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How To Make Holy Water

If you are searching how to make holy water, odds are you are in a bit of trouble at home. Are you sensing an unholy spirit in your house and you think blessed water will do the trick to release the force from your abode?

how to make holy water

Making holy water requires a certain number of steps that you must follow in exact order, but there is one thing that you need in order to finalize the last step – a holy man. Blessed water is just that… blessed. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you empty-handed. There are other ways and we are here to show you exactly how to do what it is you need to do.

How Is Holy Water Made?

So, how is holy water made? There are countless websites on the Internet that tell you if you mix salt with mineral water and chant some form of exorcism over the combination, you will be able to make your own form of holy water. How exciting!

Holy Water is literally only made by priests. There is no form or chant or exorcism that you or I could ever say that would make water… holy. Period.

What Is Holy Water?

According to Brittanica, Holy water, in Christianity, is water that has been blessed by a member of the clergy. It is used in baptism and to bless individuals, churches, homes, and articles of devotion.

A natural symbol of purification, blessed water has been used by religious peoples as a means of removing uncleanness, either ritual or moral. 

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Can You Drink Holy Water?

Yes, you can drink holy water. There is nothing special that is LITERALLY placed in holy water. It is actually JUST WATER but… holier. So, if you felt like it, you could take a sip and it would not harm you.

where to get holy water

How To Make Holy Water At Home

Holy water is much more effective than non-blessed water, but you truly need a priest to make it so. However, if you are in a tight situation. Here is how you can attempt to make your own.

1. Gather supplies and bless them for use as holy water: You’ll need a big pot (for 4 cups water, you’ll want something at least 2 gallons), purified or distilled water, kosher salt, cloves garlic crushed, blessed incense, and most importantly holy oil (see below). Prepare a blessing for them on your altar. If this is done in sincere faith, very powerful holy water will result. But if any of the above are prepared without proper spiritual intent they can be harmful to those who use this water.

2. Assemble the ingredients and bless them with holy oil: Mix 1 part kosher salt (or blessed Salt) to 2 parts distilled/purified water in a pot, bring to boil, turn off heat, add 3 cloves crushed garlic, 3 pinches of any incense you choose from the blessed incense choices, and 1/2 part of any holy oil. Stir until salt is dissolved.

From this point on, you should be praying while making holy water–prayers like ones used by a priest before anointing, blessings over food. When your prayer is over, allow holy water to cool to lukewarm before pouring 1/2 part of any other holy oil onto it (if not mixing into a whole bottle of holy water then let cool before using). Stir until mixed.

3. Label: If using whole bottles, put 4 into a bottle (take care to label “Holy Water–DO NOT DRINK” on the bottle). Add 2 parts distilled/purified water and 1 part holy water to each bottle, stir until mixed, and it’s done. Label with date of preparation and store in a cool dry place. If using a smaller pot, pour the prepared holy water into 4 ‘shot glass size containers (take care to label “Holy Water–DO NOT DRINK” on each container), add 2 parts distilled/purified water and 1 part holy water to each shot glass, stir until mixed, and it’s done. Label with date of preparation and store in a cool dry place.

You have made the most powerful holy water that can be made outside of a church or temple! Keep it away from kids.

Where To Get Holy Water?

The best place to find holy water would be at the entranceway of every single Christian church. Every single Catholic Church has a bowl of it right in the walkway as soon as you enter the doors. They want you to touch it and use it.

Some churches even encourage their guests to take some home by offering little vials of holy water as free souvenirs. Did I mention FREE? So, if you were really in need of some holy water, there is a gallon of it waiting for you a few blocks from your house.

Just go and find a Catholic Church! That is where you can find holy water without complication. Bring a little water bottle with you and just take some. Nobody will stop you – the church wants you to have it. Trust me, they will be able to make more in about 2.5 seconds and without harm or worry.

holy water prayer

How Do Priests Make Holy Water? The Holy Water Prayer

So, how do priests make holy water exactly? It is my understanding that Catholic priests praise God and ask him for his grace.

I did some digging and there are a few things that a priest can say while blessing water. The first holy water prayer is the traditional Latin formula:

Exorcizo te, creatura aquæ, in nomine Dei Patris omnipotentis, et in nomine Jesu Christi, Filii ejus Domini nostri, et in virtute Spiritus Sancti: ut fias aqua exorcizata ad effugandam omnem potestatem inimici, et ipsum inimicum eradicare et explantare valeas cum angelis suis apostaticis, per virtutem ejusdem Domini nostri Jesu Christi: qui venturus est judicare vivos et mortuos et sæculum per ignem. Deus, qui ad salutem humani generis maxima quæque sacramenta in aquarum substantia condidisti: adesto propitius invocationibus nostris, et elemento huic, multimodis purificationibus præparato, virtutem tuæ benedictionis infunde; ut creatura tua, mysteriis tuis serviens, ad abigendos dæmones morbosque pellendos divinæ gratiæ sumat effectum; ut quidquid in domibus vel in locis fidelium hæc unda resperserit careat omni immunditia, liberetur a noxa. Non illic resideat spiritus pestilens, non aura corrumpens: discedant omnes insidiæ latentis inimici; et si quid est quod aut incolumitati habitantium invidet aut quieti, aspersione hujus aquæ effugiat: ut salubritas, per invocationem sancti tui nominis expetita, ab omnibus sit impugnationibus defensa. Per Dominum, amen.

There are three current formulas for blessing the water which a priest may choose from to use:

V. Blessed are you, Lord, all-powerful God, who in Christ, the living water of salvation, blessed and transformed us. Grant that when we are sprinkled with this water or make use of it, we will be refreshed inwardly by the power of the Holy Spirit and continue to walk in the new life we received at Baptism. We ask this though Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

V. Lord, holy Father, look with kindness on your children redeemed by your Son and born to a new life by water and the Holy Spirit. Grant that those who are sprinkled with this water may be renewed in body and spirit and may make a pure offering of their service to you. We ask this through Christ our Lord. R. Amen.

V. O God, the Creator of all things, by water and the Holy Spirit you have given the universe its beauty and fashioned us in your own image. R.’ Bless and purify your Church. V. O Christ the Lord, from your pierced side you gave us your sacraments as fountains of salvation. R. Bless and purify your Church. V. Priest: O Holy Spirit, giver of life, from the baptismal font of the Church you have formed us into a new creation in the waters of rebirth. R. Bless and purify your Church.

Good Luck

I don’t know why you feel the need to make holy water, but if you are reading this, times must be rough. Head to a church and get some.