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How Do Voodoo Dolls Work?

There are many types of voodoo dolls available and each has a different purpose. Whether you want to find love, heal from loss, find empowerment, or inflict pain on an enemy, this voodoo magic allows you to plug into a ritual that gives your instrument an incredible force.

How do voodoo dolls work? You must picture the person you want the magic to affect and ensure your connection is strong with the voodoo spirits.

how do we voodoo dolls work

A deeper understanding of voodoo practices and how your connection to The Loa is important to understand. Let’s break down everything you need to know to ensure that your voodoo doll does what you want it to.

Voodoo means spirit of God

Of course, nowadays, many people have a negative connotation of the term, but originally the Voodoo religion was based on a connection to the Holy One. Voodoo dolls are not meant to be evil. They only do what their user asks of them.

If the intent is evil, the voodoo doll will inflict evil energy. However, a voodoo doll is not innately evil. Disregard all thoughts of black magic right here and now.


Voodoo Stems From Africa

Voodoo, as a religion, has roots in Africa. They do believe in the one true God, but also speak to The Loa, a summation of all dead ancestors. African shamans began to use voodoo dolls to communicate with The Loa – or their dead ancestors. It was a way for them to ask for guidance.

To this day, many turn to the voodoo doll as part of their practice.


The color of the doll is in direct relation to its purpose. Remember, it’s all about intent when it comes to these tools.

GreenMoney or Fertility
RedLove or Power

Voodoo dolls can be used for good, as you can see from the color chart above. Let’s say someone is hoping that their husband gains more confidence at work. They could perform a ritual to offer these traits up to him. It doesn’t have to be negative.

Is someone sick or dying? Then consider a healing ritual or a protection ritual. It’s all about what is in the heart of the person performing the ritual.

how to make a voodoo doll

How To Make A Voodoo Doll

  1. First, you must picture the person you hope the magic works on in your mind. Voodoo really relies on connectivity and symbolism. Make the visual in your mind as clear as can be.
  2. Consider sewing a picture of the person’s face onto the voodoo doll. If you have anything personal from that person, put it inside the doll or pin it somewhere so that it is attached.
  3. Finish stuffing the doll and sew it shut. The entire time you must clear all thoughts in your mind except for that of the person you intend to affect.
  4. Create an alter for your doll.
  5. Focus again on the person you have in mind and call on the spirit to act on your behalf. Light a candle and repeat your requests.

Using a Voodoo Doll for Love

If you are hoping to make someone fall in love with you, you will actually need two voodoo dolls. One that will represent you and one that will represent the person you have a crush on. While it will be fun to have the dolls look like the two of you, it actually isn’t necessary. The dolls can look like whatever you find.

As mentioned above, it is important to have something that belongs to your crush because voodoo works on sympathetic magic.

  • Hair
  • Eyelashes
  • Nail clippings
  • Skin
love spell and voodoo doll magic

Something from the body is always preferred over an item of possession. If you can’t find anything that the person owns, you can always use their birthdate or full name. Just write it down on a piece of paper and attach it to the doll or stuff it inside before you sew it up. You could also use a photo.

Now, relax your entire body and try to meditate on the idea that the two of you belong together. Starting from the top of your head, release all the stress that you have built up from the day. As you release it, understand that you are making room for this new relationship and this new beginning.

You must create a chant or a spell. Voodoo magic doesn’t have to be very specific. It could be anything you want. It does not need to rhyme either, in case you were wondering.

“Love me for all of eternity. Love me as I am. Love me like no other. Come to me.”

Be careful about what you say. Do not say something like, “love me to death” when working on a voodoo spell because you are working with the unknown. The last thing you need to worry about is a misunderstanding.

Make the two voodoo dolls kiss. Focus on pure desire. Perform several different scenarios where the two dolls are in love and are passionate about it. Show the life you want. When you feel like you saw the life you want, put the dolls away.

There are some practices that suggest to bury the voodoo dolls once you are done performing your ritual. That is up to you. One way or the other, you cannot use these dolls again for a different kind of spell.

Working through agGression

aggression and voodoo

Oddly enough, research has proven that people who purchase voodoo dolls at places like Bourbon Street in New Orleans and use them feel a reduced feeling of aggression once they are done. As you know, the dolls sold in visitor shops are not real. They are souvenirs at best.

So, while it may seem a bit violent, you could give it a try. The act of “fake punishing” someone you actually detest physically reduces the amount of stress and anxiety someone holds onto in their body and mind.

These workers reported that they felt lower levels of hostility towards their boss, as well as lower levels of injustice and bitterness. 


You can release your aggression all through a voodoo doll! Seems harmless enough when there isn’t any magic or a connection to The Loa involved.

Needles Used To Prick Dolls

There are 3 types of needles used to prick the doll. Each causes a different result.

White needlesProvide positive results – good omens
Red needlesBring pain and uncomfortableness
Black needlesCursed Needles – bad luck

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reiki healing teddy bear

Reiki Masters And Their Healing Teddy Bear

Reiki Masters have their own voodoo dolls called healing teddy bears. Healing teddy bears have the same concept as you can imagine – passing energy through the doll and onto the person they are thinking about. However, in this case, it is always positing and in direct connection with healing and protection.

When they are away from their clients, they lay hands over the doll, and heal from afar.

Other doll references

  • Cashew Dolls – Imported to the US from Haiti and were made of cashew shells. Their eyes were made of jequirity bean. When swallowed by children, the dolls caused injury or death.
  • Slaves from West Africa brought small effigies known as a fetish or a bocio with them to the States.
  • A pwen is an item filled with things that appeal to a deity known as Iwa. The pwen comes in a variety of forms but could be a poppet.
  • Messenger dolls are featureless dolls made of cloth. People put a prayer inside or attach it with a pin. When people use these dolls, they hope their ancestors hear the prayers.
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