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7 Ghost Hunting Apps That Will Connect You With The Spirit World

There are ghost hunting apps currently on the market that can help you connect with the spiritual world in a seamless way. Nowadays, all you really need is your phone and a wifi signal to begin a paranormal adventure.

ghost hunting apps

Long gone are the days of needing expensive ghost hunting equipment to prove that spirits exist.

What are some ghost hunting apps that are available right now? There are brands like Ghost Hunting Tools, Ghostcom, Ghost Detector, Spirit Board, and iOvilus.

As a reminder, professional ghost hunting tools will always log better results, but you will still be able to document paranormal activity with your smartphone.

Whatever your reason is – whether it’s because you’ve just lost a loved one or you simply have a curious mind – these spiritual apps will allow you to communicate with the beyond.

Ghost Hunting Tools

Available in Apple Store and Google Play

ghost hunting tool

Ghost Hunting Tools is a free app equipped with an electromagnetic field fluctuation detector (EMF meter), Electronic Voice Phenomena detection (EVP), and a word interpreter. 

This equipment allows the app to detect a presence, record noises using the microphone of your smartphone, and interpret the intention into words that have the closest meaning to what the spirit wants to tell you.  

The developer of this app, Sven Camrath, wrote in its description that the purpose of this application was entertainment, hence it’s not real. But that’s what they are supposed to say since there isn’t a category for a real ghost hunting app.

Check the reviews for chilling stories of users who learned not to doubt paranormal activity. However, you might want to try it somewhere away from your house, as you don’t know which ghost will answer your call. Otherwise, they might stay in your house. 

Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector

Available in Apple Store and Google Play.


Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector is another free app that detects a spirit presence. But it’s different from the Ghost Hunting Tools app in several ways. 

This app still shows the messages from ghosts, but it also shows you their emotional state, sex, zodiac sign, and more. With this information, you don’t have to engage with a ghost who is angry and who might harm you. 

This ghost hunting app also shows the location of a spirit and its distance from you. 

The developer of the application, Michael Vokes, warns that the app contains scary graphics and audio effects. It might not be suitable for you if you get scared easily. 

Ghost Detector – Haunted Radar

Available in Apple Store and Google Play

Ghost Detector

The Ghost Detector – Haunted Radar app is more suitable for you if you don’t want to receive any messages from spirits and you just want to see if there is a paranormal presence around you. 

It’s a free app that has a simple scale that points out the minimum to maximum paranormal activity. If there is a strong ghost presence, the scale arrow will move to the red zone.

If no spirit was detected, the arrow will be in the yellow zone. It’s easy-to-use and less spooky since you don’t have to engage in a conversation with the spirits.

Spirit Board (very scary game) 

Available in Apple Store and Google Play.

spirit board

The Spirit Board is basically an ouija board on your phone. You can ask your questions by voicing them or typing them. 

There are three important things to remember while using the app. You have to always start with the question, “Is anyone there?”. You have to keep your finger on the planchette at all times. And every time you open communication with a ghost, you have to close it by clicking Goodbye. 

Is it just a scary game or something more? I guess you’ll just have to decide for yourself. 

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Ghost Radar®: CLASSIC

Available in Apple Store only. 

radar spirit

The Ghost Radar: Classic is a free app worth checking out because it doesn’t waste your time with misleading information. It analyzes readings and gives you an indication of a presence only when an interesting pattern appears.

There are three versions of Ghost Radar – Classic, Connect, and Legacy. The Connect version costs $1.99, and Legacy is free, just like the Classic app. These three versions aren’t that different from each other, but the paid version offers more features, of course. 

Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder 

Available in Apple Store and Google Play for $2.99.

Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder

The Ghost Tracker EMF EVP Recorder is a paid application that uses an electromagnetic field detector, motion/vibration detector, and electronic voice phenomena to check if there is a spiritual presence around you. 

To be able to use the app, you have to make sure that your phone has magnetometer and accelerator senses, which most Android devices and Apple products do.  

The developer of this application is LaxTon Ghost Sweden, a Swedish paranormal investigation team. They recorded a video tutorial on how to use their app. If after having watched the video, you still have questions, you can check their FAQ section.

They also have video recordings of their investigation processes, ghost pictures, and stories. If you want to become a ghost hunter, you might find this information extremely useful.  


Available in Apple Store for $1.99. 

iOvilus app

The iOvilus app is a digital version of an Ovilus tool. It’s based on Instrumental Trans Communications that are designed to help you communicate with something outside our material world. 

The app speaks words that reflect what the spirit wants to say. You might think that the words are just random, but the developer of this app, Digital Dowsing LLC, claims that the app doesn’t use random word generators.

Whether you believe them or not, it’s up to you, but before you make a decision, you should try it out. 

These seven applications for your smartphone will help you during your ghost hunting adventures. But be careful with these apps and don’t overuse them. Some ghosts don’t like to be disturbed or hunted. Be sure to respect that.