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How To Summon The Queen Of Spades

There is a supernatural entity known as The Queen of Spades that is known to grant wishes for anyone that summons her, but it comes at a price. This wish granting ritual begins when the player draws a door and a staircase on a mirror while in the dark and ends with a summoning chant.

summon queen of spades

How do you summon the Queen of Spades? To summon the Lady of Spades, draw a door and a staircase on a mirror, say her name three times and then say your wish out loud.

Wish Granting Rituals

This Russian legend has made its way all around the world. Lady Spades is someone that can easily enter our world but is someone who never should.

All you have to do is say her name three times and then make your wish. She gets her energy from reflective objects and the locks of hair she cuts from those that play the game. She is known to be bald.

wish granting rituals

How To Summon The Queen Of Spades

If you want to begin this wish granting ritual, you need a few supplies:

  • Dark room
  • Late night
  • Candle and lighter
  • Mirror
  • Red Lipstick
stairs and mirror drawing
Step 1Draw a staircase leading to a doorway on a mirror using red lipstick
Step 2Light a candle.
Step 3Say her name three times
Step 4While holding the candle, say your wish out loud. Pass the candle around to anyone who wants to also make a wish. They must say their wish out loud as well.
Step 5Blow the candle out.

If a participant wants to make a wish, they must hold the lit candle. You can pass the candle around as many times as you’d like. If there are ten people, then ten people can make an individual wish each.

Once you make your wish, the Queen of Spades can be heard saying, “I will take you all with me.” if you listen close enough. But you don’t necessarily have to hear to in order to have a successful summoning.

The next morning, you will notice a lock of hair taken from your hair. It doesn’t have to be an excessive amount. But in order for the Queen of Spades’ magic to work, she needs something from each player. Hair is her price.

wish granting

The Queen usually takes the lock of hair while each player is asleep.

Over the next week, if the wish is granted, the players will feel like they have won wonderful rewards and prizes. But in fact, there are in for a terrible curse. If your wish is granted, then that player will eventually go mad or even die. This is usually how rituals that grant wishes work.

For example, if you wish for a million dollars, it might come to you because your parents died in a car crash and you receive insurance money. Your wish will not come to you simply. It will be granted in the most awful way possible.

This ritual is irreversible. You cannot undo the Queen of Spades summoning once you start the process. There is nothing you can do or say to ask her to leave you alone.

Alternative Summoning Method:

There is another way to do this ritual that involves playing cards. Instead of drawing a door and a staircase on your mirror, you will need the Queen of Spades from a deck of cards.

In the dark lit by only one candle, on the stroke of midnight, tear up that particular card while facing a mirror. Repeat the cantation and make your wish.

queen of spades

Ritual Traditions

The Queen of Spade summoning tradition can originally trace back to Russia. Some even claim this is the Russian version of the Bloody Mary game that is so popular in the states.

Things You Might Hear Once You Complete The Ritual

  • Laughter
  • Whispers
  • Footsteps
  • The Queen saying, “I will take you all with me.”

End result, do not attempt this game.