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Dreaming Of Spiders? Are You Being Manipulated?

Have a fear of spiders? You don’t need to be afraid of them to find yourself dreaming of spiders at night. Most times, people who have such dreams are being manipulated in their real lives. This symbol represents the need to refocus and regroup.

dreaming of spiders

Arachnophobia is a common fear shared by many people in this world. In fact, I’d argue that most have a slight fear of these 8-legged creatures to some degree. However, in dreams, it’s important to really stop and pay attention to every detail and not try to run away. The answers from your spirit guides are always in the details.

Many people dream about eggs, others dream about ice cream, and yet you will still find a few that dream about jellyfish. Each dream means something entirely different! Today, let’s break down what it means when you see spiders in a dream.

spider dream meaning

Spider Dream Meaning

Spiders can have both positive and negative meanings, provide luck or no luck at all, guide you towards love or tell you it’s time to work on your anxiety. This is truly such a complex dream symbol to analyze.

Common Dreams About Spiders

It’s not just about seeing a spider while sleeping. To dream of a spider is one thing, but it’s the situation that really matters. Every individual dream has a different meaning. Here are just a few examples of the most common scenarios most people dream up:

  • Dreams about killing spiders
  • Dreaming about giant or white spiders
  • Dreams about a weaving spider
  • Dreaming about spiders biting you
  • Saving a spider in a dream
  • Seeing a lot of spiders
seeing a giant spider

Seeing A Giant Spider

What if you’ve come across a giant spider in your dream? Giant spider dreams represent the fact that you are ignoring something big and you’ve been doing it for a long time.

You cannot do this anymore. It is… coming to get you. It is unavoidable. Because this issue is something that you now have to face, you will notice big changes in your life. Take this sign as a true WARNING to start paying attention to yourself.

A Spider Web And Good Luck

There is a situation where it all symbolizes good luck and good fortune and that’s when you dream of a spider spinning a web. If you should see this, then you will soon find security and happiness in your home.

If the spider web is detailed and beautiful – a sight to see – then their artistic creativity represents your ability as well. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Do you like to express yourself?

There might be a venture coming up where you will be able to express your craft over the next few weeks. Get ready for it!

dream of spider web

If There Is Poison Involved

If you have a sense that the breed of spider you see is poisonous and life-threatening, then there is something in your life that is putting you at risk.

  • Substance Abuse and Addiction
  • Abusive Relationship
  • Toxic Environments

This person or habit is so unhealthy that it has manifested into a negative creature that can literally kill you. Really be honest about what is happening in your life.

Dreams About Lots of Spiders

If you have visions of lots of little spiders in a dream, this is also considered a lucky sign and it pertains specifically to your love life. New changes are on the horizon for you.

Could this mean a new relationship? Taking a new step? Making a big move? No matter what it is – it’s GREAT NEWS.

Baby spiders represent wonderful things are coming your way in love, so be happy if you see this in your mind’s eye.

KIlling One By Yourself

If you happen to manage to kill a spider on your own, then it means that you are ready to finally face your fears. You’ve reached the point in your life where you are ready to face your demons.

Spiders represents something very scary for most people and for people who actually are able to dispose of one, it is a huge accomplishment. Consider it a win.

dream dictionary spiders

What If Someone Else Is Killing A Spider?

When someone else is doing the killing, then this represents that you have a protector in your life. You must feel like someone in your life is around you serving that very purpose. Can you define who that is?

Black Spider Dream Meaning

Generally, seeing a black spider in your dream is tied to sorrow and pain. Expect future upsets and possible mishaps over the next few weeks.

Dreaming of a White Spider

The white spider is not your typical representation when one thinks of this animal and it actually represents happiness and success. This falls under every pillar of your life. Expect great luck over the next few weeks. A very positive omen!

dreams about lots of spiders

Hanging Over Head

What if you find yourself surprised by one right over-head. Dangling from above? What if a spider comes almost too close for comfort and scares you?

The truth is that you are way too anxious in your real life and you need to work on some strategies to help calm you down. If you suffer from anxiety, you need to address it. Seek therapy.

Biting Spiders’ Dreams

If you dream a spider is eating you or biting you, this is also a symbol for grief and anxiety. What is eating you in real life? What is swallowing you whole – emotionally?

What is something you are too afraid to face right now in your real life? It is time to address your feelings – the ones you’ve been ignoring for too long.

rescue vs kill

Rescue Vs. Kill

When faced with a scary spider, did you decide to rescue it instead of killing it in your dream? This is a true reminder to be kinder to yourself. It is also a reminder from your spirit guides to consider all parties involved when coming up with future solutions. It’s not just about you.

What Do Spiders Mean Biblically?

There are actually two different meanings when referring to the bible:

  • If you were to take a negative connotation, it means that you are feeling either trapped or hopeless. Do you feel like you are in something that you cannot escape?
  • If you were to take a positive spin, it means that you are patient and pay attention to detail. Are there goals that you hope to accomplish that you don’t mind working towards?

Being Chased

Again, just as in real life, if you are being chased in your dreams then odds are that you are running away from something in real life. Out of all the dream analysis symbols that we’ve written about – the spider is the most literal.

What are you running from?