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How To Read A Candle To Tell The Future – Candlestick Chart

If you are looking to see the future through reading candlesticks, this candle chart will help you interpret all the different results you might get from your flame. Candle magic is easier than you think to master and is a practice that many turn to during their time of need.

how to read a candle

This candlestick chart outlines the different results you can expect should you spend time watching a flame react to your energy. If you want to learn how to read a candle, use this candle chart to get you started.

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How To Read A Candle To Help You Figure Out The Future – Candlestick Chart

High, Steady Flame – Yes. A strong yes. A positive one. One that you can believe in.

candlestick reading

Low, Steady Flame – While you might think that a low flame is a negative, one that’s not the case. As long that it is staying strong, you can also believe that your path will do the same. With this particular question, unfortunately, it might take a little more patience to get to the answer and results you seek.

Short, Weak Flame – No. This is a sign that things will not be in your favor. Is the timing off? The energy? Something isn’t working.

Violently flickering – Absolutely not. This is almost a warning.

Dancing Flame – Ask again and in a different way. It seems that whatever you asked, there are forces that are trying to work against you… but positive results are still possible. You just need to take a different path.

Crackling Flame – It’s not just as simple as one answer. Your question is complicated and this is not the way to get your answer.

candle magic

Flame leaning to the left – Yes.

Flame leaning to the right – No.

Black Soot – If you see any black soot gather up inside the candle wax, then it is a sign that there are negative energy and negative interferences surrounding your question.

Candle will not light – Today is not the right day to ask these questions. You will not get the answers you seek.

Candle will not go out – You are NOT done. You need to continue asking questions because you haven’t gotten to the questions you are really meant to ask.

Candle goes out before you are ready for it to do so – It is not the right time to continue questioning. Wait and try again another time.

Blue Flame – If your flame turns blue, this isn’t a sign of yes or no. It is a sign that there is a presence near you.

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Excessive Smoke – When you see a lot of smoke after you blow the candle out, take time to try to see if you can pull out any symbols through observation. These symbols can help you further decide which path to take.

Candle smoke moves towards one person – If the candle smoke is drawn to one particular person in the room, then it is a sign that he/she will get what they want. They are attracting energy from the world and they will use it to get what they want.

Wax drips just on one side of the candle – Are you feeling out of balance? Is your situation unsettling? Something is getting in the way.

future telling

Everything is a sign

Some naysayers will believe that it’s the wind or the air conditioning or some random Earthly event that can trigger the flame movement and not actually candle magick. But the truth is that there will always be more to this world than meets the eye.

If you are looking for ways to practice awakening your psychic powers, this is a great place to start.

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What do you think of this candle chart? Willing to give your spiritual question a shot the next time you have something pressing on your mind? Reading candlesticks is easier than you think. You just need a quiet place to sit to interpret the results.