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Dreaming Of Dogs? What Does A Black Dog In A Dream Mean

If you find yourself dreaming of dogs, there are many different reasons why it could be happening. Seeing a dog in a dream represents loyalty and friendship while a black dog in a dream means something entirely different. We will break down several scenarios and their interpretations for you today.

dreaming of dogs

Dreaming Of Dogs? What Does A Black Dog In A Dream Mean

Dreaming of dogs can be deciphered in several different ways. The actual dog is somewhat of a stand-in for the people in your life. You need to really assess your current state.

Do you feel accepted right now by your peers and family members? Even if the dog is barking, as long as he is happy, it means that you feel loved.

animal meanings

A friendly dog in a dream represents protection and loyalty. Animal meanings can be interpreted in a few different ways, but this one is actually pretty standard.

Look towards your inner circle. Who do you know that possesses the following qualities: generosity, loyalty, protective? This person IS the dog in your dream.

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black dog in dream

When dreaming of dogs, you always have to try to find the connectivity between the dream state and your actual life. Only you can figure out who you are actually dreaming of. If you find that this is very easy for you to do, you might be claircognizance.

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What Does A Black Dog In Dream Mean?

A black dog, however, should be interpreted differently than other dogs. In a dream, a black dog usually signifies hidden desires, fears, and anxiety.

Think about betrayal – have you been hurt or have you hurt someone recently? Are you depressed? Are negative feelings clouding over your judgment? The black dog in dreams represents all of these feelings and more.

If you ever wake up remembering that you had a black dog in a dream, you must try to face whatever is causing it to appear. Think about your current state of life and address those issues head-on.

The mind is a powerful thing. It tries to help us unravel the emotions that we are trying to avoid. Our spirit guides push us to face fears and pressures that we pretend don’t exist. The black dog – while terrifying – is inevitably there to help.

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dog bite in dream

Dog Bite In Dream

When dreaming of dogs, sometimes a painful occurrence happens. A dog bite in dreams represents someone being mean, unkind, or rude. Is someone being unloyal to you? Do you feel betrayed in real life? How can you connect the pieces?

When dogs attack in dreams – like a dog bite – it is aggressive. It is a very emotional experience and can feel overwhelming! Acknowledge it!

dogs attack dream

Think about this –> When you bite something, you are taking away a piece of it. You have essentially made it unbalanced. The product is now less whole. That is exactly what this dog bite in your dream signifies.

Is there a separation happening right now in your current life? Do you have someone in your life that is trying to leave you? Is someone trying to unbalance something in your life? Are you in the middle of a conflict?

Animal meanings need to be deciphered by the person who experienced them. The only person who knows what you are going through is you. Figure out what the dog bite in your dream actually means and do not WAIT.

Does The Black Dog In Your Dream Have Glowing Eyes?

Some believe that if the black dog in a dream has glowing eyes, then it is the demon or a shapeshifter. Another common term used to describe a black dog would be a hellhound.

hellhound in dream

Hellhounds are usually larger than an average dog and often have large glowing eyes. If you see one of these in your dreams, do not worry. While most think that seeing a Hellhound in dreams is a negative thing, nothing has ever come from such an experience.

Consider it an omen. A thought that someone is looking over you. A supernatural guard dog. They may look scary, but they are just protecting their domain and you just happened to get too close. Hellhounds in dreams never attack.

If you read some online forums, you will see young readers write things like “you’ve sold your soul” or “cover every doorway with salt” and we are here to tell you to not worry about any of that. Just take the hellhound sighting for what it is – a sighting in a dream.

Dreaming of Dogs? Tell Us!

We’ve spoken about sleep paralysis and the old hag before and now we want to hear if you are dreaming of dogs. Make sure you send us a note to tell us all about your visions and we will add it to the post.


Alahna jarman

Monday 8th of March 2021

I had a dream of a cute nice black dog. Than a big white and brown dog that spoke to me and said “you will never be able to scroll again” and tried to kill my baby I had in my dream. What does this mean?


Tuesday 9th of February 2021

I had a dream about a huge black dog with red eyes trying to attack my family and I. I had fought it off but the dream leaves me confused.


Saturday 16th of January 2021

I had a really bad nightmare last night with a huge Hellhound dog that had pitch black fur, red glowing eyes, and sharp teeth. The hellhound fell through a roof and killed me (i won't go into detail because it's very gory). It had arms instead of paws and claws as sharp as a sword, and it had really pointed ears. I found this information helpful but. I felt pain in the dream and when i woke up the pain lasted all day since 6:08 this morning. The time is currently 8:18 and i can still feel the pain, does anyone know what this means? Thank you.