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How To Tell If A Deceased Loved One Is Around

Wondering how to tell if a deceased loved one is around? Maybe you’ve felt something but aren’t sure how to define it? Perhaps there was a presence you just can’t explain or a feeling that seems comforting that you’d like to hold onto…

After losing a loved one, there are plenty of ways a spirit could reach out to you and lots of different reasons why they might be doing so. Perhaps it is to comfort you, give you a message, or simply be around you. Your loved one might just want you to know he/she is still around. 

How To Tell If A Deceased Loved One Is Around

How can I tell if a deceased loved one is around me? You look for signs like dream visitations, sensing the spirit in your presence, feeling a touch, reading symbols and messages, reading projections and more.

How To Tell If a Deceased Loved One Is Around

There are some common shared experiences people have felt whenever a deceased loved one has attempted to stay connected. Typically, it leaves them with a bit of closure.

Have you experienced this before? Do you think that a loved one who has passed on can still attempt to communicate with you? Here are a few ways for how to tell if a deceased loved one is around.

sensing a presence

Sensing a Presence

Have you ever been alone in a room, but felt like you really weren’t alone? You can’t see it or explain it but you can feel it. If you are open to the connection, you may feel like there is a presence in the room with you or nearby.

You may be able to experience the deceased person’s emotions during their “visit”. This may be a way of them trying to communicate with you, to maybe give you some closure you had not yet received. 

Feeling a Touch

After someone you love dies, you may find yourself feeling their touch on your body. It can be a pat on your shoulder, arm squeeze or even the warmth of a hug.

People who experience this often relate it as a very reassuring event. It is not often startling, nor does it leave you in an agitated state. The touch may feel like it did in real life, especially when the deceased loved one is very, very close – like a child, spouse, or parent.

Visitation Dreams

Dreams can be a form of comfort that is given to us when we need it most in the throes of grief. In these dreams, your loved one speaks with you.

They feel so real and are often filled with vivid, colorful, and specific details. And unlike regular dreams that you forget quickly, these visitation dreams linger with you. People have been able to recall one of these dreams even years later as if it just happened. 

A Visit From A Loved One – Personal Story

When my grandfather died I was about 16 years ago. He raised me as a father. I lived with him in the same house. He was more to me than a grandfather. Understand that so you can recognize our bond. I was his favorite and I am ok with saying that.

When he died, I was heartbroken. A big part of my life was taken from me. I was absolutely devasted and beyond repair. A few nights after the funeral, I had a dream. I was sitting in the living room – watching TV. From the corner of my eye, he peeked in from the hallway. Not making a sound, not even fully showing himself – but I caught the movement.

I turned to look at him and I knew – I just knew. It wasn’t a dream. This was one last visit. We looked at each other and didn’t make a sound. He didn’t smile, wave, say a word. He just wanted to see me – one more time and maybe even let me know that he was ok. Then he was gone.

I woke up in a panic. It was like a dream I had never had before or have ever had again. It felt different. I can recall every second of it – over 30 years later. I know, in my heart, that it was more than a dream and that I was visited by someone who loved me so very dearly.

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reading symbols from spirits

Sending Symbols

There are times when the deceased reach out to their loved ones through symbols unique to that person instead of using dreams or a presence. These symbols are everywhere and are often simple, but with deep meaning attached.

The common symbols that show us how to tell if a deceased loved one is around, including rainbows, Cardinals, feathers, butterflies, and flowers. These items may come in close contact with you. A bird may sit on your shoulder.

A feather may float down and land in your lap. These symbols may have meant something to you in life and thus may mean something more to you in death.

spirit signs

Hearing a Voice

No, you are not crazy if you hear the voice of your loved one who has passed away. This is actually a common phenomenon. For some, the voice seems to come from within.

For others, the voice is an actual audible sound, as if the person was in the same room.

Many times, the voice sounds exactly like the voice of your deceased loved one, or the words that are used are ones that person would regularly say. Other people have told about feeling the voice or experiencing it like one would experience food. 

Recognizing a Smell

After a loved one dies, you may remember their unique smell and find that fragrance wafting past at unusual times. You might experience a sudden waft of the person’s cologne or perfume.

Common scents you may recognize include tobacco smoke, cigar smoke, or the smell of your favorite foods or flowers. There are people who smell the perfume or cologne of their loved one.

Some say that they can catch the scent of their loved one’s unique smell when they least expect it. 



A loved one who has died might not appear like a full vision. The person might come to you more like a vision, or what some describe as a two-dimensional image.

It might appear in your mind, when your eyes are closed or right in front of your eyes. You might even see what looks like seeing your loved one and a glimpse into heaven at the same time. 

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How to tell if a deceased loved one is around? You’ll feel it. Just believe it. Accept it.

Be open to what you see, hear, and feel and go with it. There might not be scientific proof of loved ones coming back to us, but enough people accept and believe this so maybe you should too.