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How To Protect Myself From The Witching Hour

The witching hour: a time of day when all people and creatures (both good and evil) become restless. Some even claim that the devil himself rises from the depths to walk among us during those hours due to the veil between life and death falling.  But is all of this supernatural activity truly at its peak for the day?

There are several theories as to what the witching hour is and why it occurs. Some say that because witches never sleep and instead choose to meditate during the night-time hours. The witching hour has come to be defined as when they rise from rest to begin their daily routines. This collective awakened spiritual consciousness is strong enough to arouse other demonic presences, almost creating a portal for evil to roam freely within our plane of existence.   

Regardless of what you believe, it’s always best to be cautious during these dark hours. You never know if you’re about to cross paths with a hag or an evil spirit. Anyone who spends too much time outside during the witching hour is asking for trouble. It’s best to just spend those couple of hours inside and asleep, regardless of your religious beliefs. 

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 What time does the witching hour start?

According to legend, the witching hour starts at midnight. Some believe that it lasts for a full three hours while others argue that it’s only for an hour. However you choose to define this mysterious period of time, it’s always a good idea to take extra precautions–especially if you live alone or in a secluded area. These evening hours need extra attention on your part. 

The Origin Of The Witching Hour  

Where exactly did the modern witching hour originate? There are many schools of thought on this subject. Some believe its source can be traced back to ancient pagan practices involving sacrifices and rituals performed at night-time hours; others assume it stems from superstitions surrounding vampiric activity among nobility (it is said that they would keep mortal servants awake throughout the night so they could attend to their every need).

And as mentioned, there is yet another camp that believes it is linked to a dynasty of witches rising from a meditative state. Regardless of its origin and whether or not it’s truly linked to the activities of witches, there’s no denying that the witching hour is a very real phenomenon. There are countless accounts in folklore throughout history where people have either died or gone missing because they chose not to take this spooky time of day seriously. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll prepare yourself accordingly. 

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Here are some helpful tips if you find yourself out during the witching hour:

  • Don’t wear anything with reflective surfaces (mirrors, glass beads, buttons) when venturing outside. Evil spirits will use these items against you if they can get close enough to them.
  • Keep an eye on your pets–animals have an instinctual ability to sense the supernatural. If you notice that they’re acting strangely, go back indoors immediately.
  • Don’t answer your door unless you are absolutely sure who’s on the other side. Some unscrupulous individuals may pretend to be innocently lost or in need of help if they happen upon you during this time of day–but their ulterior motives are anything but pure.

 Unfortunately, there is no way to really know what sort of evil lurks outside during these hours–which is why it’s imperative to take every precaution possible if you find yourself forced into dealing with it head-on. The best thing you can do is just sit tight until morning and hope that whatever was out there decides to leave you be.

In the end, there’s no real way of knowing what evil forces are out and about during these hours–so it’s best if you just stay inside until morning.


Does witching hour happen every night?

 The witching hour is a term used to define the time in the early morning when evil roams around and can take advantage of people who are vulnerable or weak.  This is not an event that happens on a special occasion or only when a full moon occurs. In fact, I am sad to say that humans have to deal with this phenomenon every night – midnight to 3AM.

What does witching hour mean for babies?

For parents, the term “witching hour” has a different meaning. Typically, a usually content baby will present as a very fussy baby at night –  getting up from midnight to three in the morning over and over again. No matter what the mother does, they find they cannot console their child.

Mothers have tried cluster feeding, a white noise machine, and even to manage their sleep cycles, but these colicky babies cannot be soothed. The children are usually restless and inconsolable during these hours. It’s recommended that parents not attempt to deal with this phase on their own. Instead, they should bring babies into bed with them until the little ones finally get out of this phase and start sleeping through the night again.

No one knows why this time of night has such an affect on baby or why it makes a baby uncomfortable, but it does. These fussy times tend to last for several months, sometimes years, and is very much a part of child raising. 

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Can you go outside during witching hour?

If you feel like you are surrounded by evil presences and have been plagued by negative entities as of late, it is best that you just stay inside until morning and try to sleep through these most critical hours. 

You should never go out during this time because some evil spirits roam freely and they can take advantage of anyone who is weak or vulnerable. Remember, the witching hour generally starts at midnight and lasts for about three hours.

Is there demonic activity during the witching hour?

Yes, the 12 to 3am witching hour is an opportunity for demonic forces to cause as much mischief and mayhem as possible. It is important to stay inside and make sure to protect yourselves by keeping holy symbols like crucifixes or Bibles next to your bed.

If there is activity, it’s likely because evil spirits roam freely at this time of day and will be able to harm anyone who may be susceptible (weak/vulnerable). Stay inside until morning, preferably asleep.

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Is there any way I can prevent demons from coming into my house?

Unfortunately no, it’s a common belief that evil spirits roam freely during the witching hour–meaning they pretty much have access to anywhere they want to go. It’s best for you if you just stay inside until morning when all the bad things will be gone. As a safety precaution, you can keep holy symbols like crucifixes or Bibles next to your bed to help with demon protection because this may help repel these forces or at the very least, weaken them. This is in accordance with Christian belief. If you have religious beliefs from a different umbrella, please use the symbols you are most comfortable with using.