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The Haunted Observation Point Rock In Afghanistan

Sergeant Green and his U.S. Marine squad cannot shake everything that happened during their time in Afghanistan at Observation Point Rock. In 2009, Op Rock – which is a few hundred meters south east of Patrol Base Hassan Abad – allowed for a number of paranormal experiences to occur and luckily they lived to tell the tale once they returned home.

Op Rock Afghanistan

Op Rock Afghanistan looked like any other rock station in the country – plain and not unusual in any way. However, there was something hiding beneath’s it’s underbelly that caused a variety of odd things to occur. American troops often refer to this station as “the haunted Observation Point”. Let’s break down some of the most peculiar ones.

Living On A Grave

When Sergeant Green and his squad – including team members Zolik and Corporal Lena – arrived on the ground, the British crew they were relieving jetted out immediately. At first, no one thought much about it. People always look forward to heading home, but after a while, they began to understand why the former team was so eager to leave.

Observation Point Rock In Afghanistan

Before the Brits left, they gave them one warning – don’t do any digging and if they did… put whatever you dig UP back exactly where you found it. The team thought it was a strange rule, but they agreed.

A few days later, as if that warning was never heard, Corporal Lena thought that the trenches were not dug deep enough and decided that the squad needed to get to work.

After several hours, the team found a whole slew of objects from the ground – some from other military crews and others a bit more … local. A team member, Smith, began to pull out human bones from the ground. It turned out to be a human femur.

Remembering what the Brits said, they placed the bone back exactly where they found it. Treated the area like a grave. The crew began to dig around the bone, but they kept bumping into trouble. The Op Rock was built on bones. No matter where they dug, they always ended up pulling up human bones. This is a Marines haunted story that is just beginning.

op rock

Sleepness Nights

Lena also recalled waking at night from loud screams from the middle of nowhere. In fear that someone was captured by the Taliban, the Corporal grabbed his gun and began to assess the grounds. He grabbed several men from his team – who also heard the scream – and as they attempted to figure out the source, they jointly spotted movement in the distance.

Right outside the perimeter, all three men spotted movement and readied themselves for action. When surveying the area with night vision binoculars, they realized it was only their adopted dog, Ugly Betty.

When morning came, the team headed out to see if they could link anything to the scream. Obviously, the dog couldn’t make that sound. What did they find? No tracks. No markings. No explanation.

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marines haunted story

Unexplained Chills

When you are in the middle of the desert, you don’t expect to have any sort of chill front take over your body. Heat, maybe! But to freeze out of nowhere? It seems a bit out of character.

Well, one night while stationed at Observation Point Rock, Zolik was breaking a sweat when all of a sudden a cold gust of freezing wind swept right over him. At that moment, he also claims to have heard someone whisper something to him in Russain – though he couldn’t quite make out what it was.

A few moments later, he heard someone walking above him – on top of the post. Curious who it was, he went to check it out, only to find that no one was there. But he knew he heard something! Using thermal imaging, he decided to scan the area and found a soldier in the distance – staring right back at him.

Ready to engage, Zolik readied himself but would not shoot until he was absolutely certain it wasn’t anyone on his team. For one second, he lost the image… and couldn’t find the soldier again. He was gone. It was that moment that he requested to be transferred out of the unit. Fighting ghosts was not something he wanted on his resume.

Animal Senses

Ugly Betty – the squad’s adopted dog constantly warned the squad whenever something was out of sorts. It wasn’t unusual for the dog to start barking at “nothing” out of nowhere during the day or night.

Well, one day, Lena was watching Ugly Betty bark like crazy into the night and so he grabbed his night goggles to try to see what the animal was seeing. Low and behold, he saw a Taliban officer! In order to verify what he just saw, he tried to find the officer with thermal goggles and couldn’t. He was gone.

Placing the night goggles back on, the figure was there again – but this time – much closer – almost 100 meters closer! However, when switching to thermal – the figure would disappear again. This continued until finally, Lena felt a physical TOUCH on his shoulder. It was at that moment that Lena realized that Zolik left for a very good reason.

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ghost whispers

More Whispers

As days passed into weeks into months, the Russian whispers became part of the team’s normal routine. If someone was stationed on a machine-gun post, or late-night watch, odds are they would get hit with a cold chill spell or strange whispers. The whispers would always be in Russian.

Everyone – at one point – experienced these supernatural occurrences. Maybe not at once, but it was something that the squad discussed openly.

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The Last Night

Finally, on the squad’s last night on Op Rock Afghanistan, it almost sounded like they were at war. While they expected another night of Russian whispers, what they received was much worse. All of their communication devices went dead and then …. the sound of attacks began.

The sound of machine-gun fire, an RPG flying toward them was jointly heard – a crew’s worse nightmare! They basically thought they were being attacked by the Taliban with no way to call for help or backup. But, as they scouted the area, there was no sign of anyone around.

Learning The History

After some research, the crew learned that Russians had killed the Mujahadeen who’d been using OP Rock as a hideout. The Taliban executed those Russian soldiers on-site as punishment. When the Marines claimed the outpost, they buried the bodies right into the ground. The outpost – when you really think about it – was a tomb of unfinished business.

All the supernatural occurrences that the Marines were experiences could be linked to the graves beneath them. Are these souls still trapped in this world because of the way that they died?