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6 Haunted Cemetery Locations To Visit On The East Coast

Looking for a haunted cemetery to visit with friends on the East Coast? Hoping for a supernatural experience like no other? Here are 6 locations to consider that all have their own history and paranormal tales associated with them.

haunted cemetery

Key West Cemetery – Florida

If you are looking to take a tour of the Key West Cemetery you are in luck.  This haunted cemetery has left such a mark that local companies started to offer the paranormal curious ways to learn more during their brief stay in town.

This cemetery holds about 100,000 people – some of which have “suffered a tragic demise” and therefore are still lingering around looking for a little redemption. Rumor has it there is a ton of residual energy forcing lots of experiences all the time. A great place to start.

WHERE: 701 Passover Lane Old Key West, Florida

Lafayette Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery – New Orleans

I had the chance to visit Lafayette Cemetery last year and can personally tell you that it was absolutely stunning. Forget about the ghosts and the ghouls for a moment. Forget about wanting to walk through a haunted cemetery and just KNOW that if you get a chance to visit one of the grandest cemeteries in New Orleans, you will not be disappointed.

I was mesmerized by the architecture. I think I took about a thousand photos as we walked through and heard the haunted stories. This isn’t your average burial location. This is historic and magnificent. If you make it down to New Orleans, please add this location to your list.
Address: 1427 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 

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Old Western Burial Ground – Maryland

This particular haunted graveyard is famous because of the famous people it permanently houses. Most notable is Edgar Allan Poe and anyone who loves the paranormal and the beyond surely has a natural fond affection for the former poet.

Enjoy the grounds on your own and explore at your leisure. Something to look out for is the “Skill of Cambridge” – a buried minister’s head that is said to still scream at various times throughout the day and night.

If you want to hear the spookiest of the spook, get this — rumor has it that people have gone mad listening to the sounds. OOOOH! AHHHHH! So, if you hear the screams – don’t listen for too long.

Address: Market Square, Lynn, MA 01905

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St. Paul’s Chapel – New York

haunted stories

St. Paul’s Chapel has survived a lot of tragedies since its opening in 1766, and its graveyard, which dates to 1697, is said to be haunted by many of its occupants. I’ve also visited this location – about a thousand times in fact. I used to work three blocks away on Broad Street for several years. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed this building.

If I’m being honest with you – I’ve never seen anything out of the ordinary. But don’t just listen to me! Countless people claim that English actor George Frederick Cooke still haunts the location and has been known to wander around the haunted graveyard at night.
Address: 209 Broadway, New York, NY 10007

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haunted grounds

Cemetery Hill – Pennsylvania

I think this is one of the most powerful haunted graveyards on the list because of the significance in the location. Cemetery Hill is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

The location is noted as a burial ground for the many soldiers who died in the Battle of Gettysburg during the American Civil War.

As odd as it may sounds, some have documented that they can still “smell the undead” in this location. During the War, people would dip their handkerchiefs in peppermint to try to shield the stench of rotting bodies and some paranormal tourists believe they can actually smell peppermint today while walking on the haunted grounds.

Does Cemetery Hill actually smell like peppermint? Is it in memory of those lives that were lost? Is it related to the haunted cemetery in any way? Find out for yourself.

Address: 1195 Baltimore Pike in Gettysburg, PA

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Union Cemetery – Connecticut

The Union Cemetery is located in Easton, Connecticut and dates back to the 1600s. It has a nickname that most locals prefer to use – the White Lady Cemetery – and I bet you can figure out why.

Rumor has it that a mysterious white figure walks around the haunted grounds and sometimes is even so bold as to exit the gates. So, the barrier is not enough to keep you safe from a paranormal experience.

There have been reports of drivers hitting someone after they appeared “out of nowhere” on the road. Naturally, when they exit their cars to look for the poor, unfortunate soul… there is no one to be found. If that doesn’t sound like a haunted cemetery then I don’t know what does!

Address: Routes 59 and, CT-136, Easton, CT 06612

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Have You Visited A Haunted Cemetery Before?

If you’ve visited a haunted cemetery in the past, we would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment and tell us about your experience. Haunted places are so much fun to add to your travel list – especially if you love the paranormal and the beyond.

Whether you like to roam scary places on your own or opt into a ghost tour instead, that’s up to you! If it’s your goal to see a ghost in a cemetery, I would absolutely start here. But whatever you do, do NOT bring a ouija board.

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures and look for white orbs or different color orbs in your photos. Maybe you will even catch a ghost while out and about.

Looking for something else to do? How about a visit to The Conjuring House? I hear they are opening up tours.