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Am I Hearing Ghost Noises? What Sounds Can Ghosts Make?

Hearing ghost noises during the night? Curious to figure out whether or not that strange noise you heard was actually something a sound a ghost could make? Let’s break down all the different noises a spirit can work up and the meanings behind them.

ghost sounds

When a spirit tries to communicate with us, they can use a variety of different methods. Their strength and temperature with determine the method. It is up to us to listen for these clues.

Most people who aren’t plugged into the paranormal and the supernatural might not even pick up on some of the more subtle communications – like spirit knocking for example. But if you have a connection or if you live in a place that is electrically charged, you might not be able to avoid what they want you to receive.

Am I Hearing Ghost Noises? What Sounds Can Ghosts Make?

spirit knocking

Spirit Knocking

We’ve discussed in detail ways that spirits like to manifest. Sometimes we can see them as orbs in pictures and other times they show up as shadow people. However, they don’t always have the strength to manifest.

That’s where spirit knocking comes into play. As you know, a spirit might stick around for many years after death and this is one of the most popular ways for them to communicate.

Ghost noises are a very simple yet effective way for them to grab our attention. Spirit knocking is a disturbance to our everyday routine. We are sitting in silence or even sleeping and then all of a sudden – BAM! Random loud noise!

Ghost or spirits also tend to knock on doors because they want to come inside. They could be stuck in a routine from their past life. If you keep hearing the same ghost knock over and over again, you might have yourself a residual haunting.

Here is another scenario – let’s say a spirit lived somewhere many years ago and since then, the structure has been rebuilt. Now, new walls and a new layout has been defined. The walls are in the way from what they are used to – their usual WALK. Ghost knocks could be their way to represent confusion!

What is this wall doing here? Right in the middle of the hallway? Wasn’t this a hallway once? They could just be trying to do what they normally did and now are confused? Trying to live their old life and are now stuck.

A spirit knocking might not be about you at all. It could just be about an old routine that has been messed up.

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3 knocks meaning

I Keep Hearing 3 Knocks

There are a few scary tales around 3 knocks. The number 3 relates to the holy trinity. When you watch horror movies, they say that anything relating to the number three is a big SCREW YOU to the Holy Father.

So, if you are hearing 3 knocks, it’s evil. It’s the opposite of the sign of the cross. These ghost noises signify terror, death, even a warning of future death.

So, if we are to follow this train of thought, you should expect to receive horrible news. This is a bad omen from a bad spirit.

But… don’t go crazy about it. Think about when you knock on a door. Don’t you knock three times? I do.

It’s just a force of habit. If we knock three times while we are alive, doesn’t it make sense that we would do the same thing in our after life?

I found a video from an empath on YouTube that explains hearing 3 knocks isn’t always evil. Please watch it to learn more about these ghost noises.

I Keep Hearing 4 Knocks From Spirits

If you hear any other sequence of spirit knocking – specifically 4 knocks because that is the second most frequently listed number documented – just know that spirit is trying to send you a message. It’s all about getting your attention.

Knocks like this can often be simple messages from someone you love. Who has recently departed from your life? Perhaps they just want to let you know that they are doing great and that you shouldn’t worry about them.

We all watch a lot of horror movies, but it isn’t always The Conjuring! Not all ghost noises are demonic.

What Kind Of Spirit Growls?

Well, spirit growls are a horse of a different color. Spirit growling is not friendly and these noisy ghosts definitely want to be noticed and they want to scare you.

spirit growl

Usually, these types of spirits have the ability to move things around and manipulate their physical environment. So, if you are hearing spirit growls, odds are you are also hearing very loud knocking sounds, witnessing your lights turning on and off, and even dealing with your doors slamming.

These types of disturbances are a slow boil – meaning that things don’t always kick off with a huge bang. You might start to notice lights flickering for a few days and then a door slowly moving, a pot misplaced, and then before you know it, you’re trying to figure out how to make your own holy water!

If you hear spirit growls, you really shouldn’t ignore it. It could turn into a very dangerous and harmful situation. Honestly, in this scenario, you will find that the spirit will eventually try to attach itself to you.

You might be dealing with a demon or a very evil entity that is set out to hurt you. Scary ghost sounds are a warning and definitely feel that way.

types of ghost sounds

Different Types Of Ghost Sounds:

In the paranormal universe, there are a variety of ghost sounds that you can witness. Which one you will face will determine who you have in your house. Energy + Strength + Situation = Ghost Sound.

Let’s walk through several different ghost noises scenario and break down the who, what, and whys.

Moving Objects – Noisy ghosts are usually associated with moving objects. This is very typical behavior! Look out for:

  • Chairs being dragged across the floor
  • Objects falling off end tables and breaking
  • Cabinets opening
  • Picture frames dropping
  • Doors shutting and opening
  • Inanimate objects slightly shifting
  • Personal items going missing

You won’t have an explanation for any of these ghost noise occurrences… until you do. In the beginning, you won’t SEE any of this activity, you will just HEAR it.

moaning ghost sound

Moaning – Some ghosts are stuck in a loop of suffering. That’s why it is very common to hear moaning. They are suffering.

Again, if you hear the same type of noise over and over again without any real change, you might have yourself a residual haunting – which means it’s more of an imprint of someone’s past life.

But odds are that these ghosts that died … died with regret/remorse and are punishing themselves while remaining trapped in limbo. You just happened to be caught in the crossfire listening to their ghost moaning while trying to get some sleep.

Ghost Cries – As discussed, ghost cries feel a lot like moaning and represent suffering. Their life was probably filled with pain and anguish.

Did they die a horrible death? Are they trapped at that moment? Did you know that hearing a ghost crying is actually one of the most common sounds? HOW SAD!

Don’t you feel bad for these tortured spirits? A ghost crying means they are living out eternity sad and suffering.

spirit tapping

Ghost Tapping – In movies, we usually deal with huge and large bangs. We love the BIG scary ghost sounds moments, right? But odds are, you will get a lot more ghost tapping than anything else. They don’t have a lot of energy and light tapping takes less from them to do.

These ghost tapping sounds could come from your doors, windows, floors, closets, or even from the outside surrounding areas. When you are alone, it can feel absolutely terrifying to hear these ghost noises!

Ghost Whispering – Ok, folks. Forget about the bangs. Ghost whispering wins. If you hear anyone literally speaking to you while you are alone in your house, it is straight-up horrifying.

Imagine being home alone in your house and then a spirit starts whispering to you and trying to communicate. AHHHH!

Usually, these conversations are a bit distorted. You can’t always quite make out the full message. But one thing is clear – that spirit is trying to communicate with you. These ghost noises all have one thing in common – they want to make contact with you.

It’s all about getting your attention. Ghost whispers may not always be easy to understand, but all is not lost.

If you really want to get a better understanding, you might want to invest in a voice recorder. That way you can playback what is being said on your computer.

By the way, the weaker the message, the weaker the spirit. So, if the ghost noise is weak, that means you have a weak spirit which is a great sign. If you hear that spirit whisper loud and clear… you are dealing with a strong entity.

ghost screaming

Ghost Screaming – Just like crying or moaning, ghost screaming is for spirits that are still suffering. They are scared, lost, tormented, and cannot get out of that loop. Naturally, you will probably pick up on these sounds at night which will feel absolutely awful for you!

If it is at all possible, try to bring someone in to guide these spirits to rest. They deserve it. A ghost screaming over and over again deserves some peace.

Unexplained Footsteps In The House

Using noise is one of the most common ways ghosts interact with the living. Most people that have come in contact with ghosts can easily remember hearing someone walking through their home when they were completely alone.

unexplained footsteps in house

Unexplained footsteps around a home are no exception. Hearing a ghost walk around at night while you are trying to sleep is more common than you think.

Ever been alone in a home at night and heard footsteps? The truth of the matter is, sometimes it’s your house settling.

Sometimes it’s pipes. Sometimes it’s your floor creaking. Sometimes it’s your mind playing tricks on you. We have to say these things because not everything is paranormal. We need to acknowledge this.

However, other times, it truly is a spirit that hasn’t felt the need to leave this world. Perhaps they have unfinished business. Or they find safety in the home you now occupy.

strange noises in my house

On the flip side, maybe they are trapped. The truth of the matter is … it isn’t all about you.

Humans make every situation about US. We hear footsteps above us and we immediately think that the ghost is trying to haunt US. He is terrorizing US. he is trying to scare US out of our HOME.

Odds are, that ghost doesn’t even know YOU exist. They are living and reliving some type of trauma day in and day out for all of eternity. You aren’t even in the picture.

So, if you are hearing footsteps in your house and you think it is a ghost noise, ask yourself if the scary ghost sounds are threatening, if it is truly affecting you, and if you feel like it is malicious. Odds are… it isn’t.