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What Causes Old Hag Syndrome And Sleep Paralysis?

What causes old hag syndrome? The old hag is a paranormal entity that causes sleep paralysis. Have you ever felt like you couldn’t move in the middle of the night but were totally conscious during the entire experience. You’ve gone through Old Hag Syndrome and just didn’t know it.


What Is An Old Hag? What Causes Old Hag Syndrome?

Before we get into the supernatural creature discussion, let’s talk about what an actual old hag is in real life – on the actual physical plane. People use this term to describe an older woman that is fairly unattractive.

It isn’t a kind thing to say. It is a disrespectful comment to make to another female.

But where does the sleep paralysis old hag come from and what does it have to do with old hag syndrome? That’s a different story.

Rumor has it she likes to sit on top of her victim at night – particularly on their chest. This is why they are unable to breathe or move. Her force is so strong that she immobilizes them in place.

old hag syndrome

Have you ever felt this? Wide awake in bed, your mind fully functioning – but you cannot move a muscle in your body.

Your heart pumping a hundred miles a minute and adrenaline making your mind race. You are scared out of your mind but you still cannot get up and leave. The sleep hag is working her magic on her.

Dark Figure Standing Over My Bed

The sleep hag is the dark figure standing over my bed. She is the reason I fear the dark. She is the reason my body wants to run but cannot. She has all the power of the night.


The dark figure standing over my bed wants one thing – to suck the life out of my body. At least, that’s the folklore.

The origin of the word ‘hag’ is from the Old English for witch or haegtes, which in Middle English is hagge. So, consider her a witch. Have you ever experienced the witch standing on top of you at night?

Science, of course, likes to dismiss the claims that this witch is real. They claim that sleep paralysis is just about anxiety and lack of hydration.

But if you’ve ever had an actual visit from the sleep hag, then you know what evil truly feels like. It’s nothing a few extra glasses of water will fix.

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night hag

Is This Deadly?

Don’t worry about this particular demon too much because the Old Hag Syndrome isn’t life-threatening. In fact, I’ve personally dealt with this situation dozens of times and have lived to tell the tale over and over again.

It is scary – very scary – to experience. While it happens, you feel absolutely helpless because you truly cannot move, but you know you want you.

You JUST KNOW that someone is in the room with you. You could almost feel exactly where she is standing!

But you still can’t do anything about night terrors. I think the helplessness is the worst part.

How Long Does The Sensation Last?

Old Hag Syndrome lasts only a few minutes, but it feels like an eternity! Once you are aware that you are in a paralysis state, it truly doesn’t take that long for the sleep hag to move on. Two minutes is actually pretty generous.

Truth be told, it’s probably more like 40 seconds or so! But again, while you are dealing with this paranormal situation, it will feel like a lifetime. She has a way of making time stand still.

What Can You Do?

This is a hard situation to deal with because a lot of what goes on occurs while you are sleeping. It’s not like you can try to communicate with her using a ouija board or look for white orbs or different color orbs as you take pictures – you are asleep!

In order to defeat this demon, you need to address your fear of her and change the atmosphere in your room. Negative energy attracts negative energy and that is so hard to understand, but your mindset can truly neutralize this for you. It all starts with the power of thinking.

It is scary – this is completely understandable. But you can’t go to sleep afraid. You can’t go to sleep with anxiety and filled with the anticipation that you will meet her again.

It’s almost like an open invitation! Instead, you have to release all that negativity and change it to positivity instead.

How to start doing this? Start a nightly routine that brings you joy. Remove things in your life that suck the life out of you.

End your day on a positive note. Use essential oils. Read mantras that set you up with a positive mind.

Journal great things that happened to you every day. Anything and everything will help. The only thing that won’t is feeding the fear beast.

Small moves add up to big changes. It can end, but it has to start with you.

sleep paralysis

Stories About The Old Hag

A reader provided us with this personal experience. We wanted to share it with you.

I went to bed feeling uneasy. Almost like something was in the room with me but I didn’t do anything about it because I had finals the next day and I was really tired.

Before I knew it, I woke up and saw a dark figure standing over my bed and have never been so scared in my entire life.

I don’t know what was worse – the fact that I couldn’t move or scream for help or the fact that the dark figure standing over my bed was just staring at me.

I didn’t see any eyes or anything but I knew they were watching me. It was so tense and scary. I was frozen in place.

I know you are supposed to feel her on your chest and have pressure and stuff, but that’s now exactly how it happened for me. For me, I was frozen in place and the dark figure standing over my bed remained in place. She never actually touched me but had complete control over my body. I can’t explain.

I stayed that way for a few minutes. It felt like an eternity. And then it was all over. It happens every now and then and the odd thing is I always feel uneasy right before it actually happens. Almost as if I can sense the old woman before it all begins. It’s horrible and I wish it would stop.