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How To Play The Scary Elevator Game

There is a scary elevator game you can play that originated in Korea that is risky to play and only for the daring at heart. Rumor has it that – when done right – you will be transported to another world! Is it worth it? That’s entirely up to you.

how to play the elevator game

What Is The Elevator Game? A ritual that transports you to a different world by visiting the floors of a building by using an elevator and pressing buttons in a specific order.

Is The Elevator Game Real?

There are countless videos on YouTube of vloggers attempting to recreate the sequence and documenting their journeys. I will post some here for you to check out. Truth be told, I found that the majority of these films were all done in good fun. However, the origin of this game derives from a more cynical tale.

And the more you dig, the more you realize, there are some people still missing after playing this game. So, read the rules and play at your own risk.

What Are The Rules For The Elevator Game?

You Need

  • One person (but others can witness)
  • A building with a minimum of 10 floors
  • An elevator
  • The exact formula of what floors to press and in what order

How to Play

To begin the game, the player must enter the elevator alone or with his/ her witnesses. There should be nobody else in the elevator with you. No random riders. Anyone who is in the elevator must understand what is going on.

If someone enters on any floor through the game, you must start over. The game ends. You must have the elevator to yourself at all times. If someone leaves because they’ve chickened out, you must also start over.

Here is the FORMULA – >

  • 4th floor
  • 2nd floor
  • 6th floor
  • 2nd floor
  • 10th floor
  • 5th floor
scary elevator game

The Woman On The 5th Floor

There might be a chance that a woman might enter the elevator on the 5th floor. If she does, do NOT look at her – under no circumstance. Do not speak to her, address her, acknowledge her. She is a threat. You can continue to play the game with her inside of the elevator but if you engage with her, she will take you.

Continue on…

  • 1st floor. Two things may occur here

—First, the elevator either goes up or down. If the elevator goes down to the 1st floor, leave and do not look back. You are lucky.

—If the elevator ascends to the 10th floor, you made it to the other world. The other world will look similar to ours, but there will be slight differences. Look out for changes in the lights in the hallway. You might even see red hues coming from the windows. Be on the lookout for a red cross. Rumor has it that electronics might not work.

How To Get Back To Our World

If you decide not to explore and remain in the elevator, press the first floor, and go home. This is a wise choice if you ask me. Sometimes the elevator will stop at random floors before heading to the first floor. Don’t be tricked – stay on until you get to the first floor and exit.

If you did get off of the elevator and are ready to return to your natural world, you must use the same elevator and you must use the same sequence you did before. 4-2-6-2-10-51

When the elevator is on the 5th floor, it might try to return to the 10th, be sure to hit cancel! Then hit the first floor again. Make sure it does not return to the 10 floor for the second time. If it does, repeat the process again. The Elevator Game is a risky one. You could end up in this loop over and over again several times before you get back to reality.

When you finally make it to the first floor, confirm you are back home. Does anything seem strange? Is the Elevator Game tricking you? Are you really still in the warped world? Don’t just assume you made it.

Tips to Remember

  1. As a reminder, avoid the 5th-floor woman at all costs. Even if she starts to speak to you or even if she gets really close to you and invades your personal space. She actually isn’t a woman at all.
  2. If anyone but the original player presses the buttons, the game is over. If anyone leaves the elevator or enters the elevator, the game is over.
  3. The only way to enter the other world is if you get out on the 10th floor. So, if you change your mind and don’t want to do it, stay put!
  4. WARNING: The woman might try to scream or ask you direct questions – do not respond!
  5. It’s not as easy as you think to return to the elevator once you step off on the 10th floor. The other world is confusing. Make sure you leave clues to help you return.

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