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10 Ghost Hunting Training Courses To Enroll In Today

Looking to take a ghost hunting training course online or in-person and don’t know where to begin? Here’s a look at some of the best offerings for paranormal investigators looking to fine-tune their skills.

Ghost Hunting Training Courses

What ghost hunting training courses are available to you right now? Paranormal classes from credited universities like Ohio State and the University at Arkansas as well as online training from Good Journey and Appalachian Ghost Walks.

Here’s a breakdown of the links and information you need to start your supernatural education.

Paranormal Investigation 101 – Offered By Universal Class

This course is designed to give you a deeper insight into the world of paranormal investigation. If you are a skeptic but possess an open mind, you will discover that paranormal investigation is similar to the process of forensic investigation.

Paranormal Classes with Sherri Brake – Offered By THe Ohio State Reformatory

Sherri Brake has instructed Paranormal & Metaphysical classes for nearly 18 years at various colleges, former prisons, community centers & libraries.

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Ghost Hunter Training Classes Offered By Good Journey

This is a hands-on 1 and/or 2 day course that will teach you everything you need to become a certified paranormal investigator. From talking to clients to what equipment you will need to get started,as well as how to use most of the equipment you have seen on the popular TV shows, all the way through going over the evidence you collected.

Ghostology 101 Offered By Appalachian Ghost Walks

The Ghost Hunter and Dowsing Certification Training Class is a two-day seminar where you will learn both basic as well as advanced ghost hunting techniques that will bring you solid, irrefutable results in your study of both homes and businesses in your area.

Ghost Hunting 101: How to Be a Paranormal Investigator

In this exciting 4 week course, we’ll cover different types of hauntings, and the really cool equipment used to discover them.

Diploma in Practical Ghost Hunting and Scientific Analysis

This course gives you a practical and useable knowledge of ghost hunting and paranormal research which is invaluable when conducting your own paranormal investigations or as part of a group event.

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Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series

Attend fascinating classes in one of the nation’s oldest paranormal education events. Classes, ranging from three to six hours, are held every September and October in the Reno area.

3-Hour Ghost Hunt Class

Want to learn to hunt for ghosts and experience the paranormal? On this guided hunt, you will learn how to use ghost hunting equipment from paranormal guides, take great photographs and recognize paranormal activity, all within the historic and eerie Missouri State Penitentiary!

Ghost Hunting From The University At Arkansas

The United States is haunted by the ghosts of many dead Americans—or, perhaps, by intimations of a past that refuses to stay hidden even as the country tries to forget. This Honors College Signature Seminar will explore the history and practice of ghost hunting in the United States, looking specifically at what the efflorescence of paranormal research in America can tell us about intersecting topics like gender, race, class, and social memory during the 21st  century. 

Ghost Hunter Certification Course

Interested in learning about spirits and how to communicate with them? Have an interest in ghost research and investigating haunted locations? Become a Certified Ghost Hunter (CGH)!