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How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse – Ten Solid Tips

The zombie apocalypse is a common concept found in horror genre literature. Recently zombie-themed games have increased exponentially due to zombie popularity in classics like The Walking Dead and movies like World War Z. But what would you do if everything turned upside and you had to survive the end of the world on your own? Could you do it?

How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse is inevitable, but that doesn’t mean you should go down without a fight. Take the time now to learn zombie habits and tendencies so that you can have a fighting chance at surviving the zombie uprising.

#1 Zombies Never Stop Looking For Food

Zombies will take everything they can and have no memory of the last time they had it. This means these dead people are destined for a lifetime of endless hunting and eating. Unluckily for the human race, we are their food source of choice!

When their numbers are large enough, they usually round up and hunt in packs / zombie swarms for food supplies which makes them very difficult to avoid.

Unless the United States drop a few Atomic Bombs / Nuclear Bombs / Nuclear Strike and get ahead of the viral infection, you better have an adequate supply of everything you need to survive the zombie virus. Entire governments will fall and it will all come down to whether or not you have your underground bunkers / fallout shelter intact. 

zombie horde

#2) Zombies Can Run Fast

While original zombie movies tended to portray zombies as slow, plodding creatures that walk with an awkward gait, zombie researchers have since found that zombie speed varies depending on the zombie itself. Some zombie specimens can run extremely fast, making them a deadly force. For this reason, it is recommended to stay away from zombie-infested areas once the world falls.

This means you should get away from the largest cities as quickly as possibly. Any places that have mega population centers or high density of human population should be DEAD ZONES to you. Try to find community shelters deeper in the middle of the country.

Besides, any military bunkers that the government will eventually set up won’t be near New York City or Salt Lake City. That you can guarantee. Zombie survival camps will form in more desolate areas. 

#3) Zombies Are Incredibly Strong and Fast in Water

Zombies are very strong and can break through most structures with ease. In water, however, the zombie will become incredibly fast due to their reduced weight. It is recommended that you stay away from all bodies of water if a zombie outbreak occurs.

how to kill a zombie

#4) They Can Only Die With A Big Blow To The Head

While you might be able to slow an attacker down by damaging their mid-body and legs, it won’t end their relentless pursuit of you or their thirst for your blood. The one true way to kill a zombie is with a strong blow to their head. You can chop it off, shoot it dead center, or use a knife.

#5) Zombies Like the Night

Zombies prefer the cover of night. In the dark, zombie movements are less visible to prey animals and zombie attacks will be more successful. However, daytime attacks are still likely. So, remain on alert at all times.

#6) Zombies Can See You Even When You’re Covered in Darkness

Because zombie’s eyes are built for night vision, zombie sightings are more common during the zombie apocalypse when visibility is poor. It is important to note that zombie eyes and zombie brains work differently from human eyes and brains.

zombie nest

#7) Zombies have a Tendency to Attack in Packs (And There May Be More Than You Think)

In an effort to find more prey to infect, zombie groups tend to get larger as they roam further away from zombie nests. They are naturally attracted to one another because everyone knows they have one common goal – food. If a rogue zombie sees several walking together, he/she believes they are walking towards a food source and just naturally begins to follow.

#8) Zombies Are Typically Found in Nests

Zombie nests are communities where food is stored and zombies sleep when not on the hunt for prey animals. If you encounter zombie nests, it is recommended that you move quickly because zombie nests tend to attract zombie ‘residents’.

#9) Zombies Tear Down Solid Structures With Ease

If you think you are safe hiding in a little shack that you found in the woods, think again. Zombies can break through solid structures easily. It’s best to find someplace really secure and remain well-hidden.

#10) If You Don’t Move Quickly, You’re Dead

Since the undead has incredible strength, once they grab hold of you… it should end quickly. If you encounter a zombie, it is recommended that you move quickly and get out of zombie eyesight as soon as possible because otherwise, it will be hard to fight off more than one.

survival kit

Supplies Needed For The Apocalyse

In order the survive the end of the world and fight off zombie hordes, you will need plenty of supplies. Here are some recommendations:

  • A to-go bag filled with a change of clothes, water bottle, medicial kit, map of local region, weapon of choice
  • Additional ammo
  • flashlight
  • tactical watch
  • Swiss army climber pocket knife
  • water Purification Tablets
  • wind-up Radio – to listen for zombie reports or calls of help from other survivors
  • food

It’s also important to have an evacuation route already pre-planned out just in case an attack occurs when you least expect it – while you are sleeping. Know where you need to run without a minute’s notice and have it memorized.

Don’t Waste Your Bullets

This is going to be hard to understand, but you cannot lean on your gun during the apocalypse. You won’t have unlimited supplies of bullets and so, you must learn to use weapons that don’t need to be reloaded. Work on your knifing skills.

The gun should be used as a last-case scenario / get out of jail card shot! This is one tip you should not forget from this zombie survival guide.

Learn How to Use Firearms

Having said that, it’s also important to really understand how to use the firearm you currently possess. So, when the time comes, you aren’t flubbing around trying to unlock the safety. Get comfortable with your weapons of choice.

Remember, zombies do not feel pain, so have your shots count. Aim for zombie body parts that will result in a zombie kill.

How To Kill A Zombie

In order to kill a zombie, you will need to strike their infected brain. You can either smash it in, put a bullet through it, run it over. Dealer’s choice! Severing the brain stem from the rest of the body will prevent the undead from continuing to function.

How To Tell If A Horde Is Near

You will have to start paying close attention to your surroundings once the apocalypse officially takes place. There will never be another safe day in your life. Here are some signs to look out for to register whether or not a horde is coming your way:

  • listen to zombie sounds from afar (walking zombies make a moan sound; sprinting zombies make an angry groan or growl sound)
  • look at the sky for birds flying away – zombie birds are zombie signals. If zombie birds are flying away, that means zombie attacks are occurring nearby and you need to get indoors immediately!
  • avoid areas with abandoned cars – if cars are abandoned, it means that place has already fallen. Be careful!

Also as a note: zombies can attack at any moment. Please remember that just because the sun is up does not mean you have some sort of safety blanket covering your house.

Apocalypse Preparation

Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

If you want to start being proactive about the end of days, there are a few things you can start to do today:

  • stock up on nonperishable foods – at least 6 months worth for every member of your family
  • create to-go bags for every member of your family
  • have an ample amount of weapons concealed, but readily available to grab and go
  • take training courses on how to use the weapons you currently own
  • stay fit and remain active
  • build a safe room
  • create escape routes and meet up points for your familiy

Hopefully, this surivial plan has given you something to think about and ideas to work on this week with your friends and family. There is a 99.99% chance that none of this will ever happen, but you never know.