What To Do About Negative Spirits?

Whether you believe you have negative spirits attached to you or you just think negative energy is following you, there are steps you can take to remove it all from your life. You don’t have to live a life immersed in negativity.

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What to do about negative spirits?

It’s important to take steps to clear and neutralize your energy space, remove yourself from any fear-based, anger-suppressed locations, learn to meditate to get better control of your emotions and ask for help when needed.

In this article we will take a deep dive into these concepts to fully prepare you to take back your life.

What do negative spirits feel like?

If you feel overwhelmed, angry, helpless, exhausted, or similar emotions, this may be caused by the negative energy surrounding you. It’s a lower, denser vibration that can come in the form of many unwanted emotions. You may feel full of fear, jealousy, and worry – all emotions that drag you down.

The feelings are most likely subtle but you can recognize them if you are paying attention. If you are surrounded by negative energy or spirits you might:

  1. Have a sense of edginess and agitation 
  2. Be more sensitive to the negativity in others around you
  3. Feel anxious and depressed
  4. Have thoughts that are spiraling out of control
  5. Suffer from insomnia

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how to get rid of negative spirits

How can you repel negative spirits?

The good news is that you don’t have to stay in this fear-based, anger-suppressed place. You can learn to strengthen the force field around you to repel negativity that may be clinging to you.

You can also learn to simply release negative spirits and maintain a healthy flow of energy. This is not something that is intuitive.

However, through guided meditation, a session with a healing practitioner, or a ritual clearing you can learn to rid yourself of the negative spirits as well as to maintain your internal positive energy.

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Why should you clear your energy field?

Just like you jump in the shower to cleanse your physical body, you can cleanse your energy field too. Everyone has build-up from their own trauma, stress, illness or negative emotions.

You also probably are carrying around stress that you’ve picked up from the people around you that can also be mucking up your energy field.

Consider clearing yourself at the beginning and end of the day as well as after interactions with people and places that seem to weigh you down.

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Can you change negative energy to positive energy?

Yes, you can shift the energy around and within you. You can learn how to shift negative spirits away from you. Most experts agree that making a decision to give off more positive energy than negative energy is the best first step.

Following up on that decision with actions that are meant to create more positivity is the next step. When we focus our intentions on creating good and limiting bad, it is amazing how the goodwill starts snowballing in our lives. The negative spirits simply get edged out.

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6 Actions to Help Release Negative Energy

Visualize positive energy 

You can visualize positive energy no matter where you are and that will form an energy shield that will surround you and protect you from any negative energy a spirit is trying to attack you with. It can sometimes take practice to feel comfortable with it but it can be a truly effective tool.

Visualization is not the same as imagining. It is focusing on the positivity around you to generate a real energetic shift in your spirit. 

spiritual advisor

Ask for help

It is ok if you don’t know how to release the negative spirits around you on your own. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from a professional in the energy-healing field.

If you have a spiritual or religious background, you can ask for help from your greater power through prayer, religious rituals, or spiritual readings.

Set an intention

It is difficult to change anything in or around your life without first intending to change it. Let your intention be that you want to release the negative energy you have absorbed from others.

Tell yourself that this energy no longer serves you and so you are releasing it from your life. Consistently repeat this intention until you no longer need to. Above all else, believe in what you are saying.  

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Help others 

You cannot maintain negativity around you if you are living in a spirit of selflessness. Have a higher purpose in your life, such as simply being willing to help others around you to rid yourself of negative spirits.

Helping others and looking outside yourself is the key to long-term positivity and an overall fulfilling life. The truth is that negative energy goes hand in hand with selfishness.

Rephrase negative thoughts

Negative spirits often manifest in your life as negative thoughts. Don’t let those thoughts run your life! When one of those negative thoughts pop into your head, write it down and then figure out how to rephrase it and neutralize it, taking away its power.

Consider changing “I’m not good at this” to “I look forward to when I’ve mastered this”. Words have power! Use them wisely.



Meditation may be one of the easiest things you can do to absorb the excess negative energy in your life. It allows you the time and space to identify how the negative spirits are impacting you and then lets you release them.  Meditation lets you calm yourself and release the stress that that is clouding your energy fields.

Meditating can be done anywhere but works best in a quiet, comfortable place. Close your eyes and let your thoughts course through your head as they want. They are not good or bad.

Let the deep inhales of breath bring calm inside you. And let the deep exhales of breath rid your body of the negativity weighing you down. 

Bottom Line: You can release negative spirits

Although negative spirits will always exist around us, we don’t have to let them take over. The key to joy and harmony is to limit the amount of negativity that we allow into our energy fields. We have to protect the energy around and within us just like we protect our physical bodies.


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