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What Ghost Equipment Do You Need In Your Ghost Hunting Kit?

“If you don’t have it, you can’t do it.”

This statement is often heard in a ghost investigation. Everything from finding ghosts (ghost hunting equipment), to communicating with them (EMF meters, voice recorders), and even just viewing the residue left behind by their energetic presence (IR cameras) all depend on having the right ghost hunting equipment.

ghost hunting kit

What ghost equipment do you need?

First, think about what it is that you want to accomplish with ghost hunting. For example, if your sole purpose for ghost hunting is to take pictures of ghosts like orbs or apparitions then an infrared camera would be a vital piece of equipment to have in your kit. You’d also need an EMF meter, voice recorder, and photographic equipment.

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There are really two ghost hunting camps: the Technicians and the Investigators. The Technicians ghost hunts with a tool kit filled with gadgets such as cameras, video recorders, thermometers, etc., to try to sense a spirit or collect meaty evidence.

The Investigators are ghost hunters who want to find ghosts by talking with them and learning what they are experiencing. They use ghost hunting equipment as a means to an end – not the end itself.

However, there is ghost hunting equipment that works for both groups (Investigators and Technicians). For example, a digital voice recorder will serve multiple purposes.

Of course, you cannot head out for a night of adventure without a good flashlight – one that can vary its output from very dim to very bright and one that runs on batteries in case the power goes out. No ghost hunter should ever set foot in a haunted house without one.

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It is important to be very specific in ghost hunting equipment needs as ghost hunting equipment can add up quickly. Start with a simple ghost hunting kit and build from there. You can start off by using:

  • handheld infrared thermometer
  • ghost photography and video recording ghost gadgets
  • digital voice recorder
  • flashlight
  • EMF reader
  • infrared camera

As you become more proficient at ghost hunting, you will learn what ghost hunting equipment works best for you and your ghost hunting group.

Why Do I Need An Infrared Camera?

An IR camera is a camcorder that can detect elements like heat and cold. You can purchase an IR camera or make one by converting regular video cameras into IR video cameras, which use energy from the infrared spectrum of light to capture images and view them with special equipment.

emf meter

What is an EMF Meter?

An EMF meter is ghost hunting equipment that measures electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are present all around us and can be caused by electric currents flowing through wires, radio waves, or even ghost (spirit) energy resulting from the ghost’s emotional state.

What are some Must-Have Ghost Hunting Cameras?

There are ghost hunting cameras and ghost photography ghost equipment that make ghost hunting more successful. Start with a regular digital camera for basic ghost hunt photos, but as you become proficient at ghost photography, you may want to purchase an infrared (night vision) or thermal camera.

Before ghost hunting, take special note of the EMF meter readings in the room. Then ghost hunt with either an infrared ghost camera or a thermal ghost camera. Check the EMF meter readings again, and if they have changed significantly then take ghost photography.

This is called ghost hunting with Evidence Collection in Mind (ECM). ECM ghost hunters want to collect photos with high EVPs (Electronic voice Phenomenon) and videos with orbs.

If ghost hunting for scientific purposes, then it is important to start off hunting for ghost energy first, then use your photography skills to capture the evidence on film or on video. It is best if you can view a thermometer or EMF reader during your photography sessions. What this will do is give you an idea of when the energy is high.

Use a rangefinder on your ghost hunting camera as well! Look at the objects in the photos with a ruler afterward and correlate these against real-world distances. This way you will know if any orbs or apparitions are actually ghost energy.

What Is A Geiger Counter?

A Geiger counter is equipment used to measure levels of radiation. It is often used in ghost hunts to detect radioactive ghost energy. If you are at a location known for hauntings, and the Geiger counter registers a paranormal presence, then this is most likely ghost radiation. Radiation can do many things such as cause ghost burns (where there are no visible cuts), create cancers on humans, disturb animals, and display ghost orbs.

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Other Must Have Tools

There are even more hunting tools to consider adding to your ghost hunting kit. Things like:

  • IR flashlights
  • motion detectors
  • DVRs (Digital ghost video recorders)
  • IR illuminators
  • Geiger ghost detectors
  • ghost energy detectors
  • ghost flash photography ghost equipment
  • thermal ghost cameras
  • full spectrum ghost imaging ghost equipment
  • spirit boxes
  • dowsing rods
  • moon phones ghost hunting ghost equipment
  • ghost energy field detectors
  • ghost radiation ghost detectors
  • ghost high frequency sensor ghost equipment

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