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Dreaming of Birds: What It Means to See a Bird in a Dream

Dreaming of birds typically represents wealth and good fortune. Birds are spiritual messengers that can reveal signs of enlightenment and future development in your life.

dreaming of birds

By nature, birds are the definition of a free spirit. These beautiful creatures have the capability to fly high and enjoy the limitless sky. When you watch a bird in their natural state, does it bring you peace? Joy? Because of this, dreaming of birds usually has a positive connotation in dreams.

Dreaming of Birds: What It Means to See a Bird in a Dream

However, like with every dream interpretation, it truly does depend on your situation. How the dream unfolds will truly determine the message. Let’s take a closer look at what it all means for you.

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bird dream meaning

What does a bird mean in a dream?

Most dream symbols can have more than one meaning because it’s not about the bird in your dream… it’s more about what is happening with the bird. There are many questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Was the bird peacefully reacting with you?
  • Were you just watching it flying around?
  • Was it attacking something?
  • Was the bird being harmed?
  • Were you running away from it?
  • Did you feel threatened in any way?
  • Was it guiding you towards something?
  • Did it bring you a message or an object? What was that object?

Typically, birds represent freedom, love, harmony, and adventure. Dreaming of them represents that you are ready to break free and to explore. Take flight and hit the road!

Do you have big dreams right now? Are you filling up with WISHES that you cannot wait to accomplish? Are you ready to leave the nest? A bird dream meaning typically centers around moving towards a new journey and a … liberation. It’s a wonderful thing.

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flocks of birds dream

Let’s quickly go over some common bird dreams:

  1. If you dream of being surrounded by birds, this is a dream about being overwhelmed in life. You might be dealing with a great deal of anxiety or avoiding real-life problems. What worries are you carrying?
  2. If you see a bird’s nest in a dream, this relates to your home. You must analyze the state of the nest. Was it a place of refuge for you? Did it feel safe? Was it too tiny? Empty? Did you feel safe there? Was it a mess?
  3. If you see birds flying and that is the main focus of your dream, then it’s all about freedom. This could be freedom from a thought, a place, a person, yourself! You have freed yourself from guilt! What has changed in your life recently?
spiritual meaning of birds

Spiritual Meaning Of Birds

Birds also have a spiritual meaning and offer a divine message from your spirit guides. Remember, our angel spirit guides always try to find ways to speak to us, and using our dreams is an easy way to do just that.

Birds can represent that you are spiritual developing and growing. You are releasing whatever blocks you had in place and are able to finally move forward in your life. This is a wonderful sign.

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What does it mean when you dream of a bird in your house?

If you have a dream and see a bird inside your house, do not ignore this message. This is a warning of what’s to come.

A bird trapped in a house inside a dream is often confused, in a panic, rushing and making mistakes. Flapping from one area to the next – hurting themselves and doing whatever they can to escape.

Think about this. Do you desire freedom in your life? Sometimes, when we manifest cages and dream of trapped birds, we feel constricted in our own lives. When we dream of a bird that cannot fly free… we often feel the same way. This could be your anxiety showing.

dreaming of pigeons

Catching a bird in a dream

There are many positive interpretations in regards to why one dreams about catching a bird. They all point towards upcoming incredible achievements.

If you manage to catch a bird in a dream, expect some great luck in your near future. Guess what? The more birds you catch the better.

If you dream of catching birds inside a home, you might be catching up with an old friend. If you are able to catch one with your bare hands, then you will have good luck for a long period of time.

And lastly, if you happen to grab one by the tail, some say that you will have great success in your career. It’s interesting that there are so many different variations of dreaming of birds.

crow meaning

The crow dream meaning

Did a crow appear recently to you in a dream? Dreams about crows can either be good or bad signs. It all depends on the context. Let’s do a deeper dive.

Dreaming of crows can bring up a dark feeling, as they are often associated with death, dark magic, and even bad luck. Any horror movie that you’ve seen revolving some place desolate usually has a crow flying around, right? It’s a symbol we are all too familiar with.

Seeing crows in your dream might scare you at first, but crows can have many meanings. In the end, like all birds, they are really just messengers.

Dreams about crows usually represent a time of transformation. They are trying to tell you that something big is about to happen. You might be in a high-stressed moment of your life, but you will come out bigger and better on the other side.

You are growing. BIG CHANGES will do that to you. Take the crow message with two open arms. Allow them to be your guide and don’t be afraid.

white bird dream meaning

White bird dream meaning

A white bird flying into your dream is often interpreted as a sign of enlightenment. There are good things coming your way! White birds are symbols of your freedom and often times are linked to peace in life.

Are you dealing with some negativity in your life? Seeing a white bird in a dream could also mean that you are ready to leave all negativity behind. You are throwing in the towel and you are rising above anything that is bringing you down. It just isn’t worth the stress and your energy anymore. Peace is a much better place to live.

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good luck analysis

Blue bird dream meaning

When dreaming of birds, the blue bird dream meaning is slightly different. This color of the bird means that you are on the very of receiving some new knowledge from the universe. It means that you are moving on the right path and that your spirit guides approve. This is a great sign!

If you happen to be flying in the sky with the birds during your dream, then that means that you are really putting the work! You feel like things are going your way and you are moving towards great success – but because you are putting in the effort.

spirit guides

Killing a bird in my dream

If you dream of killing a bird in your dream, it might mean that sometimes you are out of control when put in situations. Do you feel that you don’t always have the ability to keep things together? Are you overwhelmed? Your energy is definitely off and needs to be reassessed here.

How are your relationships with other people lately? Are you smothering? Are people positively responding to you?

If you are killing a bird in your dream, you are taking something so small and so innocent and you are manipulating it to show your power. Why?

Dreaming of a dead bird

dream where a bird is dead or dying usually means that something you have wanted or desired is no longer possible. Is there a goal that you haven’t been able to hit? Has a love interest gone away? Did you recently lose a job? You feel defeated about something – what is it?

It could also mean the closing off of a period of your life. Perhaps it’s not that you didn’t accomplish something, but dreaming of a dead bird could mean that something cycled through naturally to a close. Today, could simply be a new beginning.

owls and hawks symbols

What does it mean to dream of an injured bird?

If you happen to see a bird that is injured or has a broken wing, it means that you are stuck in a situation or that you feel deep sorrow for yourself.

Are you drowning in remorse? The injured bird represents the stunted emotions that you are unwilling to face in real life.

What does it mean when you dream about a pigeon?

The pigeon is actually a bird that has a different meaning than any other bird. Oddly enough, if you have a dream about a pigeon then you are dealing with a bit of gossip in your real life.

Are people spreading fake news about your or are you the one with the loose lips? A flock of pigeons or a single pigeon is all about spreading lies and rumors. This is not the greatest symbol in dream analysis.

When dreaming of birds, there are a number of different ways to interpret the results. What was your particular dream about?