Dreaming Of Jellyfish And Understanding What It Me...

Dreaming Of Jellyfish And Understanding What It Means For You

Dreaming of jellyfish means that you are harboring inner fears and painful memories that you having a hard time releasing. So much in fact that these troubling feelings are emerging while you are asleep.

Dreaming of Jellyfish

These thoughts are overtaking your subconscious mind and making you feel fear, low-self esteem, and an overall sense that you are not good enough. This is one dream symbol you cannot ignore.

But all is not lost! Because depending on how you SEE and EXPERIENCE the jellyfish will truly determine how you should read this spiritual message. After all, with dream interpretation it’s all about the situation and not just the relation.

Let’s go over several different scenarios:

  • Were you stung by a jellyfish in your dream?
  • Did you just see one swimming by?
  • What color was the fish and was the water clear?
  • How did you feel? Were you afraid or did you find the experience calming?

Every one of these questions is pertinent. Self-discovery through dream analysis takes a deeper understanding of the entire sequence.

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stung by a jellyfish

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Getting Stung by A Jellyfish?

Dreaming about jellyfish, in general, can be a warning sign. This can mean someone you trust is about to hurt you or wants to cause you to harm in some way.

Let’s think about how this invertebrate animal operates. At first glance, they are actually quite beautiful. Gorgeous coloring and memsormizing movements will entice anyone to pause and watch… maybe even take a few steps closer to take a peek.

However, the sting is not to be ignored. Some are even deadly. Think about this idea in real life. Have you falsely been drawn into a group of friends only to be disappointed or hurt? Do you feel lied to? Do you feel mistreated?

When you dream about getting stung by a jellyfish, odds are you have been blind sighted. Is someone gossiping about you? Spreading rumors? If not, it might start soon. Consider this a warning sign to take a close look at your INNER circle.

Remember, the jellyfish warning sign is aimed at people you would NEVER think would harm you.  

dreaming about jellyfish

Analyze Your Sting Bruise

  • If you notice no bruising after the sting, expect to have many ups and downs in your life.
  • If you do notice some skin abnormalities – like a blister – consider this a warning. This could result in a life-altering conflict. Something that could change your course forever.

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black jellyfish meaning

Dreaming of A Black Jellyfish

It’s also important to talk about the different colors of jellyfish in your dreams as they each offer up their own symbolism.

Dreaming of a black jellyfish doesn’t relate to sadness or death as one would expect. Traditionally, this color usually translates into mourning. However, a black jellyfish is a blessing!

Think about it – how often have you ever come across something as rare as a black jellyfish? It is unique and often times when you cannot find something in this world, then it is considered a positive sign. So, to dream of something so special is a great sign.

As long as this creature isn’t harming you, expect new beginnings! You are about to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-love. It is your time!

It is time to put 100% of your efforts into something you want and just know that in the end, you will achieve it. Put in the hard work and you will see those results. 

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dream interpretation

Dreaming of A Blue Jellyfish

The color blue means it is time to go easy on yourself. You are doing too much. You need to relax. The weight of the world is on your shoulders and you cannot carry it all right now.

When seeing a blue jellyfish in your dream, remember that it is time to take a true break. This is also a very positive sign because it means that you are a hard worker, but that you are giving yourself more that you can handle at one time.

So, ease up! Yes, you will get there – but give yourself some grace. In good time! It’s time to start working with a better plan. Learn to get organized and make better business decisions. Work with the strengths you have and don’t worry so much about your flaws. You have everything you need inside of you – you just need to focus.

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dreaming of fish

Dreaming of A Baby Jellyfish 

When you think of a baby, what do you think? Besides it being ADORABLE, typically babies are very vulnerable and naive. They’ve just entered the world and don’t really know how to navigate their surroundings.

Use this logic when trying to understand the meaning behind dreaming about baby jellyfish. Seeing one symbolizes that you are having a hard time dealing with what is going on around you and making sense of it all.

Have you been feeling insecure lately? Do you have a firm grip of what’s going on at your job? Do you feel equal in your romantic relationship? Where do you feel lacking? Vulnerable?

Have you fallen victim to a scam lately? This is hard to admit, but seeing a baby jellyfish could be your subconscious admitting that you are still hurt by that moment.

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Dreaming of A Dead Jellyfish

A dead jellyfish in a dream can predict the easing of hardships. Has something been unbearable to deal with lately? Have you been exhausted struggling with an issues and you just couldn’t find your way out of it? Well, seeing a dead jellyfish is a symbol that you might be moving on.

Bad things are releasing from your life which means that you are making way for more positive feelings like – love, friendship, and kindness. Death is not a bad symbol. Consider it a resurrection.


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