How to Become A Werewolf

The name werewolf is a term used in many languages to refer to an individual who has been transformed into the form of a wolf. The word was first recorded as wolofre, meaning “were-wolf”, and later evolved into its current spelling. In English it appears under various spellings: Wolvarian, Wolfenrausch, Wulfsauge or Wulffrage. Linked to the powers of the full moon, there is a subculture dedicated to learning all they can about these supernatural creatures including how to become one themselves. 

how to become a werewolf

How to Become A Werewolf

The first way someone can turn into a werewolf is by being bitten by another. With one bite, you will turn into one, too. You might feel like you need to get medical attention, but there isn’t much to do that will help your situation. Death might turn you back, but that is a very risky endeavor. You need to make sure someone is around to try to revive you immediately.

Werewolf bites will cause fever, sweating, and hallucinations that will make you question every heightened symptom. You may have nightmares of the attacker advancing on you even when he is nowhere near you. If other werewolves are present, there is a chance that their smell will overwhelm your senses and drive you to take them down.

The other way you can become part of this supernatural race is by being born into the culture. Being part of a long line of werewolves will ensure your heritage. You might have been born human, but werewolves can always sense when someone of their own kind enters the room. For most werewolves, this isn’t too big of an issue, and they don’t go around trying to kill their family members or friends just because of proximity.

Being part werewolf means you’ll be able to transform whenever you want, not when the full moon is up. Having werewolf blood is special and means you naturally possess werewolf powers. You will typically become aware of your powers somewhere around your teen years and it is not something you can rush.


The last way to turn would be through magic from a witch, warlock, wizard, or someone else who has abilities similar to that of black arts.

There are references in history noting a specific ancient spell that can turn someone into a werewolf, but it is not often referred to in movies or mainstream media. You would need specific occult knowledge or have the ability to practice black magic to work this type of energy, and not many people are even aware of its existence. There really isn’t much information available online about how the spell is performed, but there are whispers that one does, in fact, exist.

After this transformation, you will be unable to speak in human language and will only make animal sounds like barking or howling. You might forget who your family members or friends are but you will still know who they are deep down inside and might act as though something terrible happened to them if they aren’t nearby.

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What is a skinwalker?

In some cultures, there is a being known as a skinwalker, who has very similar traits to a werewolf. Some say that the werewolf is actually just a skinwalker with a new name. But there are some differences that need to be addressed.

Skinwalkers are people who have been cursed to turn into a specific animal for one night every full moon. They don’t have control over the transformation, but they will be able to transform at any time if there is enough room for them to do so. If not, then it will happen automatically during that time of the month.

They typically only transform into canines such as wolves or coyotes, but in rare cases, they might transform into other animals like bears or wildcats. Their powers change with every transformation and their souls become more tied with the animal until they eventually become that animal thoroughly. Some skinwalkers may even be able to assume human form again after many years while others may remain animals permanently.

So, if you see someone turn into an animal after a full moon and they’re the same as that animal during the previous full moon, then this is proof that you have found yourself a skinwalker.

What is the difference between werewolves and skinwalkers?

The difference between werewolves and skinwalkers are few but important to point out. Both werewolves and skinwalkers are thought of as shapeshifters, but the reality is that both can be divided into two separate categories.

Werewolves have been written about in folklore for many centuries with tales of men turning into wolves abound.

Skinwalkers are creatures that have existed for many centuries in Navajo culture but were later condemned by White American settlers on the land. The Navajo people believe that a skinwalker is born to evil and lives in the night, preying on children and adults alike. They further believe that while possessed by an evil spirit such as a witch or witch-like creatures they are able to take on not only the abilities of their respective spirit but also its physical appearance which can vary from a simple black dog to a bird. In order to take on their spirit form, the skinwalker has to shed its human body and other physical aspects such as clothes or weapons.

A werewolf is not possessed by an evil spirit while a skinwalker, according to legend, is. While both need to shed their human form in order to transform, they do so for very different reasons.

Is being a werewolf contagious?

This is an interesting question. It is not contagious like a cold. Meaning, if you were to stand next to one of these supernatural creatures, you would not “catch” his illness in any way. That’s because it isn’t an illness like a cold. However, there are some camps that believe that you can become a werewolf genetically – as family members passing the gene down to their children. So, in some essence, the mutation can be passed onto others.

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becoming a werewolf

What are the side effects of being a werewolf?

The most common one is uncontrollable rage. You may even attack your family members or friends because you have no idea what you’re doing. If that happens, then it might be best to go to an institution where someone who knows how to deal with people like this can help you get over your issues for good and not do anything crazy again.

Some physical symptoms a recently turned werewolf would experience after recently turning would be that their canine teeth grow larger and sharper, hair starts to grow everywhere other than the palms of hands and soles of feet, it becomes harder to go out in sunlight without getting hurt or burned because of new sensitivity to it, agility and strength increase tenfold.

Some mental symptoms that would be present after turning for the first time is sudden reckless rage with no meaning or purpose behind their actions, often going on killing sprees even if they’re not hungry. They may also experience memory loss such as not knowing family members or friends if they have been bitten by them or turned into one themselves. And when turning back from a werewolf they may experience temporary insanity either from the shock of turning back or from hunting innocent people while in werewolf form.

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Common characteristics of werewolves:

Werewolf legends state that when humans are in their animal forms, they possess specific characteristics. These traits are seen across European Folklore, French Folklore, and span across the 11th century all the way through to the 18th century, 20th century and beyond. The normal wolf does not live as its supernatural counterpart. That’s why clinical lycanthropy puts these creatures in a paranormal category. 

  • Wolves with the genetic disorder are natural pack hunters, and so are werewolves by definition. When killing their prey or causing physical damage, they prefer to attack nearby enemies from the rear in a classic pincher movement using their entire pack.
  • They have keen night vision.
  • Strength and speed greater than that of ordinary humans while in beast form (and many supernatural creatures) are the wolf’s ultimate abilities. Beast mode!
  • Werewolves will often display other wolf-like characteristics such as unrestrained savagery when attacking or baring teeth/growling at potential threats, claws, and fur growing (colloquially known as ‘getting furry’), heightened senses and higher resilience to damage, etc.
  • Some werewolves while in wolfish form have the ability to shift into a wolf at will and retain their normal intelligence while in this form (silver nitrate or not). For these individuals when they turn back into humans, their clothes are always shredded because as wolves they lack thumbs and therefore can’t do up buttons.
  • There is a widespread belief that this ancient beast can only die by silver weapons – silver bullet or blade through the heart (or alternatively, having their head cut off). The silver must be of high purity and forged in blessed steel for the strength and structure required to penetrate tough animal tissue as opposed to soft human flesh. Powdered silver form would also work during werewolf hunts in exceptional circumstances. 
  • Wild wolves tend to have certain personality traits in common: self-destructive tendencies such as excessive drinking, violence and recklessness. Wolf spirits can be very physical and will often display their strength, howl or growl/snarl at something to intimidate others (usually threats).
  • Other common traits are a constant urge to ‘assert’ themselves and their powerful ability through domination of the pack dynamic and attempting to enforce its rules.
  • They also tend toward extremes while in beast form: either submissive and obediently accepting their role as a follower or aggressive and authoritarian ruling with force.
  • Female werewolves, whether capable of transforming into wolves at will or only during the full moon, are just as strong and aggressive as males when in lupine form. Some female weres have been known to best male werewolves in combat and possess incredible werewolf skill. For this reason, many male werewolves will not allow any female were to be part of their pack and will kill any that encroaches on their territory (unless she is a mate). Females are also highly competitive for mates; they only accept dominant males as mates who have killed other werewolves or at least fought them off to claim the right to their allegiance.
  • Actual werewolves typically don’t wear much clothing when transformed due to being uncomfortable and restrictive – they usually fight completely naked or with just gloves, boots and/or straps across their bodies if anything else.
  • They are physically very strong and fast and their health recovery is incredible. Though they aren’t quite as strong or fast as the average vampire. Werewolves have a high tolerance for physical pain which varies from werewolf to werewolf; some can shrug of being crushed by a car while others will be incapacitated for several hours before even beginning to recover. They heal quickly from these wounds (most within minutes or hours) so long as they aren’t silver, fatal or otherwise debilitating.
  • Some may develop psychic powers like telepathy while in beast form while others may demonstrate them only when in lupine form – such as howling to communicate with other members of the pack over great distances or scaring people for fun.
  • All Werewolves while in beast form possess powerful abilities like heightened senses of sight, hearing and smell. They also possess claws that are retractable like cat claws though not sharp enough to be used as actual weapons; their teeth are similarly undeveloped. Their greatest weapon is their jaws which are sufficiently strong enough to crush bone – although they’re far more likely to bite down on a limb to inflict pain or cause enough damage to stop an opponent from continuing the fight.
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What is Lycanthropy?

Lycanthropy actually derived from ancient Greek lykánthropos which refers to someone who changes into a wolf. It’s actually a combination of two words – ‘lykos’ and ‘anthropos’. This means people who are bitten by wolves might turn into one themselves. According to beliefs, lycanthropes can only turn into wolves while werewolves have the ability to turn into other creatures as well.

The curse of lycanthropy was considered a punishment from God because of the werewolves’ evil actions in his current life. His sins required him to now live forever as a beast, living an eternally punished life.

Immortality plus the disease made for the ultimate punishment and is another reason why the transformation is always so painful.

Is there a cure for lycanthropy?

The only way to break this curse is if the person who put it on you dies and even then it’s not guaranteed that it’ll work properly because the body needs time to heal from all the years of torment before it can function normally again. It may also be possible that you will never change back into your original self meaning you must spend your life walking on all fours, eating raw meat, and killing.


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