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Different Orb Colors And Their Paranormal Meaning

If you’ve ever see orbs in photos before then you might be wondering what the significance is behind their paranormal meaning. The meaning of orb colors is linked to the direct hue that you document in your photography.

Nothing is linked to chance. A red orb meaning is defined by spiritual advisers and we are here to break down that particular color and more.

Meaning of Orbs

Meaning Of Orb Colors And Their Paranormal Meaning

Seeing orbs of light usually signifies a spiritual presence. White orbs in photos are most commonly documented, but finding different shades and shapes is not unusual for the curious.

Today, we are going to break down what seeing orbs means and how to interpret them.

What are Orbs

What Are Orbs In Photos?

Before we even get into the color translation, I want to dive very quickly into what are orbs in photos just in case you aren’t entirely sure about what you’ve just documented. Orbs are typically spirits that your camera has captured.

It is not unusual to photograph something that the naked eye did not see. So, don’t start second-guessing yourself if you didn’t notice anything in the room before shooting the picture.

Orb Color Meaning

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Orb Color Meaning

Let’s break down the different orb color meaning and what you should look out for during your next paranormal hunt. Let’s dissect the different floating orbs you might find throughout your journies. Most emails we get request the red orb meaning – so we made sure to include it!

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green orb in photos

Green Orb: Just as you’d imagine, green orbs are tied to nature. So, if you happen to come across a green orb, odds are you are coming across a nature spirit which is absolutely positive and upbringing.

If you had to visualize something, image a nymph or a sprite. Their message is all about healing and love.

Some believe that if you happen to see a green orb while walking around a haunted cemetery, for example, you should note the location and try to return at a later date. The spot is a great place to meditate.

white orb in photo

White Orb: I’ve already discussed in detail what white orbs in photos mean on the site. If you come across these types of orbs then it usually means you are passing by a spirit of someone you once knew.

It could be a family member, an old friend, or even your long lost pet. Another thought is the orb is associated with the location you are visiting. While visiting the Freemond Troll, you might come across spirits directly linked to that particular location.

red orb in photo

Red Orb: Red orbs can mean one of two things and the definitions are really two sides of a coin. Unfortunately, a red orb meaning can be associated with an angry energy force.

But it isn’t all bad news. Some believe that red can always mean protection. A red orb could signify that someone is trying to surround and protect you – like a guardian!

It is important to recognize how you feel around orb angels when you come across one. Your red orb meaning can be different than someone else besides you. It’s all about emotion.

Silver Orb: Now, silver orbs can mean that you need to hear a message from an orb angel or that there is a spirit that is having a hard time crossing over. You might have some work to do here!

If you have a digital voice recorder, use it! You might surprise yourself and hear a message from the beyond.

Clear Orb: As orb colors go, clear doesn’t really fit in the sequence, but we still need to talk about them. Clear orbs are frequently documented and are very similar to white orbs. They are spirits that want to be seen and heard.

They are trying to communicate with you in some way and want to be noticed. Some believe these particular orbs of light are stuck and need some help with moving on. If you believe this paranormal meaning, then try to do your part to help them.

blue orb in photos

Blue Orb: What do you think of when you see the color blue? It is a very calming color. In the spirit world, there is no difference.

If you ever come across blue orb angels, worry not! You’ve found a calm and peaceful presence who wants to do nothing more than to protect and guide you. It also wants to better your mood. All great things.

Blue orbs are wonderful finds! If you’ve ever documented one, please share it with the team as we would love to post photos of blue orb angels on the site.

Black Orb: When you see a black orb, consider it a warning. These balls of light are particularly dense and may warn of possible future danger.

Take note of how you are feeling as you capture these orbs of light. This warning is something that should not be ignored. Your guardians are trying to tell you something. Listen to black orb angels when you see them.

yellow orbs in photos

Yellow Orb: When you see yellow while driving, what do you think? Warning or caution, right? It means – slow down and think. Something is about to change. Be on high alert. In the spiritual sense, the paranormal meaning is the same exact thing.

If you come across a yellow orb angel, you should really stop and think about your surroundings. If you were thinking about taking a risk, your spirit guide might be telling you to reconsider. This is very similar to orange orbs as well.

Purple Orb: Purple orb angels are wonderful and you should feel really great if you ever come across one. Purple represents loyalty – we all know that. So, think about who was loyal to you in your past life and would want to protect you today – long after they are gone.

Golden Orb: Gold energy is shiny and bright and filled with opportunity. Think about the paranormal meaning behind the orb color here. A shiny white outline could mean rewards for you in the future.

Good things are coming your way – wait for them.

Orb Angels And Their Colors

Orbs Angels And Their Colors

Orbs in photos are always up for interpretation as their paranormal meaning really does depend on the situation and the person exposed to the orb angel. One piece of advice you should hold onto is to listen to your guy. How does the orb make you feel?

As long as you listen to your heart and your mind and your GUT, you will be on the right path. Further investigation is always a good idea, of course. But start with what you know – and that’s your emotions.

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Rhonda Varsane

Saturday 7th of August 2021

Hi... here is a red and green and kept trying to catch purple. Really want more name associated with anything. Can u contact me so I can share my pictures?

Abby jones

Sunday 9th of May 2021

I have blue and green that travel together and a gold that will go red and chase a stranger. Have pics and video

Nathan Klimko

Wednesday 31st of March 2021

So cool! I caught a dancing blue orb. Felt a lot of positive aura around me. My cats were going nuts. It danced on my deck. I grabbed my phone and went outside! I had let my cats out too. Normally they would be off to the yard but for some reason they stayed on the deck. I got some pictures and layed on my deck because I felt something it was beautiful. My cats just walked around me purring! I checked my pics. Oh I caught it! Pretty bright blue! So cool!

Jennifer Collingwood

Sunday 14th of February 2021

I have 2 photos with blue orbs captured from last weekend. Let me know if you are interested in seeing them.