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Everything You Need to Know About the Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Gettysburg Ghost Tours are very popular attractions to consider if you plan on visiting Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and are fans of the paranormal. As you know, Gettysburg is a popular destination for a ghost walk considering its rich history filled with war and trauma.

Everything You Need to Know About the Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Haunted Gettysburg has a lot to offer to the supernatural traveler. From Gettysburg battlefield tours to ghost tours to ghost hunting, there’s something for people interested in the paranormal to experience. Today, we will share everything you need to know about Gettysburg ghost tours. 

Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Gettysburg Ghost Tours Costs

Most of these supernatural tours will run you around $20 per adult ticket and offer discounts for children. Some also allow you to purchase or rent the use of ghost hunting equipment to bring along on the tour should you be looking for a more immersive experience. 

Things To Consider For Families On A Gettysburg Haunted Tour

Families are welcome to attend the majority of the Gettysburg ghost tours and walks. In fact, most of the options we found online were family-friendly and welcomed people of all ages. Some even allow pets! Furry babies are family too, after all.

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What To Expect On The Supernatural Walks

The essential idea for tourists that sign up for these ghost walks is to speak to the Gettysburg ghosts that locally died in the region. The guide will bring their tour group to the spots that most ghosts have been encountered in an attempt to repeat the sighting.

Be warned – there are two different types of tours in this region. Some walks are centered around ghost hunting while others focus on the history and educational aspects. You must make sure that you research which type you sign up for because you might disappoint yourself if you want one and get the other.

Are The Ghost Tour Gettysburg Year-Round?

Some of the Ghost Tour Gettysburg gatherings are functional all year, such as some of the candle-lit night time ghost walks. It depends on the tour itself.

Most give you information online about their hours and days of operation. See below for specific options.

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Are Any Options Indoors?

Some of the ghost tour Gettysburg walks will bring you inside of buildings or locations which are known to be popular ghost spots. However, most supernatural walks stay outdoors and bring the groups to multiple areas through the tour.

Please note – you can also find some options that provide a bus as transportation. Personally, these are my favorite because… I’m lazy.  

BattleField Visits During The Best Gettysburg Ghost Tours

If you are wondering what you will visit while on one of these Gettysburg tours, yes – you will probably come across a battlefield. While each tour has its own unique view on the town and the ghosts, a Gettysburg walk would not be complete without a battlefield trip.

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This is not the only notable location to visit. Consider that there are also museums, haunted houses and bars/restaurants also worth visiting. Your guide will direct you.

Some Interesting Features Of
Haunted Gettysburg Tours

Some tours have interesting features or add ons included in your ghost walk. Many allow you to actually go on a ghost hunt and walk you through the process of that. Some even make the investigation into a DVD for you to watch again! 

Overall, there’s a lot to know and to learn about the Gettysburg paranormal activity. Hopefully, this gives you a starting idea on what you can experience and what to expect for one of the amazing and interesting Gettysburg, PA ghost tours.

There truly is something for anyone of any age and interest in this topic. I hope this helps you get an idea of these tours for a current itinerary or your next ghostly adventure.

Ghost Tour Gettysburg Guides To Consider:

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Are You Ready For Your Haunted Gettysburg Adventure?

Are you planning a trip down to Pennslyvania? Looking forward to a haunted Gettysburg adventure? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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