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What Is The Mark Of The Devil? How To Find It?

It is believed that the devil’s mark is three sixes or 666 and has close ties to the Beast of Revelation? Is it possible for a barcode to exist noting the mark of the beast and how can you spot it on another person or on your own person?

mark of the beast

What is the mark of the devil?

Many sincere seekers have questions about this passage from Revelation 13:16-18 which says, “He causes all…to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.”

Revelations says that 666 is the mark of the beast. 

Can you be born with the Devil’s Mark?

There is a camp of supernatural enthusiasts who believe that you can only be born with the Devil’s Mark and it is not something you can give yourself or earn. This possibility has popped up in literature and television at least as far back as the 19th century, when Edgar Allan Poe wrote “The Mystery of Marie Roget,” which included an early description of forensic fingerprinting.

In Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 short story “Eleanor’s Victory”, the title character is born with so-called witch-marks on her body. Henry James’ 1886 Gothic tale The Turn of the Screw features a governess trying to protect two children from evil spirits by covering their deformed hands with gloves; these deformities are never fully explained but seem to be connected to some sort of unnamed curse.


In 1892, Bram Stoker wrote about evil marks on the body in his novel “Dracula”, and many authors have written fiction and nonfiction books mentioning this possibility since then. In the 1980s, a preteen girl named Amy Johnson, who had large red birthmarks covering almost half of her face and body, was kidnapped by a man who thought he could cure her of their “problem” (in truth, they were normal post-birth marks). She was found alive after several months; if not for that strange incident she might well have grown up believing she had some sort of special powers because of those distinctly visible birthmarks.

Stories of a witch’s mark go back to ancient times. In Rome, it was said to be a spot on the body where hair would never grow and if pricked would not bleed. It was thought that babies born with such spots were destined for a life in the convent so parents would abandon them on church doorsteps. A medieval belief held that at baptism all children received the Devil’s mark from his claws while he fumbled for their souls with his pitchfork.

Another view is that everyone carried or bore this devil’s mark but some had special powers because of it: those who knew what they could do often kept hidden their abilities lest they be labeled as witches and burned at the stake. In a few cases, people would claim to be able to see the mark of Satan on someone’s body and accuse them of being witches; but they could never agree upon what it looked like.

In reality, such marks are usually normal skin marks that have no connection with witchcraft or Satanic possession. These “witch-marks” are often just birthmarks.

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The Devil’s Mark And Vampire Stories

As far back as 1892, when Bram Stoker wrote Dracula, some authors have claimed that certain people born with unusual skin markings had inherited from their parents an occult connection in the form of a “witch’s mark”. The stories very much resemble those told about so-called werewolves who could change into wolves during the full moon by placing magic amulets on their bodies. 

The Devil’s Mark has been used not only in vampire stories but also in tales of werewolves and even certain animals such as cats (for example, in the Witches’ Cat legend). Apparently, there have been many cases where people who had marks on their bodies were accused as witches:

In 1644, an old woman in Loudun, France, was accused of giving birth to a monster sired by the Devil. It had two heads, four arms and legs attached back to back, and a single body but with ‘a monstrous head at either end’. In 1662 several children accused an old woman living in Poitiers of being able to turn them into cats and sending them off on murderous errands.

At one time it seemed that just about any strange mark on the skin could be interpreted as some type of witch’s mark for those who were conducting witchcraft trials—and many innocent people accused of this crime paid with their lives because of such silly superstitions! But what does a witch’s mark actually look like?

In the “Witch’s Mark” legend, certain marks on the skin were said to be an indication of a witch who had made a pact with the Devil—usually in form of a birthmark:

A witch’s teat was oftentimes believed to be the location where she suckled her familiar. While not all familiars suckled from this spot, many did; it also bears mentioning that not every woman who has ever had a child has these same moles/bumps on her body. In some cases, they are natural parts of growth and development but others are caused by trauma to the breast area (injury) or sometimes even just genetics.

As common sense would have it, such marks are nothing but natural birthmarks without any connection to paganistic beliefs. In other countries, there were claims that unusual marks on the body indicated a vampiric nature.

In Serbia, it was believed that killing three black chickens at midnight would cure a person whose blood had been sucked by a vampire. This is very reminiscent of what Bram Stoker wrote in Dracula : “Not dead, not asleep…and they did not die easily; you may remember the show which Hammer made with his dying charge…”

The idea of using chickens to help rid one’s self of vampires has also been suggested by folklorist Paul Barber who believes that some cultures used animals as a means for detecting certain types of supernatural beings such as vampires.

As we can see, the idea of a witch’s mark has led to certain stereotypes about witches and their interactions with animals—the animal turning into a human companion or familiar, the person with an unusual birthmark being accused of witchcraft, and so forth.


And just as Stoker suggested in Dracula, it was also believed that such marks were not just limited to humans but could be found on certain animals too:

Certain cats are said to act “unusually loving” toward certain people. If these same people are later mistreated by having pins stuck in them, salt scattered on their shadow, or crosses hung around their necks, they are told by some that this is because the cat is actually a witch’s familiar which has come back from hell for revenge after its master has been killed.

It is probably safe to suggest that Stoker’s Dracula was inspired by the various witch trials and superstitions of his time involving “marks” on people (including animals) which were said to be a sign of some occult activity taking place in the area. Stoker did also visit Transylvania where he was able to speak with people who had knowledge of certain Romanian folktales, so it is quite possible that his stories also took inspiration from older vampire legends too. 

List of Movies that reference the Mark of the Beast

The Omen – Damien Thorn receives the mark on his forehead from Father Spiletto, as a sign that he is the antichrist. The first film in this series; it was remade in 2006. A prequel to this movie featuring Damien’s birth and rise to power called The Omen (2006) was also made. This remake includes references to the Mark of the Beast

End of Days – Armeggedon film with Arnold Schwarzenegger has an allusion to 666 as well as other demonic references which are not very common in films but more commonly found in books such as the Left Behind Series or children’s books specifically for teaching Christian doctrine such as “Bible” or Veggie-tales.

Click – Adam Sandler’s character is told he has six months to live and is given a remote that can control time, which he uses to go on a killing spree. At the end of the movie his son finds out his father is going to die and takes him back in time where Adam kills himself before all the bad things happened thus resetting time. There are several instances of cursing using 666 as well as other demonic references such as when his wife turns into a demon snarling at him or when he goes back in time and switches bodies with himself allowing for multiple puns about being “in” someone else’s body (inside joke reference for those who have seen this film)

The Beast Rising 2012 – The Mark of the Beast is becoming more and more prevalent in modern society as people are being made ready for the Antichrist, just as Revelation 13:16–17 predicts. The Bible says that anyone who receives a mark—whether it’s on the right hand or forehead—will be denied eternal life; instead, those who take this mark will receive eternal death.

What does Jesus say about 666?

When God’s servants receive His seal on their foreheads (Revelation 7:2-3), it is likely that they will also be identified by their names or numbers written on them (Mark 13:13). The absence of any mention of these “seals” being placed on people’s hands would support the theory that God’s servants will have their special identity written on their foreheads, rather than a physical mark like 666 in their hands or right foreheads (Revelation 13:16).


When John says “in his [the Lamb’s] name” in Revelation 14:1 and 3, he is likely referring to a spiritual seal placed by God on His own people. This is supported by Luke 9:26 where Jesus refers to having a seal on His disciples’ foreheads. There is no direct parallel between this seal of God and 666, which specifically mentions the mark six-six-six as some form of identification.

At issue here is not the identity itself, but whether it is a spiritual seal or physical mark. Although no one can say for sure what 666 means, we could reasonably conclude that most likely it was meant as some form of identification for God’s followers who are persecuted by the Beast and his empire. 

Ultimately God’s people will be able to identify each other as believers apart from an external sign like 666 because they know each others’ names and understand their character well enough to recognize them (Revelation 13:8).

Mark of the Devil in Witchcraft Trials

Many conflicting beliefs have been suggested about the origins and usage of the Witch’s Mark, often sought out as evidence in Witch Trials or during Witch hunts. One belief is that it was a symbol used in paganism to denote followers amongst English Women who possessed psychic ability or supernatural ability in general.

witch trial

The Roman Catholic Church frequently persecuted witches by searching for these sometimes invisible marks during the witch trials and many lost their lives through trial by water. Potential witches would get thrown into a body of water and have to prove they could float, as only an actual witch could. If she floated, she would be named a witch and killed. If she drowned, she was a human and unfortunately died.

The presence of witch marks killed hundreds of innocent women throughout our history and was submitted as admissible evidence to courts and churches during a hysterical time in our country’s past. The belief in witch marks, Wicca & Witchcraft brought on more unnecessary murders for women in the 16th century by the hands of the church – more than any other combined cause. 

witch mark

Other theories about the mark were that it was used to denote ownership so that witches could use it on themselves to prove they were married (in certain covens). This would enable their husbands to go free after being tried, knowing they would be burned at the stake if found guilty.

The way women would get tested once accusations of witchcraft were initiated were simple – they had to be “scored” or cut with knives on various parts of their body until blood appeared. These tests for witchcraft usually never turned out in the woman’s favor. The church would continue to test, poke, and prod, until they found a spot they deemed the mark. Then, the “witch” would have to test her strength as a witch to withstand death until she ultimately perished.