money, it means that someone is trying to tell you that you are of high value. You are important. You are incredible. How amazing! What a message!

Someone Gives You Money – If someone gives you cash in your dream, this represents new beginnings. This is a good omen! You will soon turn over a new leaf. Pay attention to WHO gave you help because that person will be important in this new endeavor.

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asking for dollars in a dream

What Does It Mean When Someone Asks You For Money In A Dream?

How do you feel when someone asks you for money in real life? I suppose it depends on who that person is, right? Well, if you dream about someone asking you for money then it just means that you are in a current position to help someone.

Was there someone in your life that you didn’t help – even though they asked you to? Is there a regret that you are holding onto? Why weren’t you supportive? Is there still time to show that support?

Have you consciously blocked someone that needs you? This could be the push you need to get that person right back into your life. Keeping charity in our hearts should always be a priority.

One last note, have you not been kind to yourself? What if the person asking for money in your dreams really represented… you?

Do you need to pay more attention to your own life right now? What is happening financially? Do you need to buckle down?

angel guide messages

What Does It Mean To Dream Of Money In An Envelope?

Dreaming of an envelope full of money hints that you might be receiving some actual cash in real life. Try to look to see who gifted it to you or was writing was on the actual envelope. Are there any clues?

This is actually another great sign from your angel guides.

winning while sleeping

Dream of Winning Money

This is another great dream to have! If you dream of winning money from slot machines, coin machines, during a card game, or during a bet, it all translates into a positive feeling. Winning is awesome, right?

It’s all about joy and happiness – are you feeling this in real life? Do you feel like you are winning? Keeping this energy and holding onto it in real life will attract MORE of the same energy. So, expect lots of great opportunities coming your way in the near future.

Dream about Stealing Money

Dreaming about stealing money is not always the best. What do you feel like you are missing in your life? What are you forcefully taking?

Do you feel taken advantage of in real life? So much in fact that you have to TAKE what you think is YOURS? Do you feel like you aren’t being compensated fairly at work?

What are your spirit guides attempting to tell you? Have you been able to break down your thoughts further after reading these assessments?