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How To Conjure A Gnome

Want to conjure a gnome up in your house in an attempt to scare your friends? There is a way to do it thanks to an old Russian tradition. What started out as a popular children’s sleepover game has turned into a frightful way to summon spirits deep from within the Earth.

how to conjure a gnome

There are many other rituals you can work through including How To Play The Boogeyman Ritual, How To Read A Candle To Tell The Future and How To Play The Black Magic Guessing Game. But let’s break down specifically how to manifest a gnome.

In order to conjure a gnome, you have to wait until after midnight and you need at least two people to participate. The original ritual – “Сладкоежка гномом” – requires these two factors to begin.

Loosely translated as the Sweet Tooth Gnome, this ritual conjures up a gnome that is interested in chocolate. This is why you will need some sweets to entice the creature into your world.

How To Conjure A Gnome

The Sweet Tooth Game is actually a really scary game to play at sleepovers. It only requires a handful of materials to begin.

  • A chocolate bar 
  • A mirror
  • Thread or thin string
  • A pair of scissors
  • A minimum of 2 people
sweet tooth game

Gnomes are not very social. If you have a very large group, they might become nervous or afraid. The smaller the group, the better. However, if you find yourself with a larger crowd, it’s important to stay extra quiet. This conjuring spell can still work with a big group of friends.

Rules To Begin

The ritual – as mentioned above – must be done in total darkness. That is, you can only play this game at night – “after midnight and before dawn.” 

You must remain very quiet. No speaking or laughing. Nothing louder than a quiet murmur.

conjuring a gnome

Follow These Steps In Order

  1. Place the mirror on the floor – directly under the ceiling light. The mirror must be facing up. 
  2. Fasten a long thread around the chocolate bar and hang it from the overhead ceiling light so that it is suspended just above the mirror but does not touch it. 
  3. Everybody sits around the mirror in a circle. All the people are participating. No bystanders. Anyone with no desire to play the game must go out of the room until the end of the game. 
  4. Someone is assigned the scissors and stands up next to the string. They must wait for their moment to cut the string. Not yet.
  5. Now, it is time to turn off the lights. Someone is assigned to do so. As soon as they turn off the lights, they must immediately return back to the circle.
  6. Now, the person with the scissors can cut the string. They return to the circle. The chocolate bar should fall on the mirror.
  7. Everybody in the circle sings together: “Sweet Tooth, Sweet Tooth, please come” three times.
  8. Remain very quiet. Listen for rustling sounds. This will be the gnome removing the wrapper from the chocolate bar. 
  9. Once the noises have stopped, everyone must count slowly to ten, and then someone will turn the lights back on.

What Will You Find?

There are three different scenarios that can happen:

  • The gnome ate the chocolate bar 
  • The gnome left traces of teeth bite on the chocolate
  • The gnome left you with extra chocolate

The ritual is very low-risk. However, it is important that you follow the rules. If you don’t, there is a chance that the gnome will bite you. The worst that can happen is that the gnome will escape from their world into ours through the mirror and wreak havoc.

Should the gnome escape, they say it will hide out in your house and bite your toes while you sleep.

When you are finished with the conjuring ritual, turn the mirror upside for the rest of the night and put it out in direct sunlight for the entire next day. This will neutralize the power.

money gnome

How To Call A Money Gnome?

The money gnome is attracted to the sound of ringing coins. Therefore, instead of sweets, you need to put a handful of coins on the mirror. Continue this ritual as you would but replace the chocolate with money instead.

Money gnomes don’t care about candy. Remember this.

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How To Make Sure You Have Luck During Your First Try

Turn off all electronics and – again – make no noise. As little as possible. Gnomes hate noise. This is very important to remember. If all else fails, try again the following night.

Want To Make A Wish?

The rumor is that while the creature is collecting his/her reward, you can think of a wish. They will grant you ONE. If you please them, then they will honor you with a reward. Just remember to keep your sound level down and to a minimum.