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How To Spot The Alpha Werewolf

The alpha werewolf is considered the most dangerous and powerful animal amongst the supernatural. He has unique strengths granted only to him after claiming the title. While werewolves are typically a force to be reckoned with, the alpha can also shapeshift, turn humans, and has the ability to pass as a human with ease.

how to spot the alpha werewolf

How can you spot the alpha werewolf? An alpha werewolf has full control of his pack and his authority goes without question. They are noticeably larger than any other wolf in the region and – on occasion – are noted to possess red eyes instead of the traditional golden yellow.

What Is An Alpha?

An Alpha werewolf is the leader of his pack. You will find him above all other males and females within his region. His responsibilities include creating new werewolves and setting the ground rules for others to follow. Common trails include larger than normal body frames and red, glowing eyes.

Alpha werewolves are always the first to eat and the first to mate.


  • Limitless physical strength – They are much stronger than the rest of their pack – especially in direct sunlight. Full moon enhances ability.
  • Humans are no trouble – Humans can be easily taken and controlled
  • They get stronger with age – A newly born Alpha isn’t the biggest threat
  • Unusual speed – Faster than most supernatural creatures. Full moon enhances ability.
  • Incredible Hunters – Heightened sense of smell, amazing trackers
blue moon

Known Weaknesses

  • Newly Transformed – Unable to fully control themselves or their impulses
  • Full Moon – In the beginning, it’s hard for werewolves to control themselves. The sight of the Full Moon can feel like terror until they get grounded.
  • Wolfsbane – Weakens most, might even kill with a high enough dose
  • Silver / Silver Nitrate – Weakens most, might even kill with a high enough dose

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How Does A Werewolf Become Alpha?

In order to become an Alpha, one must challenge the existing alpha of the pack. This title is won and is typically won by a deathmatch. If someone wants to be leader, they literally have to take the title. If they don’t feel like they can accomplish this task, then they must form a new pack of their own and risk waiting for someone else to fight for their right to rise.

It is in the werewolf’s essence to want to fight for power. There are some that are fine with being followers, but there will never be a time where an alpha will not feel threatened or challenged.

You can also inherit your position, but again, this is the weakest form of title and you will eventually have to fight to prove yourself. So, heritage is still not a guarantee.

It must be noted that these are not the only way to become a leader.

true alpha

What is a True Alpha?

The true alpha werewolf has special powers only granted to him through birth. True alphas have the ability to make other supernatural creatures stronger or weaker. They can also force other werewolves to transform without the presence of the moon.

This makes the true alpha wolf a strong ally and a warrior. Imagine being able to have an army of werewolves at your disposal while no one else is able to transform? Dangerous to say the least.

There is a belief that they also possess invulnerability rendering them indestructible. Silver bullets, sharp objects, and falling from great heights are all no match for this beast.

If you kill the true alpha, you won’t be able to steal any of this powers. Nothing will transfer down to you.

Who Is The Omega?

An Omega werewolf is known as a loner, exists without a pack, and does not bow down to an Alpha. To some degree, he is considered his own Alpha.

If the Omega left his pack on his own and decided to live a life of solitude because he didn’t want to follow anyone’s rule, then he is a natural leader. If he was forced out of a pack by the Alpha because he was weak or by any other circumstance, then he isn’t considered a threat to anyone.

The Omega tends to be more introverted and cares less about society’s standards or pack expectations. He isn’t a rule follower. He is nothing like the Alpha. They do not need friends, attention, or a group. In truth, they can be a real threat to Alphas if they wanted because they don’t respect the process or tradition.

Understand The Beta Werewolf

Beta werewolves are considered second in command when it comes to the pack. One becomes a beta wolf only through the bite of an Alpha. In fact, the Beta is actually the highest-ranking wolf despite the way most use the term to describe males.

What Is A Female Wolf Called?

There is no specific name given to female wolves, but some have gone to title them she-wolves. However, this is just a nickname and nothing definitive.

Luna has been reserved for the mate of the Alpha male – the mother of the pack. Her job is to assist with the Alpha’s duties and to create his future heir.

delta wolf

Delta Wolves And Their Ranking

The Delta werewolf is considered to be third in command – just below the Beta and Alpha. In the pack, they are considered to still be high-ranking and authoritative. You might find a Delta breaking up fights and dealing with crowd control.

true alpha wolf

Who is faster? The Alpha or the vampire?

While it is true that vampires are extremely fast, the alpha werewolf will outrun them in speed any day of the week. The truth is that Alphas are stronger and faster than their undead counterparts and typically are found in packs.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the vampire will certainly put up a great fight. I’m not saying the vampire is weaker, but I am saying he is not as fast. It would be a match worth watching if you could catch up with them both.