Dreaming Of Lions And What That Means For You

Dreaming Of Lions And What That Means For You

Dreaming of lions means that you are internalizing a sense of strength, and courage, even power. The animal is one that symbolizes assertiveness. The king of the jungle! This is your moment to shine.

Are you feeling on top of the world? Do you feel in complete control of your current state? Do you feel like you are the dominating force in your storyline? This is a very fortuitous sign. Some would even call it a gift from our spirit guides.

dreaming of lions

But like all dreams, it truly depends on what the lion is doing, the situation you are in, and how you two are engaging with one another. Let’s break down this lion dream interpretation.

What Does It Mean To Dream About Lions? 

As mentioned, the lion is a symbol of strength, royalty, and a feeling of pride. A lion can be considered majestic… even militant. But there is another trait that cannot be ignored – the protector.

What is the lion doing in your dream?

  • Is the lion sleeping?
  • Is he attacking you? Stalking you?
  • Is he trying to get her own food?
  • Is she protecting her young?
  • Is there a pride that you are watching?
  • Are they just living in the savannah unaware that you are watching?
  • Are they your pets?

If The Lion Is Eating Something

In your dream, if the lion is eating something and not being aggressive to you in any way, it means that any current problems you have will soon disappear.

You are represented as the lion in your dream state, and this angel message is that you are going to find the strength to deal with whatever you have ahead of you – face on.

lion dreams

A Pride Together

If in the dream you find yourself observing the lion with his pride, it means that there is nothing that you can’t handle without your family by your side. There are some tough questions you have to ask yourself.

Have you been ignoring your family lately? Do you need to spend more time at home? Do you feel like you are missing something? Your family means the WORLD TO YOU – that is the message. Go and be with them.

If you are struggling, then it is important for you to recognize that your family is the solution.

Killing a Lion In Your Dream

Killing a Lion In Your Dream

This is an interesting dream. It is not negative or positive. If you kill a large lion in your dream, it means that you have a tough decision ahead of you and that you are about to face it.

There is something that you’ve been avoiding that you KNOW you have to face. There is a huge task up ahead – a crossroad even! The lion is the hard question. By killing it, you finally have built the energy, courage, strength to deal with your LIFE.

It won’t be easy. Imagine having to take this task on in real life. There will be a struggle. You will need to be strategic. But if you were able to actually do the deed in your dream state, then you received a positive message from your spirit guides.

Seeing a Dead Lion In Your Dream

Seeing a Dead Lion In Your Dream

Are you losing your strength? Are you afraid to face something? Do you feel like you have lost a recent battle or that you don’t have the energy to face an upcoming one? Do you feel defeated?

Seeing a dead lion in your dream is not the worst symbol, but it does represent a blockage. You are trapped. You are unable to move forward and deal with a current situation. Is your strength weakening? What do you refuse to face?

One more thought to consider – are you in a situation where you fear for your safety? If this is the case, then you absolutely cannot ignore this message. A dead lion dream means that you are seriously ignoring something.

dreaming of lions fighting

Fighting A Lion While Sleeping

A dream of fighting a lion predicts a challenge or opportunity in your career. But fear not! There will be progress that happens on the other end. We can only grow through conflict.

If you found yourself in a cage, then realize that your future success truly depends on your personal attitude. You are your own block. What are you doing to prevent yourself from freely flowing?

Did you overpower your opponent? Then you will succeed in life. If you lose the battle, then you really need to build up your personal self-esteem and self-worth, because remember – we are in control of our own minds. And if you chose to lose during an internal battle while dreaming of lions, then you thought you deserved it.

dreaming of lions means courage

Seeing A Lion In Dream Represents Courage 

Lions can represent predatory feelings deep inside of you such as aggression, but more times than not they always represent power and courage.

Especially if you find yourself riding one! I haven’t even mentioned that yet. If you are dreaming of lions while riding on its back, then you will be able to face any difficulty in your near future because your self-esteem is on a level 10. You truly believe in yourself right now – as we all should!

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dreaming about lions

Are You Trying To Protect Something? 

Think about the pride. Think about the roles that each member plays. Nobody is ever left behind. A ferocious bunch who are loyal to the end.

If you are surrounded by these majestic creatures and they accept you, it might mean that you feel protected right now in your real life or that you are trying to protect something yourself. Is there someone you love that needs protection?

Have you recently met untrustworthy people? Is your job in jeopardy? Are your affairs in order at home? What is out of balance that you feel you need to step up?

lion protection

What does it mean to dream of a lion protecting you?

If you are dreaming of lions watching guard over you, consider them a representation of your spirit guides. They are protecting you.

It means that someone is watching over you in your real life. You are being taken care of. This is a wonderful sign.

Dreaming of lions outside your house

Similar to the above, if you see lions standing guard outside your house, that means they are there to protect you. You will find many houses have lion statues connected to their gates all across America. Have you ever thought about why?

I am from Queens and I can tell you that I grew up surrounded by lions – all over the place. Lions are protected guardians and seeing them in front of houses as cement figurines was very common. Still is to this very day.

They are also known to bring peace and prosperity – depending on what culture you associate with. Chinese culture, Buddhist cultures, even the good people of Quebec – all have different representations.

being chased while asleep

Are You Being Chased By A Lion In Your Dream? 

Being chased by a lion is a common lion dream scenario. In this dream, a lion spends time hunting you while you run for your life. No matter what you do, you can’t lose him.

This means that you are dealing with a number of inner struggles. What personal problems are you avoiding? What are you not confronting? What are you afraid of right now?

The animal represents your problems and you are literally running away from them.

What does it mean to dream of lion cubs?

Expect big changes in your personal life if you see little cubs while slumbering. Baby cubs mean you might receive a visit from someone unexpected. This connection will fill your heart whole. It could mean a new beginning.

the lion roar

What Does A Lion Roar Mean In A Dream? 

Lastly, we have the roaring lion in a dream. What emotion does a roar make you feel when you hear it at a zoo or in a movie? It’s all about authority, alarm, even a little bit of a threat.

This signifies that your spirit guides are trying to warn you. Something needs to NOT be ignored. You need to WAKE UP!

Prepare yourself for things to come. Stop avoiding the unavoidable. Be WARNED. It’s happening – whatever you have been pretending isn’t. Oh boy – it’s on the way. Dreaming of lions tells you just that.


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