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Is There A Ghost Cat In My House? Warning Signs

Are you feeling a ghost cat in your house and wondering if a cat spirit is haunting your home? You aren’t alone.

ghost cat

More often than not, this supernatural force tends to not want to leave once they are supposed to cross over. So what can you do if you find an animal ghost in your house?

Is there a ghost cat in my house

Is There A Ghost Cat In My House? Warning Signs

There are several signs to look out for when trying to figure out if there is an animal ghost nearby. In fact, the signs a spirit around you are pretty easy to understand.

How To Tell If There Is A Spirit Around You

Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether there is a spirit around you. This should help you figure out what that eerie feeling really means:

  • Are your ears ringing? Do you hear a high-tone pitch that you cannot naturally pinpoint to something in your environment?
  • Do you feel anxious for no reason at all?
  • Has the room temperature changed at all? Did it get colder all of a sudden?
  • Are items that you love starting to go missing and then reappearing out of nowhere?
  • How is the electricity in your house? Is it flickering? Is anything unusual?
  • Do you feel like you are being watched?
  • Do you randomly feel like you are being touched? A purr across your leg? Don’t dismiss these small feelings.
  • Are your clocks stopping on the same time over and over again? This doesn’t happen on digital clocks. So, this sign is harder to tell.

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Weird Cat Outside

How To Tell If A Ghost Cat Is Haunting Me?

A ghost cat has slightly different questions you need to ask yourself. While all of the above haunting signs still ring true, these are additional things you must look out for.

Usually, when you are being haunted by a ghost cat, you will find that other weird cats outside will begin to collect. They can sense the abnormal energy that has manifested and you know what they say about curiosity. Look for a weird cat outside whenever you are feeling that strange feeling and see if you can make the connection.

You might even begin to see the dead cat in your dreams. There is no solid way to confirm that this is the cat that is actually haunting you, but if you begin to see random cats in your dreams, you should write down as many details as you can in your journal to document your journey.

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You might begin to think that a cat follows me wherever I go. That’s completely normal. This, again, is their intuitive nature picking up the fact that you have an animal ghost in your house haunting you.

There’s also the tell-tale sign of hearing weird cat noises wherever you go. Sometimes, they are reserved just to your home. Other times, the spirit animal attaches itself to you and is able to travel as you travel.

So, be prepared to hear weird cat noises – anywhere and any time.

How Long Can A Spirit Stay With Me?

This is a tough question – how long can a spirit stay with me? YIKES! It could be a few weeks or it could be years. It all depends on what they need out of this current life. What are they trying to fix? What hole are they closing up?

When it comes to ghost cats, odds are they just want to continue living their life in a non-threatening way. So, let’s just say you have a ghost cat in your house… unless they are physically harming you, is it really a big deal? That is something you have to answer on your own.

You might also want to take note of the activity that is occurring. Are the movements repeating over and over again? You might have yourself a residual haunting.

Pet Ghost

Do I Want A Pet Ghost?

You can look at this situation one of two ways. It could be absolutely horrifying and you will spend all of your time researching ways to remove the animal spirit from your house or you could accept the fact that you have a pet ghost.

Is having a pet ghost such a bad thing? As long as they aren’t violent and just want to take up space in their own dimension, we say… let them live their non-lives.

So, when you tell your friends, “hey! I have a ghost in my house but it’s a ghost cat,” people will tell you that you’re crazy. We know it. We’ve heard it all. But show them the proof in the pudding.

Don’t be afraid to own up to the fact that this is actually happening to you. Before you know it, I am sure that your friends will be feeling spirits presence just like YOU and then you can take a breath because someone else believes you.

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Next Steps For My Animal Ghost

If you are ready to admit that this is actually happening, then start documenting everything that is happening around you, do not use a ouija board because… it’s a cat, stay open to all the experiences that you are about to encounter and take lots of pictures so you can try to photograph white orbs.

There’s nothing wrong with having a ghost in your house as long as it isn’t violent and you aren’t scared. How will you approach this situation? The choice is yours.


Wednesday 19th of May 2021

As always, check your carbon monoxide levels before assuming hauntings of any kind, you can google for some really wild horror stories about what it can do to your cognition, but yeah, we have a ghost cat, and she's very sweet. Just jumps on the bed from time to time, even when I'm not in it to sleep. It was scary at first but she means no harm, and I figure she keeps worse things away. Sometimes she scares the snot out of me if she's really vigorous that night, but she can't help that. My live cats scare me all the time too.


Wednesday 30th of December 2020

I have a cat named kyo and I had a cat named pablo that ran away on my car journey moving from east coast to west coast. For the longest time I have had dreams about homeless cats coming to my house. Sometimes Its one or two new cats sometimes it’s like 20 cats of different ages sizes, color and health condition. Every since I moved to Santa Clarita apartments I kept hearing this wailing cat at night time. No one could hear it until I would hear it and I would put the volume down or I would drag people to a window to hear it. It was A terrifying screaming. Like the cat is sick or very sad or possessed. One time I heard the cat coming down the street like it was close. I grabbed my boyfriend and ran out the door to find myself making eye contact with this cat. After that eye contact... I never heard the cat again. but now there are a few haggard cats coming to my apartment randomly. A few months ago I adopted a knee kitten named Haru. So I have an old cat a new cat currently. I put food out sometimes. I still have these dreams and last night I had a dream where cats and even stray dogs started coming too... Anyway I woke up in the morning and I wanted to go back to sleep so I put an eye mask cuz it was bright. Then I heard a cat like meow that did not sound like my cats and it was scratching itself. I dubbed it as my older cat just coming into my room.. but I remember thinking I usually hear my cats collar little bell ring when scratching. Maybe 5 minutes later I hear it again and I don’t hear the bell. I take my mask off and run to find my cats and they’re sound asleep like they wouldn’t be moving and they were not anywhere close to where I heard the scratching. I don’t mind they’re to be a spirit but I just want to know why and how I can help them. Should I talk to them and invite them to be petted? the thing is sometimes they or it scares my older cat (6 years old) I know my house has good energy but they seem to be very drawn to me and invade my dreams literally in crowds.