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Orbs with Faces – The Meaning Behind Those Spirit Visits

There have been countless documented occurrences where orbs with faces have been recorded throughout time and the idea can feel unsettling to some. Most times, the faces that appear are unfamiliar to the photographer. So, it’s worth taking the time to do a little research about where you are where you documented the spirit’s massive amount of energy burst.

orbs with faces

When you see a face with an orb in it, you will notice your emotional state and how heightened it is in the moment. A spirit needs a lot of energy to showcase a face in an orb and they need to take energy from a source. When the photographer is the source there is a powerful connection between the two.

We’ve all found ourselves reviewing photos filled with bright balls of lights and wondering if we’ve captured the essence of a spirit. There are several theories regarding why these orbs might appear with faces on them.

Orbs with Faces – The Meaning Behind Those Spirit Visits

can orbs have faces

These illuminated, circular spots found in digital images are more common than you think. In fact, orbs in photos have been showing up since photography became a thing. But orbs with faces are unique circumstances that need more research and understanding. Why are they so different?

  • A spirit is having a hard time materializing in true form
  • A loved one is trying to visit you and trying to show themselves to you
  • A spirit is very powerful and has a message to tell you

What are orbs?

Orbs are free-floating bursts of light. They can also look like bright globes, transparent balls or dense balls of light. Some people believe they get their light from energy connected to spirits. But what exactly is the beam of light in the photo you just captured?

Most times, orbs are captured in photographs but they can also be seen in real life, too. Orbs are often found around people with high energy fields.

There are paranormal believers who think that orbs – especially orbs with faces – are derived from the energy patterns of ghosts. 

What do the orbs with faces actually look like?

While some orbs can have faces that are so clear they looked almost drawn on, most of them aren’t quite as distinct. A lot of times, the faces seem distorted. Your weird random photos could be linked to spirit energy.

Each orb is filled with energy that has somehow become distorted. At times, you will notice facial figures in these orbs such as a mouth, eyes, nose, and hair texture. You may see only one or two of these features at a time.

Occasionally you will find hats, glasses, and other identifiable features as well. There might even be multiple faces in an orb. You never know!

colors of orbs

What colors can orbs be?

The orbs can manifest in a variety of colors, including gold, blue, green, red or other colors. The most common recorded documented is white orbs of light. They can be of a myriad of sizes and shapes as well. Paranormal experts believe that different colors can have a variety of meanings.

These meanings can be unique to each person. In general, the colors of an orb may coincide with the chakras energy system in the body it is trying to reach. Brightly-colored, pure orbs can be an indication that beautiful, peaceful energy is coming forth. 

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Can you see pets in orbs?

If you can see orbs with faces, does that mean some of those faces could be your beloved pets who have passed away? Many experts would say yes. In addition to seeing the face of Fido in an orb, living pets can actually experience orbs as well. It has been found that cats are especially good at seeing orbs.

If your dog is barking at “nothing”, it is probably a spirit he is seeing. Orbs can play with our pets, much like they may have when they were living. 

why do we see orbs

Why do you see orbs?

The reasons for you to see orbs, and especially orbs with faces, can be varied. Spirits are trying to communicate with us at all times. They are incredibly persistent and creative when they have a message for you.

They will use all the energy they can to reach out to you in a way you can receive it. They may come to you in your dreams, number sequences, coins, or through mediums. Or, they may use the bright light of an orb to send a message to you. 

When are you likely to see orbs with faces?

Orbs with faces are also known as spirit orbs. Since everything that surrounds us is energy, it makes sense that you would see orbs in places where there is more psychic energy than other places.

Actions that increase the energetic frequency for a time can also increase the likelihood that you will experience an orb. Being absorbed in prayer, worshipping, or enacting a religious tradition, are some of these actions. Being out in nature or in a historical or spiritual place may also make it more likely that you will see an orb.  

are spirits real

Where do you see orbs?

You can see orbs anywhere. It is most likely to find them in a digital photo or video. They can appear as an unexplained circle of light in the dark area of a photograph.  They might appear like they were caught in mid-stride as they float or zip through an image.

Photos of weddings, funerals, or family gatherings are more likely to have an orb in them. In addition, photos taken a worship services have been known to feature orbs near the clergy or holy people of the church. Take note if the orb is located behind a person.

If it does, that means you can rule it out as being simply a reflection. Many believe that your guardian angels are caught in these photographed orbs. 

faces in orbs are spirits

Are orbs real?

The truth is that there are several explanations for these light-filled globes, and not all of them involve the supernatural. You may want to believe that every time you see this phenomenon it is a spirit reaching out. Experts believe that there are times when the circle of light you see in photos is simply just a result of a flash or dust. But there is not a metaphysical reason for everything!

Bottom Line: Orbs with faces are extraordinary.

If you see one of these orbs with faces in it, count yourself lucky. They may be physical manifestations of your guardian angels, loved ones who have passed on, or spirits seeking to communicate messages to you.

Be open to receiving their communication, whatever it may be. Good luck! 


Wednesday 13th of January 2021

I have a orb with three faces in it and I often wonder about it it was on my daughters day of her confirmation on our way to church.