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How To Become A HellHound

The hellhound is a supernatural being also known as the immortal black dog who guards the underworld. Many wonder how this being came to be? If you are curious about how to become a hellhound, the process is simple.

how to become a hellhound

How To Become A HellHound

Hellhounds were created by God and he had the original intention to keep them as pets. However, they were deemed too violent and too vicious upon further investigation. So, God decided he no longer wanted the breed and destroyed them all.

Lucifer was able to rescue one hellhound before she was put down – Ramsey – and took her to hell with him. When they arrived, Lucifer realized that she was pregnant. This enabled him to create the pack that exists today that watches over his dominion.

dogs and hellhounds

Can A Regular Dog Transform Into A Hellhound?

No, there is nothing that can be done to transform a regular, Earthly dog and make him/her into a hellhound. Hellhounds have to be born into the breed.

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Specific Purpose Of The Hellhound

As mentioned above, the hellhound’s main purpose of a hellhound is to protect the underworld and to serve the demon that is his/her master. This hellish supernatural dog has been referenced countless times throughout occult folklore and there are specific places you will find them guarding:

  • entrances to the world of the dead
  • graveyards
  • burial grounds
  • guarding treasures
  • guarding other supernatural creatures

In today’s cinema, you will find that most use hellhounds as killing machines set out to kill a person that made a deal with a demon. They are soul collectors. They are also commonly seen collecting rogue demons and bringing them back to hell. More times than night, hellhounds are depicted as invisible to the eye to everyone except the victim at hand.

The Reapers Of The Damned

The Reapers Of The Damned

Whether hellhounds are truly the reapers of the damned, Lucifer’s best friend, protectors of guarded treasures, or just invisible dogs look to bury some bones, one thing is clear, they cannot be recreated and are uniquely extraordinary in the underworld.