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I See Shadows – Are Shadow People Dangerous?

It’s late at night and I can see shadows everywhere. Is it a shadow person? Are those shadow figures on the wall? I can’t quite make it out. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Am I just tired? Then why am I so scared all the time? Something just isn’t right?!

… sound familiar?

i see shadows

I See Shadows

It’s a strange feeling to not be clear on what you are actually seeing in your own house. You don’t want to believe there is a dark figure in your room, so your mind uses logic to tell you that it isn’t there. But your heart knows differently. Your senses are feeling the complete opposite. Well, you are not alone.

Most people get their first look at a shadow person using their peripheral vision. This means that you never really get a FULL VIEW of the entity. It’s always a side glance. These black ghost shadows like dark corners – just slightly out of your view which proves some intelligence.

But in the end, you are dealing with a spirit that chooses to show its presence using the form of a shadow shaped like a human.  No more. No less. Is this a spirit that is trying to attach themselves to you? No.

seeing shadow people

Are Shadow People Dangerous?

Is the appearance of these black shadows dangerous? The answer is no. Over the last few years – decades even – ghost hunting shows have truly glorified hauntings and paranormal activity. They’ve taken us into the personal experience and made us feel like we were dealing with the spiritual activity of our own.

But TV is TV. And when making programming that has to earn ad revenue and sell commercials…things need to be exaggerated.

Not everything was as SERIOUS as these shows made them out to be. Not every DOOR SLAM actually happened. Not EVERY PERFECT moment happened during the sequence we witnessed it unfold. And not every spirit was life-threatening, especially when it comes to the shadow person phenomenon.

Have you ever heard of a shadow person killing someone? Besides in some over glorified horror movie, of course. These feel scary because they are dark, hiding, and mysterious, but are throwing knives at you while you are studying for exams? They are … observing if anything.

However, every situation is different. If your shadow figure feels like it is about to cause you harm, then you need to definitely do something about it.

Do a cleansing. Get someone to come in and properly take care of the black ghost shadows because one thing is certain – that shadowy person is here to stay!

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shadow figures on wall

Who Is This Black-Figure Person?

Nobody really knows what shadow people are completely and fully, but as mentioned, they are spirits who chose a particular form. Their form happens to be more human-like in shape but not in color. In color, they are completely black.

The level and thickness of black depends on who you speak to – that varies. Sometimes people see shadow figures almost solid and whole. Other times, they look more like a mist and see-through. One is not more powerful than the other, there are just different variations of the same species… so to speak.

I see shadows all the time – from the corner of my eye. It fits into this story. I try to avoid them. I try not to give them any of my energy. I don’t want to give them more than I have to.

One thing that is unique about shadow men is that they are unable to create EMF spikes or generate EVPs, similar to the old hag. So, there is no point in trying to communicate with them. Don’t bother whipping out your ouija board tonight, either.

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Seeing Dark Shadows – Theories

If you are seeing dark shadows at night and no longer feel safe in your house, consider the following theories. While most immediately think that the black ghost shadows are evil, others believe they could be something entirely different:

  • Could they be time travelers watching over us?
  • How about alien life forms?
  • Have you ever considered they are spirit guides watching over you?
  • A dark form of guardian angel?
  • Maybe they are called shadow people because they are afraid of us and so they hide?
  • Have you slept recently? Are you just sleep-deprived? This falls in line with sleep paralysis and the old hag!
  • Are you on too much medication?
  • Sometimes, the experiences can be associated with a family history of psychological conditions. Do you have a clinical history or psychiatric history that needs to be addressed?
  • Did you have too much to drink the night before?
  • Patients with dementia are more likely to experience this shadowy figures.
  • Visual hallucinations can occur with eldery patients.
  • Could it be some extension of residual hauntings?

I know these ideas are a bit off the wall, but my point is… it doesn’t have to always be MURDEROUS EVIL.

The Feeling Of Dread After Seeing A Shadow Person

Ok! I know. I know. I am trying to tell you everything is fine, but it isn’t. There is NEVER a moment when someone sees a shadow person on a wall while they are alone and is all excited about it. That only happens on ghost hunting shows!

In real life, when you are sleeping in your bed and you see a shadow man, that is horrifying. It is NOT OK. It’s ok to be scared because it is abnormal, but I am just trying to make you see that your life isn’t in danger.

WARNING – AGAIN – if you do FEEL in your HEART that your life is in danger, then get on OUT! There is always an exception to every rule.

The Shadow Hat Man

Now, the Shadow Hat Man is an entirely different story. In fact, I would argue that the Shadow Hat Man should NOT be categorized as a shadow man at ALL. I think that he is an Old HAG! How is that?!

The Shadow Hat Man is a humanoid figure with a large hat and a black figure that paralyzes you while you are sleeping. There are people all over the world that have felt like they have seen this black nightmarish figure in their sleep.

This feels more like a demon or an evil spirit. If this is the case, you need to look into some demon protection because there are reports that people have gone extended periods of time being unable to breathe. That means that this entity can actually cause you harm and has ill intent.

This being is… dangerous and should not be ignored. Again, I do not think he should be classified as the rest. He name should be changed! But there’s nothing we can do about that.

Final thoughts – if you say “I see shadows” to friends and family and they just don’t understand, do you feel better about it now? Do you feel like they are more about watching you than harming? Would love to hear about your personal experiences.


Saturday 26th of June 2021

So I am reading about the shadow people and you keep saying that they are seen at night and in your peripheral vision. What about seeing them face to face (so to speak) in the light of day? That is where I am at. Twice now I have seen a shadow man (obvious man structure), full frontal view in the middle of the day. The first time I was absolutely scared, I have never seen anything like it. It was obvious he was looking at me and when I had enough courage, I tried to talk to him and he turned and walked out my bedroom door and vanished. Dark figure, slightly saw through him, no obvious facial features. The second time I saw him was in a home that I bought and live in now and I had a moment of OH CRAP, but I quickly realize that I am at peace. I said "Hello" and asked if there was anything I could do to help him and once again he turned and vanished in the hallway. This house has been very active and at one point a very evil entity was here, but now I just feel presences and no bad feelings, but now it is the shadows in my peripheral and noises that can not be explained. I have one room that I have to keep the door shut at all times especially if I am home alone. Yes, the previous owner died in that room from natural causes and age and I had a family member die in my living room from natural causes and age. I do feel bad for my dog because he will sit in my room and look at the door to the room I keep shut and just whine. It gets interesting in this home at times. I have friends that refuse to step foot in my house because of it. Any thoughts about this or if you can help me in the right direction to help me figure it all out?