Is My Mirror A Portal For Ghosts? Signs And Tips

Is My Mirror A Portal For Ghosts? Signs And Tips

Many believe that mirrors have the same energy as crystal balls in that they possess the element to tell the future. Others align these items more with bodies of water where you can see your own reflection if you look. But what else can you see if you keep staring? Are mirrors mystical tools to help supernatural enthusiasts speak to spirits, portals, or just decorative pieces for the home?

mirror a portal

A portal is simply a doorway, gate, or other entrance from one place to the next. If we were to think about light and energy, one could argue that a mirror allows both of these items to flow freely between where one stands and where the inversed version of ourselves exists. So, if light can transfer from the two spots, who is to say that a spirit couldn’t as well? There are many ghost stories associated with black magic and an association of mirrors. 

You don’t need much to participate in a visionary session if that is something you are interested in doing. Similar to an ouija board, just have the person you are hoping to connect with in mind before pushing all of your energy into the mirror. But remember, you don’t always get to choose who picks up the phone. There will all different kinds of spirits waiting to communicate and not all of them with be human spirits. This ghost amplifier might connect you to a demon who has lots of time to kill and who wants to cause havoc.

portal test

How to tell if your mirror is a portal for ghosts?

There are a few ways to tell if your mirror is a portal. First, check to see if there are any orbs going in or out of the pane of glass. That can easily be documented with a video recorder or your phone. Next, do a gut check and see if you get any intense feelings whenever you are around the object. Portals for spirits usually let off an increased amount of energy and odds are you will be able to pick up on the change of environment. 

There is also the portal test to consider. This requires no equipment on your part to complete.

Step 1 – Touch your finger directly onto the mirror surface.

Step 2 – Notice to see if there is a space between your finger and the reflection it makes. If you see a space, the mirror can be a portal. If there is no space, then it is just a classic mirror.

buying haunted antiques

Avoid Buying Antiques

Mirrors that are not made in a modern method can be dangerous. The older mirrors that are often found at garage sales or thrift stores typically have been around for a very long time. These mirror wardrobes, American Mirrors, Classic Period Mirrors, and even Circular Pyrite Mirrors can sometimes house ghosts if they’ve been exposed to heavy energy from humans over the years. It doesn’t matter that we are living in modern times. A 200-year-old ghost doesn’t have a watch. 

Most likely, anything you find at a garage sale will have some sort of story/history attached to it. It is suggested to never buy someone else’s mirror and to always purchase one brand new.  Remember, it is not just pieces of glass and metallic material you are purchasing. You might be taking home a few Earthbound spirits, as well! 

It is very easy for a spirit to attach itself to an object, especially if it has been exposed to negative energy from its current owner. This might sound like a fun story to tell around a campfire or to your friends, but it’s just not worth the trouble. 

How To Care For Your Property

Just like any other item in your home, mirrors need love and care to stay happy and healthy.

Cleaning them often (once a week) for at least five minutes with a soft cotton cloth will get rid of anything that could potentially attach itself to the surface. On top of this cleaning ritual, set aside some time every day or at least once a month to talk nicely to your mirrors about how much you appreciate them and give thanks for their existence. If you do these things regularly, then it won’t be long before you start seeing positive changes in your life.

feng shui

Where should you never hang a mirror?

There are a few places in your home that you should never hang a mirror as it will attract negative energy and increase the likelihood of introducing earthbound spirits to your home.

  • Hanging a mirror near a window or door. It’s best to keep your mirrors towards little-traveled areas of your home such as the back hallway where shoes are taken off from coming inside.
  • As a general rule of thumb, you should avoid placing mirrors opposite of one another.
  • Considering Feng Shui, make sure your mirrors are placed at the right angle. Buddhists believe that mirrors can be used as portals for evil spirits and energies from other realms. If you have a personal shrine set up in your home using feng shui techniques, make sure you place objects such as plants or furniture between an incoming portal (such as a mirror) to block this negative energy before it enters. That way you can keep whatever is on the other side contained without any problems.
  • Remove all mirrors from your bedroom. This will prevent you from having uncomfortable dreams or nightmares.
  • Is there a particular part of your house that is always filled with clutter? Then do not place a mirror directly across from the mess. The mess will only get bigger and the mirror itself will collect negative energy.

Is it dangerous for two mirrors to face one another?

As mentioned above, some paranormal enthusiasts believe that it is very dangerous to face two mirrors towards one another. This is because it could lead to a three-way portal that will allow entities (human and not) to cross over. They will be able to travel of their own free will. Consider this setup as an open door, giving them access to your personal home 24 hours a day.

If there is a broken mirror in your home, take all pieces outside immediately and dispose of them properly (in bins designated for hazardous items).

ghost in objects

Can a ghost permanently live in my mirror?

Yes, a ghost can live in a mirror, and they can do so for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. If you purchase an antique mirror, there could be spirits attached that are older than you realized waiting to emerge. 

Mirrors have a long history of being used as portals for evil spirits and humans alike. There was a time when people believed that witches would go into their bathroom or bedroom, place a mirror on the ground, then trap someone’s soul inside of it. They could even gain power from the trapped soul by just looking at themselves in this reflective surface.

In ghost films, there are countless stories in which these objects are used as a ghost amplifier, and lots of time you will see the soul of the human accidentally getting trapped for eternity. Once you realize something is wrong with your mirror, it is best to part with it, regardless of the stage of life. As long as you have intense feelings around the object, you will receive bad luck around the portal for ghost and demon movement. 

The Concept Of Liminal

Liminal is defined as “occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.” This concept relates to different scenarios, including midnight, twilight, and places that are being between worlds – like a portal. In some cases, a haunted mirror could be considered Liminal.

Just to clarify the concept a bit further, the hour before midnight is known as the ‘threshold time’ because it’s when neither day nor night has truly begun yet. It could be said that this would be a prime opportunity for evil spirits to cross over into our realm without anyone knowing about it.

When regarding mirrors, while the items can’t show us what lies on the other side of its surface, we can still acknowledge that we are on the threshold of entering another dimension. Entities who are dwelling in this threshold can remain undetected and come across at will once the mirror network is charged. 

How does one get rid of an entity living in their mirror?

There are various ways to deal with a spirit that has become attached to your mirror:

1. Don’t give them your attention.

2. Keep the mirror in a place where they can’t see themselves at all times, which will only make them search for other reflective surfaces to occupy.

3. Ask them to leave you alone. Many people are unsure if this actually works or not, but why not try it anyway?

4. Cover the mirror and never use it.

ghost portal

Finding Ghost Writing On A Mirror

Some families have come across ghost writing on their mirrors which naturally caused them confusion and fear. If you ever find yourself in a situation where an evil spirit is trying to message you through your pane of glass, you must discontinue using that object, cover it, and hide it permanently from other family members. You can cover it with a sheet, cloth, or paint over it if you are artistic enough.

Remember, the astral plane is very close to our own physical plane and sometimes all a spirit needs to cross over is a portal with enough energy to give them a boost.

What would you do if you looked in your mirror and saw a ghost?

Mirror ghosts appear to be very attracted to reflective surfaces like glass, a pool of water, or metal. This makes sense since these surfaces can serve as portals between this world and their own. If you ever find yourself staring at a shadow soul, there are a few steps you can do to get through the situation. 

1. Don’t panic. It isn’t a guarantee that these astral spirits are evil ghosts. Regardless of whether or they are friendly, you don’t have to continue having them in your home. In fact, it’s always safest to cleanse yourself from their energy.

2. Clean the mirror and then cover it. You can no longer consider this object as decoration in your home and it must be placed away from peering eyes. 

2. Pay it no attention. The more you give it your energy, the more it can grow. Leave it alone. 

As a reminder, a lot of people think that the only items they have to worry about are actual mirrors, but the truth is that any reflective surface will have the same type of energy. Consider shiny doorknobs, phones, computers, and TV screens. If you have issues with your phone, the same rules apply. 


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