How To Remove Black Magic And Negative Energy Natu...

How To Remove Black Magic And Negative Energy Naturally

Black magic is another form of dark witchcraft and is cast against someone maliciously to hurt them with intention. If you find yourself under the influence, all is not lost. There are various ways of removing the effects of black magic. Most people rely on faith healers who either prescribe religious chants or paraphernalia to help with the removal of evil magic. But the fact is that the success rate of these approaches is very low and usually results in dangerous side effects.

How To Remove Black Magic

Negative Energy And How It Relates To Black Magic

You’ll find that the people who cast black magic spells normally have an abundance of negative energy bottled up. They try to control others by controlling their mind, body, or life force. This is why it is so important to steer clear of those who possess too much negative energy. 

What herbal remedies can you take to rid yourself of negative energy?

  • Turmeric – sprinkling it daily on your food helps
  • Pomegranate juice – increases one’s immunity levels besides cleansing your bloodstream of all toxins
  • Aloe Veda Juice –  to help get rid of all your internal toxins
  • Don’t eat stale or leftover food – try to consider your body a temple 
natural remedies for evil energy

Black Magic Removal Remedies And Spells

If you’re someone who’s constantly under the threat of evil magic practices, there are several things you can do to make yourself immune to it. One thing would be to take a few strands of your hair and tie them in a knot and chant “Om” out loud three times.

Take a pinch of salt in your hand and say out loud “I hereby dissolve all spell cast upon me through dark magic by __________”. Then add this pinch of salt to a glass of water and drink it.

Take a small piece of paper or cloth and write the name of the person who has cast this spell upon you, along with their date of birth on it. Burn this piece of paper/cloth in front of a mirror while saying “So mote it be.”

Mix some black salt ( available at Indian grocery stores) in warm water and soak your feet in the mixture for about half an hour every day. Consider adding some tea tree oil in this solution for more effectiveness. 

You could also use cotton thread and tie knots throughout it and keep it in your pocket when you’re going through tough times.

Drinking grape juice mixed with black salt and sesame seed is another potent remedy for removing dark magic spells. Sesame seed is believed to have anti-evil properties and acts as a strong aphrodisiac. This will also help you strengthen your love life.

Consider wearing all-metal rings ( gold, silver etc) on your finger at all times.

We will discuss the power of water in a bit but bathe daily. Water has healing powers and it is important to cleanse yourself and submerge your body fully in it as often as possible.

Take advantage of chakra balancing therapies that realign the flow of energy in your body and allow you to live a healthy life free from black magic karma.

Naturally, you could visit a spiritual healer or an Evil Magic Removal Expert. Someone you know who has studied the ancient scriptures thoroughly and has mastered the art of mantra casting, tantra, yantra, etc. Just be careful you aren’t being scammed for money.

stone protection

What stones protect you against black magic?

To prevent black magic, people wear different types of stones to protect themselves. They are black onyx, emeralds, alder stone, aqua stones, black stones, blood stone, and etc. These all naturally possess protective powers and will have a beneficial influence against the evil influences trying to infiltrate your life. 

To remove evil influences there are also many stones to consider including jasper, rose quartz, smoky quartz, blue lace agate and etc. When properly worn, these stones will save you from the negative energy of anyone who is using your power to make someone sick or make them not love you anymore.

stones protective

Do bodies of water protect against black magic?

Yes, bodies of water can protect against evil influences. In Vedic astrology, ancient practices say the position of water has strong cleansing properties. This is an important water feature and should be leaned on if you feel like you are under a negative influence. Water will help you to purify yourself from all sorts of negative energies, which you might have collected in your life or throughout the day. To protect yourself against bad luck, supernatural powers, bad dreams, and the negative powers of magic be sure to bathe yourself daily.


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