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Dreaming of Mice – Meaning And Interpretations For Your Future

To see a mouse in your dream typically means that you are feeling insignificant in your life. Internally, you are holding onto a sense of fear and submissiveness. There is an ALPHA that is overpowering you and you want to run and hide.

dreaming of mice

When dreaming of mice, one gets a sense of sneakiness and shadows. You don’t want to be seen in the light. You are avoiding big problems. You are stepping away from your day-to-day in an attempt to stay safe, but at what cost?

Let’s go through some questions and try to break down what is happening in your current state:

  • What are you afraid of right now?
  • Are you being bullied?
  • Do you feel insignificant or ashamed?
  • What are you running from?
  • What are you hiding from?
  • Who are you irritated with?
mouse dream meaning

You are the mouse. This much is clear. There may be many reasons why this animal is manifesting itself in your thoughts. Mice and rats could represent a number of things and truthfully, they aren’t ALL negative. Let’s try to break down each scenario. 

Remember, with dreams, it’s all about the scenario you are in. What is the mice/rat doing? Are you holding it? Chasing it? What COLOR is the mice? It all matters when it comes to dream analysis.

mouse in dream

What does it mean when you dream of mice and rats?

Rats or mice in dreams typically indicate pending danger. There might even be a sign that a mistake will be made. Consider them a fair warning.

When we see mice in real life, we are on HIGH ALERT. We need to fix things! Our house has holes. Our house needs attention. Even if we see one running away, it still needs to be addressed.

We need to call in the experts or go to the store and bring in supplies and handle things on our own. Either way, mice get our full attention.

This is very much the case when we are discussing messages from our spirit guides. If you see a mouse, then you should listen. This dream represents an alert! The good news is that action can be taken to avoid any further issues.

Do you feel that someone very close to you is acting differently? In your heart, do you feel warned or threatened? Uncomfortable? Uneasy? That mouse in your dream could be telling you to watch out for that person.

mice dream meaning

What If I Catch A Mouse In My Dream

If you catch mice in your dreams, the story shifts a bit. Catching a mouse means that you might gain something in your near future. Odds are you can look forward to something positive coming up. This is a good sign.

Some say it could even be something as great as the lotto! Or a new position at work. Very fortuitous. Consider this good sign to be on your side.

dreaming about mice in the house

Seeing A Mouse Eating Food In My House

If you see a mouse in your house eating your food, it is a bad omen and it may indicate problems with finances. This creature is taking from you – stealing what is yours and right from under your nose. The dream interpretation is that someone in your life will do the same.

Mice eating as far as dream interpretations goes simply means that you will be taken advantaged of.

Getting scared of mice – again – is a bad sign. It might mean that you are about to embarrass yourself in public. Expect major discomfort during an upcoming event.

This could be at work or in the personal pillars of your life. Be careful about your next few moves. Caution is very important at this point.

dreaming of mice infestation

Surrounded By Rats

Dreaming of a group of mice or rats? This relates to business, specifically. It means that you are about to be overwhelmed at work. There is trouble up ahead in the office – specifically with any business partners you might have.

You might now want to admit this, but this dream interpretation could mean that someone is trying to take your career position or underhand you. Are you feeling this? Do you feel slighted lately at your place of business?

When overwhelmingly surrounded of mice infestation, it hones in on betrayal. There is a chance that this could seep out of the business world and into your personal friendships, as well. You need an energy cleansing and an inner circle reassessment – for sure!

Dreaming Of Mice Destroying Things

If you see mice running in your house and destroying your things it might indicate health problems that you will face. It could even extend to your family members. Keep an eye out for any signs of people that you love beginning to fall ill.

Health issues aren’t always immediately obvious. So, make sure that you pay very close attention to your personal well-being.

mice in your bed

Mice In Your Bed

The thought of this is sickening to me, but if you have a dream where you happen to find some mice in your bed, it could mean that your reputation is in danger. Do you feel like there are people in your life spreading lies about you?

Take a look at your inner circle and even your outer circle – reassess those people you allow into your life. A mouse running across your bed symbolizes that people don’t always have your best interest.

Dreaming Of Black Mice

Having a black mouse in your dream is a bad omen and indicates that you may face problems or get stolen by your family member itself. It also alerts you to be aware of the people around you and keep an eye on their actions. 

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Killing Vs Escaped

Let’s say you try to battle with the rodent in your dream. Depending on the outcome will result in two different things for you. If you catch and kill the rodent in your dream, then you will be able to overcome whatever you are facing in your life. Killing mice means you will take control over issues you have been ignoring.

If you see yourself setting a mouse trap, then that is a great sign. It means that you will make great strides in your real life to work towards fixing issues you know you need to deal with – front and center. The mouse trap represents acknowledgment that you have problems that need addressing.

However, if you try to go head to head with the mice in your dream, unable to defeat them and watch them run away, you won’t be able to manage what is ahead of you in real life. The mice in your dream are your problems.

the white mouse

What does it mean when you dream about a white mouse?

White indicates a good omen in many of the cases. Similarly, here the white mice also indicate that something happy and good is going to happen in your life. 

Usually dreaming of white mice indicates happy marriage, love, and affection from near and dear ones, and all problems get solved with your loved ones. 

What do the mice symbolize?

We’ve gone to great lengths to discuss mice dream interpretations. Overall, as you can see, these little creatures typically symbolize dark secrets, distrust, and in some cases, destruction. Be sure to take your spirit guide’s fair warning and address whatever comes your way.

The mouse dream meaning is basically drilled down to a warning to pull out from the shadows and to address whatever you are ignoring.

dreaming of mice and rats meaning

What About The Standard Grey One?

If you are seeing the typical grey rodent, it might mean that you don’t have a lot of love for yourself. How do you view yourself? Meek and bland? Do you feel like you just blend in with the crowd? Do you wish that you were a little bit … more? Even though you would never admit that to anyone else out loud?

A grey mouse represents someone that wants to escape themselves but feels trapped… wishing they were just a little bit more.

Overall, a dream about mice should be interpreted as a warning. Stay alert. Figure it out! What is it that you are running from? Afraid of? Hiding from? It matters. Don’t live like this.

Have you ever had a dream about mice and rats? Then let us know in the comments below. 


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