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The Meaning Behind Wearing An Evil Eye Necklace

Often times you will find women wearing an evil eye necklace or other jewelry with the protection symbol as the primary focal point. Typically, when choosing to wear an evil eye pendant, someone is trying to protect themselves from evil spirits or bad luck.

evil eye necklace meaning

This symbol is often used to block all misfortune and can act as an additional layer of protection for anyone seeking help warding off evil energy.

The infamous cobalt-blue eye has been seen throughout history in a number of cultures and today has made its way to mainstream media and pop culture. You don’t need to have a family believing in this old custom to have faith in the practice. The powers of the Evil Eye stories are beginning to spread on their own.

The Meaning Behind Wearing An Evil Eye Necklace

When someone gives you the true evil eye, it typically means they are staring at your with envy and wishing you ill will. This usually happens from an enemy or someone who doesn’t want you to succeed.

blue eye necklace meaning

The symbol acts as a reflector – a mirror if you will. If you wear the Evil Eye, then it will stare right back at any curse that comes your way and reflects it back to your enemy. The shield becomes a barrier! You will always be safe under its guard.

Who Normally Needs To Wear An Evil Eye Necklace?

You will find that people who receive the Evil Eye Stare are those who have succeed great success. Women, don’t usually like to see other women succeed. Yes, the hashtags will tell you differently. But there is only a certain level that other women like to see their counterparts rise up to. Once they feel like a threat, the evil eye becomes part of the equation.

That’s why many reputable fashion brands have designed on-trend evil eye statement necklaces that anyone can wear during their normal routines. They have made it easy for people to protect themselves while still staying in style.

Where Did This Superstition Begin?

The earliest evidence of any proof that the evil eye existed points to ancient Greece and Rome. Of course, in Italy, the concept translated into the cornicello – which is the Italian horn symbol. Different visual – same concept.

These are not the only two cultures that believe in this concept. It definitely doesn’t stop there. You will find this belief in the Middle East, Asia, and in Central America as well.

Remember, it isn’t just ill will. You have to understand that the malicious intent of your enemy is so infested that it actually can cause you physical harm. That’s why these tokens had to be created. In order to protect you as much as possible.

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all seeing eye necklace meaning

What Else Can You Wear Besides The Evil Eye Necklace?

There are so many different things you can wear besides a necklace. There are bracelets, rings, and earrings. You can put paintings up in your house or hang a symbol right at your front door.

Besides the evil eye amulets, you could keep a charm in your purse or always have it on your person. When all is lost, draw it on a piece of paper and hold it in your hand.

As long as you have an evil eye talisman, evil eye symbol or an evil eye ornament near you… you will be protected from the negative energy that is coming your way.