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5 Haunted International Hotels To Visit – Supernatural Travel

There are some places around the world that are well known for being genuinely haunted. If you are a supernatural travel enthusiast, here are 5 haunted international hotels you must add to your places to visit.

International Places To Visit That Are Haunted

Each site has a story to tell and every location promises ghost sightings and spooky encounters. If you are a history buff, get ready to have your mind blown because each location has quite the story to tell!

Ghost hunters worldwide often frequent these locations with the hopes of capturing a spirit wandering through the haunted halls. Even better – the hope of getting that chilling sensation while investigating during the night.

Fortunately for us, several of these places are actually open to the public to tour or even to sleep in for an overnight stay. So, grab your calendar and check out these ghostly hotel options. Here are a few of the haunted places we will discuss today:

  • The Haunted Schooner Hotel in Alnmouth
  • The Haunted Lady Grey Ruthin Castle
  • The Haunted Lady Grey Ruthin Castle
  • The Haunted Dobbins Inn
  • Golden Fleece York Haunted Rooms
  • The Haunted Lion and Swan Hotel In Congleton

Let’s take a look at what makes each of these haunted places so special.

The Haunted Schooner Hotel In Almouth

The Haunted Schooner Hotel is located in a seaside town at 8 Northumberland St, Alnmouth, Alnwick NE66 2RS, United Kingdom. It is known to have quite a violent past and is filled with rather aggressive ghosts.

This hotel has a history of murders, suicides, and even a massacre that wiped out an entire family as they slept. So, if you aren’t into this type of energy, then I would steer clear.

Schooner Hotel even has a criminal history beginning around the 17th century when it began as a Coaching Inn. Back then, it was the only place in town which meant that anyone and everyone walked through its doors.

Guests included smugglers gangs who eventually built underground tunnels that they used to carry their supplies to and from the basement of the hotel to the nearby port. It’s believed that everything from gun-running to human trafficking passed through those underground tunnels. Very seedy.

The Schooner was named the most haunted Hotel in England by the Paranormal Society. If you are brave enough, there are plenty of rooms you can book that promise a spooky night in.

The Schooner Hotel haunted rooms are 16, 17, 28, 29, and 30. Outside of those rooms, look out for a maids’ ghost climbing up and down the stairs and a soldier marching up the hallway. 

The Haunted Lady Grey Ruthin Castle

The Lady Grey Ruthin Castle is located at Castle St, Ruthin LL15 2NU, United Kingdom. It is a medieval castle that was constructed in the 13th century and is quite the site to see.

Throughout its life, it has been used through war, has been made into a hospital, and eventually was incorporated into a hotel. So, the castle itself has had many lives.

Because of its time housing soldiers and the sick, you can imagine the space was very family death and illness. But oddly enough, that is not the type of ghost that is most prominently discussed. While you will find an occasional soldier roaming the grounds, it’s LADY GREY OF RUTHIN CASTLE that most speak of at night.

Lady Grey is the most well-known ghost of the castle. It is said that LADY GREY found out that her husband had a mistress who was a peasant girl. Once she found out this information, she killed her husband’s mistress.

She was tried for murder and eventually sentenced to death. Even after death, Ruth never left the castle. She is stuck it seems. Rumor has it you can find her wandering about the banquet hall and the castle grounds.

As mentioned above, you can still find ghostly soldiers wandering about. One specifically that keeps popping up is frequently seen wearing just one glove. Other supernatural fans display countless photographs of ghostly orbs – which is an indicator of the presence – all taken from Ruthin Castle.

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The Haunted Dobbin Inn

The Haunted Dobbin’s Inn is conveniently positioned near Carrickfergus Castle in Northern Ireland and is over 500 years old. In the 1700s, the owner of the hotel’s wife was rumored to have an affair with a nearby soldier. When her husband found out, he murdered them both. 

It is said that Elizabeth’s spirit – the murdered woman – has never left her old home, which has since been transitioned into the hotel. The murder was such a shock that it has locked her in place.

What can you expect should you rent a room? A gentle touch on your face waking you! That’s Elizabeth’s signature move.

Every now and then you might also happen across a female figure walking across reception and then disappearing into the fireplace. This is known as a residual haunting – a repetitive motion that happens over and over again and that won’t interact with humans in any way.

According to the hotel’s own website, ‘Dobbins is said to be home to the ghost of Elizabeth Dobyn (now known as “Maud”). She wanders the hotel in search of her fallen lover. Many tales can be told about her goings-on around the hotel. 

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Golden Fleece York Haunted Rooms

The Golden Fleece is York’s most haunted pub, making it one of Britain’s most haunted sites to visit. Having a traditional pub-style and a quaint feel, it is truly one of a kind and a must-visit. As a supernatural travel enthusiast, be on the lookout for Lady Alice Peckett – wife of John Peckett – who used to be the mayor of York and the hotel owner. 

Many guests have reported seeing Alice:

  • wandering the hotel’s hallways
  • shifting the hotel’s furniture about
  • walking up and down staircases during the night

But she isn’t the only checked-in ghostly resident! Be on the lookout for a Canadian airman who fell to his death from one of the upper windows of the Hotel during World War II. After he passed, he decided to stick around.

There’s more, too! Maybe you will run into One-Eyed Jack. You can find him in a 16-17th century red coat and carrying a pistol. He’s a big fan of the bar.

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The Haunted Lion and Swam Hotel Congleton

The Haunted Lion and Swan Hotel in Congleton is located on Swan Bank, Congleton CW12 1AH, United Kingdom, and is at least 4 centuries old. There are several ghosts that haunt this hotel including a brown-haired woman who likes to sit by the fireplace.

There is also another woman – who is in clogs – that likes to tend to the fire. The fireplace is definitely a hot spot for activity. So, if you are really trying to look for some specialty ghostly activity, make sure you grab a drink at night by the roaring flames.

The woman in clogs supposedly also likes to roam the halls by turning into a brown mist. People who work at the hotel like to call her, “The Brown Lady” because of it.

If you don’t know what room to book – start with room 20! Rumor has it that people wake up in the middle of the night FREEZING. Could that be because there is a ghostly apparition?